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The carry-on-ready Classic backpack, now available in new colours.


We design travel backpacks and bags that are versatile, minimalist and lightweight. For the travel-inspired community, CabinZero makes your journey simple, easy and hassle-free.

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Adventure Backpack - Designed for travellers who are always ready for the next adventure. Rugged and practical, it has all the trademark CABINZERO features, including a quick-access zip pocket, a main compartment that can be loaded from the top or the front, a water bottle holder and a stow-away waist belt and shoulder straps.


"Pound-for-pound, dollar-for-dollar the best bag on the planet.. I am a pack lite freak and this is the best bag for traveling lite that I have ever owned."


"Just like what I've experienced with my first cabinzero bag, the quality was outstanding. as a frequent traveller due to my job, it fits a whole week's travel essentials."


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Travel Backpacks

Backpacks are the classic choice, not only for travel but also for work, school, etc. They typically come in 30-70L capacity, suitable for anything from a weekend getaway to a months-long trip. They make for the perfect carry-on and personal bags. Shop our range of airline-approved CabinZero backpacks to skip the queues, avoid luggage fees, and enjoy the freedom that suitcases can’t give you.

Travel Shoulder Bag

Compared to backpacks, the CabinZero shoulder bags offer a more laid-back and effortless way to carry your belongings. You don’t have to dig around; their organisations allow quick and easy access to your essentials. 

Travel Bum Bag

If safety and theft are your concern, the CabinZero Hip Packs are the safest type of bag to carry. These can be worn close to your body and prevent unwanted hands from getting to your valuables. Plus, some carriers don’t count them towards your carry-on or personal item, which is always a win in our book.

Travel Crossbody Bag

If you prefer something sizable enough to store additional items yet still rock a compact profile, the CabinZero crossbody bag fits the bill. It’s the best of both worlds. They can be slung in the front or on the back for quick access to ID, travel documents, water bottles, and more.

Travel Bag Accessories - Packing Cube & Rain Cover

Keep your belongings organised and protected further with the CabinZero packing cubes and rain cover. Both can be applied to any of our backpacks, streamlining the packing (and unpacking) process and making your time on the road a breeze.

Essential Features for Travel Bags

How do you pick the pack that can accommodate what you need? It’s a simple question but requires much thought. Since you’ve already determined what you want, here are some pointers to pick the perfect pack

A Pack That Lasts, Just As You Are

Everything starts and ends with durability. Opt for abrasion-resistant and tear-proof fabrics like Cordura nylon, ripstop nylon, or high-density polyester. These materials can withstand wear and tear better than regular nylon or canvas.

Zippers are often the most overlooked. But when you experience a quality zipper or slider, you’d want nothing less. Look for reputable brands like YKK, which have smooth teeth and strong pulls.

Choose a backpack with a long warranty, indicating the manufacturer's confidence in its durability. All of CabinZero packs come with a 10-year warranty, which can be extended to 25 years with a few steps.

Travel With No Sweat

A backpack is as good as how well it can carry and be worn on your back. Sure, you can pack a lot, but that means nothing if your back screams for breaks after 5 minutes of walking. Besides making sure it fits, look for the following features if you value comfort:

  • Hip and chest belts
  • Padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • Adjustable straps
  • Internal and external frames
  • Air channels or mesh fabric for ventilation
  • Breathable and lightweight materials like nylon.

Worry Less, Travel More

No one should spend much time safeguarding valuables during travel. We mean, you should, but there has to be an easier way, isn’t it? Leaving them at home or hotels is a good point, but what about traversing, exploring, and flying?

That’s when security features on your backpacks come to the rescue. Lockable zippers, hidden compartments, and RFID-blocking technology are what you should look for in a secured backpack.


Air travel can be strict, especially about what and how much you can bring on board. That’s why choosing a pack that is airline-approved is crucial, especially if you fly on a budget. Besides the size, you also need to pay attention to how squishable your packs of choice can be.

For instance, the CainZero Classic lineup features a lightweight and compact profile which fits the majority of airlines. But they truly shine when you want to shrink your loads. Simply tighten your neatly packed CabinZero bag using compression straps. Your carry-on/personal item will be less bulky, easier to carry, and less noticeable to the security officers‘ eyes.

Note: Always pack reasonably. No one can help you if you try to bring bulky/oversized/overweight bags on board, which may lead to additional fees.

How To Know Which Bag Is Best For Travelling

No two trips are the same. Some may find themselves leisurely strolling around Paris streets, while others may be trekking in the rugged landscapes of Iceland. Knowing the diverse travel styles and needs, we offer a range of travel backpacks and accessories. Anyone will find what they are looking for.

Know What You Want

Where are you going? Is it a city break, a beach retreat, or a rugged trek? Some backpacks, like the Classic, are designed for short walks and day trips with their minimalist style. Others, like the Military and ADV collections, are better suited for hiking and rugged adventure thanks to the added hip belts and paddings.

How long are you travelling? A weekend getaway needs a companion that is about 28-32L. A month-long exploration calls for something with a bigger volume: about 44-50L. If you plan for a half-day trip, a mini backpack such as Classic Flight 12L is fine.

Are there any features you’ll need? What type of opening do you prefer: clamshell, roll top, stuff sack, etc.? Are water-resistant important to you? Do you require a water bottle pocket on the side or a water reservoir? Ask yourself as many questions as possible, and you will get there.

Define Your Travel Style

It’s the age-old question: carry-on or checked bags? Ask yourself if you want to travel hassle-free or if you want to bring as much as you can.  When you plan to travel in groups, with families, and especially with kids and the elders, check your luggage.

On the other hand, if your trip lasts less than a month, the answer is likely the former. One-bag travel is a life-changing experience, one where you don’t have to deal with bag-dropping counters, long queues, excess fees, and risks of damaged/lost luggage. 

There’s nothing wrong with one way or another (or both). But if you are a minimalist traveller or want to travel as hassle-free as possible, travel light is the way.

Invest In Quality

You may be set back by tens or hundreds of pounds, but the benefits you get from quality backpacks are immeasurable. You are set for years of travel without worrying about replacing or fixing anything.  

When you want to travel light in a minimalist way, the CabinZero Classic is perfect for you. These are made from 600D Polyester material with water-resistant coating, ensuring additional protection. The upgraded Classic Tech includes an external laptop compartment on the back and a water bottle pocket.

Anticipating a rough road ahead? You can’t go wrong with the Military lineups. Made from 1,000D nylon fabric, they are ready to handle anything you throw at them. Plus, there is the MOLLE webbing, which is handy to attach additional gear.

Last but not least, the ADV and ADV Pro backpacks. They are the most premium CabinZero backpacks, but you get what you pay for: padded hip belt, Nylon 500D Rip-Stop fabric, Eva foam back panel, etc. everything you need for an extended trek at a volcano or an adventure through the forest.