10 things to do in Bangkok for young travelers

From traditional to modern, Bangkok is one of the most progressive cities in Southeast Asia that offers a great variety of sightseeing, adventure and gastronomy. The City of Angels is also the first stop for most young travellers planning to traverse around Southeast Asia. While Thailand offers a lot more outside the city, you will be able to get a glimpse of the country through the city. So get ready, be open and awed by trying this list of things to do in Bangkok.

1. Visit the Temples

things to do in Bangkok

Start your trip by embracing the culture of Thailand. One of the must things to do in Bangkok for all ages is visiting its temples or Wats. There are hundreds around the city, and the good news is you don’t have to go too far to see some of the most notable ones. The temples along the Chao Praya River such as the Grand Palace Complex, Wat Pho and Wat Arun has picturesque Buddhas and intricate art which makes it perfect for your selfies. For a day of temple hopping, bring a tumbler since there clean cold water around the temples and of course ensure that you are properly dressed.


2. Ride a Tuk-Tuk

things to do in Bangkok

The classic three-wheeled motorized vehicles used as a taxi around the city are called Tuk-Tuk. May it be to spare your feet some walking, they come very handily to continue your things to do in Bangkok or help you to get home after some shopping. They are usually found around the temples offering tours and transfers to different sites. While they remain mostly as a tourist attraction, make sure to haggle and turn around if they won’t give in.


3. Shop til you drop in Chatuchak

things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is very popular for shopping!The malls around Siam are for the weekdays but when it comes to weekend shopping, the biggest market in Asia opens. Chatuchak is the shopping haven in Bangkok, more than 20,000 stalls are there! Because of this, you can definitely haggle and get the most out of your souvenir shopping. Some of the latest fashion trends made in Bangkok can be found here, too. To make the most out of it head over there early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the night market. Bring some spare change!

4. Eat Pad Thai

things to do in Bangkok

You might be tired from shopping or a long day of sightseeing, Pad Thai is to the rescue! This popular Thai dish can be eaten as a snack or even a meal for lunch. It’s perfect partner is a cold Thai milk tea. They can be found anywhere and prepared as requested. You can have the classic or add it with shrimps and chilis. Try to observe and be amazed by how they make the Pad Thai, it can be very meditative. Thai cuisine is very popular around the world, try other dishes too like Tom Yum.

5. Watch Muay Thai

things to do in Bangkok

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand which dates back since 16th century. It started out as a practical fighting technique in actual warfare but later on transformed into a sport. Young Thais enjoy this physical combat which also is a big money making machine. This sport is done professionally and fighters train for long hours during the week just to do it. There are sports bars and some in parks that conduct the fights.

6. Cruise at Chao Praya River

things to do in Bangkok

If London has River Thames, Bangkok has Chao Praya River. This 372-kilometer river is an important part of the everyday life of the locals, from river settlements to trading goods. During the day, you can cross the river through an express boat or rent a traditional Khlong boat for an hour cruise. Before sunset, head over to one of the terminals for the evening cruise. Guests here are entertained with music, sumptuous food and the golden lights of the temples as it passes through.

7. Party at the rooftop Bars

things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is also famous for its rooftop bars which is perfect for your romantic date. Enjoy the beautiful skyline of Bangkok while drinking a glass or two with your new friends. During the evening where the weather is cooler, just make sure it’s not rainy season, you will be delighted with the lights of the city.

8. Eat exotic and all the other street food

things to do in Bangkok

Spice up your things to do in Bangkok by trying the crawlies, like fried worms and crispy tarantula. These can be found in carts pushed by the locals around markets or small streets. Some experience allergies by trying this so make sure you are prepared. If you can’t stomach eating it, pay the man a dollar to take some photos of his treats. There is other street food all over Bangkok. Be brave and try the most possible.

9. Visit Khao San Road

Head over in the late afternoon at Khao San, the infamous place for backpackers and travellers around the world, to haggle and shop for souvenirs. It is like a go-to place for anything you missed bringing, may it be a bikini, some shirt or a bag for the excess baggage from shopping. Stay a little bit longer and you will see these stores transform into bars and a street party. Order a bucket of cocktails or beers and dance through the grove with tourists and locals. Be careful with the scams, they are very fast.

10. Relax with some Thai Massage

things to do in Bangkok

Relax and finish your things to do in Bangkok with the world-renowned Thai massage. There are accessible and good rates for massages in Khao San Road, perfect after completing your shopping. You can choose to do it in spas, where you pay for the ambiance or try it on the streets outside of markets. Thai massage has an ancient root and is renowned as an alternative healing process. It is a combination of acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Make sure you head over to proper massage places with trained masseuse, or they will end up messing with your body.

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