CabinZero Classic Cabin Cubes

CabinZero Packing Cube set

We're excited to announce the release of our new CabinZero Classic Cabin Cubes.

We've personally been testing these for a while now and we couldn't be happier.  Organisation in your bag has never been easier.  Whilst traveling we've found they are awesome for keeping your bag compact and clothes neat and sorted.  No more scrambling around in your bag trying to find that clean shirt as you'll know exactly where it is.

CabinZero Large Packing Cube

They fit perfectly into our CabinZero 44L cabin bags. Each cube has a nylon outer and is fully lined.  Both sizes come with a convenient grab handle making them easy to carry when outside of your CabinZero bag. We think they are the highest quality packing cubes you will find.

As a bonus each packing cube has a built in global luggage tracker, powered by Okoban.  So like all our other bags if you lose them there is a good chance you'll get them back.

CabinZero Packing Cube Okoban Tracker

CabinZero packing cubes come in large and medium and are also sold in a set of 3.  The set comes with 1 large packing cube and 2 medium sized packing cubes.  They are currently available in Absolute Black with a red interior.

CabinZero Packing Cube Interior

Cabinzero Cabin was selected by as one of the 7 Best Packing Cubes in Singapore for Travelers.


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