How to Fly Cheap by Brian Armstrong - Part 1

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Hi, I'm Brian, based in the UK. And, like a lot of you, I have a passion for travel, although I don't get to do as much as I would like. Does anyone? With a young family and a shortage of time due to work commitments, my wanderlust sometimes has to be stopped in its tracks.

Not always though. I've been lucky enough to visit 84 countries so far. Some of these have been far flung, exotic, or very difficult to get to, involving many different forms of transport.

I've managed to do it all on a very strict budget. If I can't get the right deal, I don't go. With my research, for example, I was able to do a return trip from Europe to South America and back for just £250 (US $350), and a return trip to Los Angeles for £120 (US $168). You won't get these fares at your local travel agency!

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I'd love to put a pin on Antarctica, or the North Pole. Better start saving up for those.

Although I don't have any new trips planned right now, it doesn't stop me looking. I've helped many friends and family members go to dream destinations they didn't think were affordable.

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This is U Bein, in Myanmar (Burma). It's the longest teak bridge in the world, and a great place to sit and watch the sunset with a cold beer. Just looking at the photo is starting to give me itchy feet again!

Over the next few weeks I will share with you the inside story on how I grew to understand some of the secrets of bargain basement flights to almost every corner of the globe.

You never know, maybe it'll help you discover a bit more of the world too.


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