AirAsia Braces Itself For Malaysia’s Border Reopening

KUALA LUMPUR (March 22): As Malaysia’s international borders are slated to fully reopen starting April 1st, AirAsia is gearing up with reported up to 250 flights weekly.

Since AirAsia relaunched its operations with travel bubbles and an emphasis on domestic services, the gradual restoration of international flights has already begun, coinciding with the reopening of borders around the world. With travel restrictions continuously being alleviated worldwide, the airline group has increased domestic flight capacity by 156% since October 2021, when the Langkawi travel bubble erupted, and international flight capacity by 50 percent since the Malaysian government announced the reopening of borders in April, on 8 March 2022, with a total of 75 aircrafts in operation group-wide. The border reopening to international travellers of fellow southeast asian countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, and Vietnam have partially encouraged it.

While decent international traffic is already in operation, the announcement of border reopening serves as a much needed boost for many of AirAsia’s core international markets that have met with high demands.

Bo Lingam, Group CEO of AirAsia Aviation Group Limited (AAAGL), was more than delighted with the Malaysian government long-awaited decision, as well as those of other neighbouring governments, stating: “We would like to applaud the governments around the region for their decision to reopen borders, removing travel restrictions with minimal testing requirements, thus making travel easy for everyone. We’re thrilled to be resuming more flights in all of our core markets in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia and to be adding additional services to some of AirAsia’s most popular international destinations including Bali, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Phuket and more, starting in April.”

Speaking in the same press conference, Riad Asmat, CEO of AirAsia Malaysia, was thrilled about the current situation: “Finally the world is starting to reopen and thanks to the reopening of Malaysia’s border we can plan to relaunch many new routes.”

He also remarked that safety would be of utmost concern: “we continuously strive to provide world-class service quality and a stellar guest experience with a commitment to adhering to stringent safety rules and procedures.”

“While we are extensively prepared to ensure all of our guests can travel safely from an operational standpoint through the robust  safety and health measures that we have in place, we would also like to remind our guests to adhere to all SOPs set by the government during your travels and we can’t wait  to see you on back on board our flights soon,” he added.

AirAsia’s commitment to the safety of its passengers has been one of the reasons why it continues to be the trusted choice of Malaysian flyers as well as those from other countries. Through its app “Super App” and its website, which was initiated during the peak of the pandemic in Malaysia, the airline has successfully carried 95% of its passengers to contactless self-check-in. The two mediums are believed to have been the key to AirAsia success, and will continue to be utilised as an integral part in future operation.

AirAsia is also encouraging its passengers to migrate to the app for seamless check-in, as their in-airport counter will be serving strictly guests of exempted groups starting the 1st of April. Those exempted groups include: citizens aged 70 or above, registered disabled people, young passengers travelling by themselves, groups of 10 of larger, etc.

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