Bali Slated to Welcome Foreigners Post COVID Quarantine Rule Lift on March 7

International travellers can now enter Indonesia’s Bali island without having to quarantine starting from Monday, March 7, announced Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Pandjaitan.

During a virtual press conference, Mr. Pandjaitan announced that, due to the subsiding infection rate and the now relatively low death rate in Indonesia, decisions have been made to alleviate strict quarantine rule. According to The Washington Post compiled through Monday, the country recorded 76 new confirmed cases per 100,000 people in the past week, as well as a drop of 43% in daily cases.

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"President Joko Widodo has agreed to trial a no-quarantine policy for overseas travellers to Bali starting on March 7," the minister added.

Visitors who have received two doses of approved vaccinations, have had a negative PCR test and a proof of three-day hotel booking will be exempted from isolation.

For the first time after two years, visitors from 23 countries can now enter Indonesia via their visa after it was suspended two years ago following the wake of the COVID pandemic. As of this moment, only the following countries’ citizens can enter Bali with a visa: Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Laos, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, the US,  the UK, and Vietnam.

Travellers not from the 23 countries mentioned above are still subject to travel restrictions, and they will have to go into quarantine for three days and obtain a visa before leaving for Indonesia.

It’s important to note that this current “trial” will last for 30 days (with a possibility of the duration being doubled to 60 days), which means that, should you plan to extend your stay in Bali past the 60 days mark, you will have to apply for a business visa.

The decision to ease costly quarantine was pushed forward one week. Originally, March 14 was supposed to be the starting date for this quarantine lift.

"If this trial succeeds, we will implement a quarantine-free policy to travellers from all countries by April 1 or even earlier," minister Pandjaitan added.

This approach was meant to test the potential that the new tone-down travel restrictions could help boost the island’s tourism, which has been devastated as Bali must close its borders owing to the pandemic. If things work out, it is expected that the same regulations will be applied nation-wide.

Mr Pandjaitan stated: “If this trial is successful, we will implement quarantine-free travel for all arrivals from abroad arriving in the country as of April 1, 2022, or even sooner.”

In October last year, a list of 19 countries whose citizens could enter Bali were announced by the government. However, they must undergo a five-day quarantine period.

How do I get to Bali?

When Bali opened its doors to tourists last month, Singapore Airlines was the only airline to conduct flies to and from Bali. However, now that curbs are being alleviated, more airlines are reopening their routes to the Hindu-majority island.

Garuda, an Indonesia Airline, has resumed direct flights connecting Australia and Bali. Low-cost Australian airline Jetstar has also reopened flights between Bali and seven major Australian cities.

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Several airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines are also reconnecting their routes to Bali from a number of European and US cities.

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