Top 10 Best Business Backpacks - A Guide to the Best Backpack for Work

It’s 2021, the working culture has evolved. Long gone was the day when the pedantic office culture forced people to show up at work in blue collars and traditional briefcases. Nowadays, business enterprises aim to morph the office workspace into the most cozy and homey environment possible to prevent potential brain drain. Such a shift in the employers’ mentality has affected that of the employees as well. The average Joe is striving for comfort as well as style, and in such conquest even the smallest ornament matters.

That is where a business backpack comes in. More than just a mere carrier, it’s a companion, a personal porter, a fashion statement of the new generation. As such, it should be plenty useful. From appearance to interior compartments, the design should be thoughtful all the way around.

But not every worker can understand and appreciate the minutiae when it comes to choosing a business backpack, and often time finds themselves profoundly confused by the limitless options available on the market.

Worry not, as we have done the hard part for you. To save you the effort, we have compiled here the 10 best business backpacks for workers. Check out the list below to see what we have in store for you!

Top 10 Business Backpacks for Work

CabinZero Military Backpack 36L Light Khaki – Best Men’s Backpack for Work

Coming in at number one we have the Military 36L Light Khaki men’s backpack for work. It is a versatile and sturdy backpack that suits well for any business or travelling purposes.

The highlight of this backpack is in its sturdiness. It’s hard to come by a rucksack as sturdy as this one, but the military design and the khaki material really shines through. You may be worried that the material itself may cause humidity, but the backpack comes with an excellent rear panel air flow system that helps relieve any building heat from commuting. The internal compartment is designed to be sleek and tight, with laptop sleeves and smaller pockets to help accommodate any electronics you bring. The tension strap system provides for a great adhesiveness to your back and minimizes swaying. Top and side handles are also provided so you can comfortably carry it around in any way you like.

CabinZero Military Backpack 36L Light Khaki – Image from CabinZero.

At £45.00, this CabinZero Military Backpack 36L Light Khaki is truly one of the best out there for men with a sturdy frame and tough-looking military design.

Ambor Travel Business Laptop Backpack – Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re looking for a budget option, we have here the Ambor Travel Laptop Backpack. It’s one of the best business travel backpacks at its price point.

At the capacity of 40L, with many compartments and small to large pockets throughout the bag, it can easily accommodate any of your belongings. The thing that distinguishes this backpack from others traditional carry-on bags, is the organization within. With an intricate but accessible layout, you can sort your stuff however you like and reach them easily. The front back is spacious for clothing. The back compartment is great for laptops and electronics. There’s also a bottom compartment for shoes and side bladders for your water.

Ambor Travel Laptop Backpack. Image from Amazon

We don’t call it the best bang for your buck for no reason, as the Ambor Travel Business Laptop Backpack packs some travel-friendly features as well. It has padding and air ventilation on the back panel, a pair of compression straps to adjust the size of the bag. There’s also a luggage strap in the back which you can use to tie it to a suitcase in case of long distance travelling.

Bopai Business Travel Backpack – Best Simple Backpack

Some people just like to keep it simple. If you are among those, we have this Bopai Business Travel Backpack as one of the best simple business backpacks for you.

One of the best things about this backpack is that you can actually expand its size. With the expansion zipper, you can increase the capacity by up to 40%, which would be extremely useful on a long business trip where you’ll have to bring some clothing. Another nice feature on this backpack are the zipper straps. They come in two different colors: 4 in blue and 4 in orange. You can change these straps around however you want. With this different coloring you can distinguish and memorize the exact compartment where you keep your stuff for a quick access at any given time.

Since it’s simple, a few prominent features in business backpacks have been streamlined, which could cause some potential discomfort. For example, there is no hip belt or sternum strap. Moreover, the fact that this backpack doesn’t have air ventilation built-in, but does have thick foam, could turn off quite a few people.

Bopai Business Travel Backpack. Image from Amazon.

Briggs & Riley Work Large Laptop Backpack – Best High-end Backpack

Briggs & Riley are famed for their luxurious backpack that caters to the elite class. As such, it packs tons of features to satisfy even the quirkiest demands of the customers.

For instance, it’s made from 1600D ballistic nylon, and with waterproof coating, paddings, reinforcements frames all around, it’s impervious to pretty much any and everything. No rain, dirt, wear and tear, or force (majeure even) could come close to damaging this. Oh, and in the off chance where it is somehow damaged, Briggs & Riley has handsomely provided lifetime guarantee for this line of products. So worry not, you’ll always have this backpack with you in its most immaculate form.

This backpack has many pockets spreading throughout the different compartments, with different sizes and depths, which provides for a great variety of choice when it comes to storing tiny belongings like accessories or airpods. The laptop sleeve is large enough to hold even the 17-inch laptop. If you ever need more size

It is also a travel-friendly small business backpack, with thick padding all the way around and a suspension system, which will come in handy when you must maneuver it around in tight spots (on an airplane, for example).

Briggs & Riley Work Large Laptop Backpack. Image from Amazon.

Calpak Kaya Faux Leather Backpack – Best Women Backpack

Females like it dainty. And when it comes to combining functionality and daintiness, no one does it quite like Calpak. It’s a women's backpack brand, and their products are nothing less than exquisite, and the Calpak Kaya Faux Leather Backpack is just one of their many.

The backpack is divided into two main compartments: a padded one at the back and another non-padded in the front. The padded one is meant for laptop, and it secures any mid-size laptop nicely. The front one is divided into smaller pockets, which is handy for female users to easily sort their stuff. There’s a tall pocket to fit your water bottles in, and smaller ones for lipsticks and other tiny womenswear. Even though it looks neat and compact, the backpack’s total capacity is large enough to accommodate a laptop, bento, or even a pair of spare shoes. The small compartment at the top of the backpack is useful for storing stuff that the user would have to take out often like personal ID, cards, or phones.

The best part about this line of backpack is the sheer variety of color it comes in. There are eight different classic colors, and then three classy and ravishing limited colors: Mocha, Bluebell, and Emerald. Ladies, feel free to choose the one just for you!

Men's Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Backpack from Luke Case – The Vintage Choice

Luke Case is one of those rare brands that offers elite-looking leather backpacks at a commercial price. If you’re looking for a backpack that provides a dandy vintage feeling but still delivers the way a backpack should, this Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Backpack’s got you covered.

The bread and butter of this backpack lies in its leather, which the company refers to as “Crazy horse leather”. Not only does it look classy and vintage, but it is famed for its incredible durability. What’s special about this leather is its natural patina that can slightly alter the appearance of the leather over time, which gives it its famous vintage look.

But this backpack isn’t just flashy and all. It’s actually received great business backpack reviews. The main compartment is roomy for laptops and documents. It’s also smartly divided into multiple pockets for smaller items. The zippers, buckles, and straps are all made from leather, which is thick and therefore sturdy. The leather coating also ensures comfort and prevents overheating in case you have to commute long distances.

Luke Case’s Vintage Crazy Horse Leather Backpack. Image from Luke Case.

TUMI Alpha 3 Brief Pack – The Unisex Choice

Men and women's backpacks are inherently different for a variety of reasons. That’s true, but some may just like unisex trend of the 21st century. We have here one backpack like that for you: TUMI - Alpha 3 Brief Pack.

As it is designed for both sexes in mind, the TUMI - Alpha 3 Brief Pack has plenty of features to accommodate the needs of both sexes. The main compartment is especially spacious. What’s more, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the number of pockets and sleeves there are in the backpack. There will be room for everything, from laptop, electronics, accessories, ornaments, clothes, so on and so forth.

But don’t ever be worried that packing too much stuff in this backpack will ever be a problem. The Ultra-durable FXT Ballistic nylon ensures the backpack withstand the test of time, and weight. The Dual-coil zipper also adds to the hardness of the backpack.

TUMI - Alpha 3 Brief Pack. Image from Amazon.

Rains Backpack - Best Waterproof Backpack

There are a lot of places in the world that receive a great deal of precipitation. If you’re a businessperson and you’re working in such areas, you’re in for a treat. Rains created just the right business backpack for you.

Unlike many other backpacks where they are coated with waterproof or water-resistant coating, this one from Rains is just straight up made of plastics, so not only is it impervious to any water, but it is also very light and sturdy.

Since it is meant to be used promptly in case of rain, its design leans more on the simplistic side. The main compartment is divided into vertical pockets to store umbrellas or raincoats comfortably. The simplicity is adorned with a hook closure for a neat finish. Don’t worry! Everything else besides that hook is magnetic so you can always access your stuff quickly.

Rains backpack. Image from Rains.

Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack – Best Stylish Backpack

With the snazzy combination of cool blue exterior and bright orange interior, this Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack might be the most stylish backpack out there you can find.

What we like most about this backpack is its main compartment and its compartment division. It is divided into parallel pockets which help you easily categorize your belongings. Besides, its base is wide so it can stand on itself when let alone.

Aside from that, it is a decent typical travel backpack with many sleeves, mesh pockets, and a trolley sleeve for trolley attachment upon travelling. It comes with a few small outside pockets, which would make it a breeze whenever you need to get your stuff.

Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack. Image from Amazon.

Ytonet Rolling Laptop Backpack – Best Wheeled Backpack

Why would you even bother to pick a backpack that is compatible with a trolley if you can buy one that is a trolley itself? If you must travel around a lot, this Ytonet Rolling Laptop Backpack is the right choice.

The money maker of this backpack is definitely the incorporation of a trolley into its back panel and wheels to its bottom. If you’re working a position where you must travel hither and thither often, this backpack will save you a lot of the strain on your back. It is also especially useful for those worrywarts who like to bring all kinds of stuff with them just in case.

It is also because of this that many may be turned off, as the frame of the trolley and the lack of strappings may cause some discomfort if you’re wearing this backpack for too long. Still the backpack is light and comfy to maneuver around.

Ytonet Rolling Laptop Backpack. Image from Amazon.

How to Buy Your Own Business Backpack

Business backpacks, like many other products of this day and age, are intricate and convoluted. Hence why many may find it tricky to find the most suitable one for themselves.


Laptop is like a piece of your clothing. Knowing what your backpack is made from not only allows you to preserve it better, but also provides a realistic expectation of how it would perform.

Generally, nylon takes the top spot. It is cheap, durable, and intrinsically water-resistant. On top of that, it’s easy to clean and quick to dry. Its drawback is that it isn’t always the most classy or fashionable material.

Leather, however, is almost polar opposite. Leather material itself exudes an aura of class and grace. But it’s a hassle to take care of. You have to be extra careful whenever you use our backpack to avoid scratches and chafing. In addition, oil application is required once in a while to maintain the immaculate leather look. Oh, did we mention that it’s ultra-expensive?


Size is certainly an important aspect.

By and large, you should consider how you’d be using your backpack, i.e. what kind of things you’ll be stuffing your backpack with. If all there is a laptop, then a smaller more compact backpack works just fine. If travelling is your work norm, then consider a larger backpack with more compartments to easily organize your belongings.

Travel-Friendly Features

If we’re talking business backpacks, we’re talking travelling.

One of the first things business people look for is a TSA-friendly compartment. TSA, for those of you who don’t know, stands for Transport Security Administration. In short, when you have to go through security checkpoints or scanners, usually you’d have to take your laptops out for the scanner to work. However, a TSA-friendly backpack ensures that you won’t have to go through such things.

Luggage strap is another thing people usually look for when travelling, especially if you go on long business trips and you must carry a bunch of different bags.


Another knotty problem. Money. How much is enough? What’s the best bang for my buck?

It really depends, there’s always value in anything. Cheaper backpacks focus solely on utility, which is cool and all but, this is business, something completely intangible we’re talking about. Class comes with a price, and oftentimes it is hefty. Brands usually exacerbate this problem. Are you willing to pay for class?

If we’re not talking about that, a price range of around $50 is enough. It’s where most of the better options on the market sit. Any lower, you must be wary of functions. Any higher, you must be wary of appearance.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions on Unsplash


Probably not the priority when it comes to choosing a business backpack, but style does come into play as a factor worth considering. Generally a minimalistic backpack that emphasizes functionality would be prefered in a professional working environment.

But that shouldn’t prevent you from getting the most luxurious rucksack with the most chic design. Say you’re working in a fashion industry, or if you’re working in a position where you must deal with business partners often, then you surely have to make yourself presentable, right?

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