Camera Backpacks and a Guide to Choose a Good Photography Backpack for Your Camera

Do you need to buy a camera backpack? If you are a travel lover and always want to capture all your moments in photos, you should buy a photography bag to protect this close companion. Putting the camera in a dedicated bag will help the camera to be less scratched, reduce shock when you travel on long and bumpy distances, and avoid external agents such as dust, moisture, water from entering your devices. In addition, putting it in a backpack will give you peace of mind because the camera has a protective layer, as well as being convenient when you are not hands-free.

Top 10 Best Camera Bags and Photography Backpacks

CabinZero Adventure Pro

You might consider this line of bags if you are an active traveller who needs to have a big size backpack for your long trip. Designed specifically for long-distance and multi-day purposes, the CabinZero Adventure Pro bag line is truly a suitable choice for people who love to travel. With a very large area, you can store a lot of necessary items here. The mesh drawers are designed to organize and store the accompanying small items, so you will not have to worry about not finding those.

The ADV Pro may not be specifically designed to be the best camera backpack, however, it has some pretty useful drawers for this. You can take advantage of the compartment on the side of the bag to store a tripod very conveniently without fear that your items would fall down because this compartment is designed with a small size to keep things securely. You can put your camera in another small bag and put it in ADV Pro without fear of running out of space because of the large area it is designed for the backpack. 

The Adventure Pro Backpack is equipped with a D-ring lock so you can hang decorative keychains, or hang convenient items when needed. In addition, a keychain is also added to enhance the convenience for you to control important personal items when away. Additionally, the backpack also has a dedicated compartment to hold a water bottle, helping you to provide enough water when needed and convenient so that you can reach for it or put it in so you will feel more comfortable when using it. 

Inside there is also a large compartment separated by a bungee cord that can be stretched and fixed, which is a great option if you have a DSLR camera with you. With this compartment, you can carry a large camera without fear of being bumped because there is a bungee cord to separate and securely fix it.

In addition, this backpack is also made from very strong and durable Nylon material, so it is not easy to tear, giving you peace of mind during the trip. On the other hand, the backpack also has a water-repellent protective coating so you can have peace of mind when going into areas with high humidity or less anxiety when travelling through places with a lot of standing water.

Peak Design Everyday

If you are looking for a compact and stylish photography backpack that fits your needs for storing electronic devices, this is the backpack for you. With a simple and dynamic design, this backpack has a fairly large volume and easy to open drawers quickly, helping you to get the necessary items promptly. In addition, the strap is very flexible, so you can change the length of the strap to suit your travel needs.

In addition, this backpack is also equipped with Flex Fold compartments that can shape the drawer to help you organize your devices and items neatly, helping to fix the items in the drawer in a neat way. You will not have to worry when opening the backpack and have a headache because the contents of the bag are disturbed during the move. The accessory drawer is equipped with foam padding to securely hold small items, as well as reduce the physical impact on them. The main drawer is collapsible, so you can purchase additional dividers to restructure to create a dedicated backpack for your camera.

CabinZero Military Backpack

For those of you who need to be constantly on the move on long roads or cycling, we highly recommend the Military backpack. This Military backpack line is manufactured to military standards, with 1000 Denier nylon fabric and YKK zippers - the highest quality primary zips. What makes this line a good camera and laptop backpack is that it is also equipped with a special waterproof layer than others on the market. The water-proof coating gives you more peace of mind about the safety of water-sensitive items when used with this backpack.

On the other hand, you can rest assured that the laptop will not get wet when it rains, scratches or has physical impacts because this camera and laptop backpack is designed with a dedicated compartment to hold the camera and other accessories. The compartment is designed with a large size and is suitable for your camera to fit in. 

Besides, we also equipped the Military backpack line with the trace tag within the code to help you track your backpack in case it is lost. When other people find your backpack, they could contact you through your email or phone number so that you can get back your backpack and stuff. 

Manfrotto Advanced Hybrid Photography Backpack

With an aesthetically pleasing minimalist design and packed full of features, the Manfrotto Advanced is one of the best camera backpacks with two lenses, a detachable camera socket, and a tripod, tablet and laptop along with a spacious compartment to store other personal items. The handle and strap of this backpack are also removable and adjustable in width flexibly.

In the camera compartment, the drawer features removable padding with dividers that help you quickly adjust device-compatible compartment configurations. External sliding pocket to hold tablets and laptops about 14 inches very sturdy, sturdy. You can remove the inner pad of the camera compartment to turn it into a backpack for casual days. The side zip pocket will allow you to quickly get to your items without having to open the bag, so it's very handy.

With a durable nylon shell, you will not need to worry about tearing your bag or dropping things while on the go. In addition, the nylon material is also partially waterproof, so you will feel more secure when walking in the rain or snow.

Ruggard Alpine 600 Lens Backpack for DSLR and 600/800mm Lens

If you are a travel enthusiast with a selfie amid majestic nature, the Alpine 600 DSLR Camera Backpack will be a close companion. With its large design, you'll be able to fit a DSLR camera and a 600-800 mm lens. This photography backpack is designed with a hood to store and protect lenses up to 800 mm. Besides, the backpack is also equipped with foam padding to protect and fix the device from unnecessary movements, as well as reduce pressure on the device.

Drawers are designed very reasonably to create maximum convenience for you on the road. On the front, the backpack has two zippered pockets for small items. On one side of the backpack is a large volume pocket with a touch-lock lid and a zip-lock pocket for more storage. The main compartment is double-zipped to reveal two small pockets for the camera's memory cards, and a mesh pocket under the flap for the wallet, battery charger and mobile phone. On one side of the backpack, there is an umbrella strap to fix the camera's tripod and legs, helping you to avoid having to carry this accessory in a cumbersome way. Breathable padding is designed to hide under the shoulder straps, back, hip belt and waist to reduce pressure on the wearer's body, as well as being breathable, reducing the accumulation of sweat that causes unpleasant odours.

The Alpine 600 can be worn with a shoulder strap or carried using a padded handle. The shoulder straps are adjustable and feature a sternum strap for added stability and mobility on the go. Moreover, the adjustable waist belt with hip padding helps to reduce the pain of this part. And a yellow quick release buckle has a built-in buzzer useful for sounding alarms or communicating with others. Underneath the pack are rubber feet that help prevent abrasion while improving water resistance.

Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II Camera and Laptop Backpack (Black)

If you expect a large backpack camera that can fit both a DSLR camera and a laptop, you can try the Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW DSLR camera backpack. This bag has been equipped with more compartments to hold eight lenses, a tripod and a 13-inch laptop compartment. There are four main compartments, two drawers on the sides and back that will help you organize your gear and personal belongings in an organized manner. You can change the width of the strap according to your needs.

With the included harness system with a belt loop, you can rest assured that your backpack stays securely attached to you every step of the way. The side of the backpack has a water bottle holder, accessory box, and tripod cup that will increase the convenience of the backpack. In addition, the backpack also has a built-in cover in all weather conditions to protect your device anytime, anywhere.

Pro Light Backpack RedBee-310 for DSLR/camcorder - 22L

With a bee-shaped design, the RedBee 310 series backpack is compact and lightweight. The backpack is designed to be sealed to prevent theft very effectively. This DSLR camera backpack can hold 2 DSLR cameras and can hold a 400mm lens. The zipper is designed to hide at the bottom of the backpack so you can be assured of its security.

When you open the zip, you can access the main compartment of the backpack. One compartment will be designed specifically for the camera and its accessories, while the other will be designed to hold laptops and tablets. These two compartments are separated by a large mesh, to create distance and avoid confusion when you are too hasty to open the backpack to get things.

The camera compartment is separated to accommodate the camera and its accessories. There are also extra thick foam cushions to reduce shock and avoid physical impact on the camera. The camera compartment has a flexible design so you can redecorate it to suit your travel needs and the number of devices in the bag.

Manfrotto Manhattan Camera Backpack Mover 30 for DSLR/CSC

The design of this backpack with a vertical rectangular shape and a sturdy backpack form will be a suitable choice for those who require rigidity. This small camera backpack is compactly designed to protect the camera and laptop. It can hold high-end CSC equipment like Sony Alpha 9 series with a convex lens. The backpack is made with coated fabric so it is easy to clean and clean very quickly. There are 2 main compartments, a zipper drawer to store the camera and an extra compartment right in front of the backpack used to hold a tablet or laptop with a range of 13-14 inches.

The main compartment is convex and separates each small compartment to securely fix and hold the camera and accessories. Because the main compartment has a convex design to protect and reduce shock for the camera and its accessories, there will be no other room for other items. Opposite the camera compartment is a small mesh compartment for storing small accessories such as charging cords, memory cards, and pens.

The strap is equipped with breathable padding and can be flexibly adjusted to the width of the strap. There is also a sternum strap so you can adjust how tight the backpack is to you on the go.

Ruggard Outrigger 65 DSLR Backpack (Black)

The Ruggard Outrigger 65 backpack has a very pretty and compact orange beetle shape. This photography backpack can hold a DSLR and a 700mm range lens with four additional lenses and two flashes. Minimalist design with a large central compartment with zipper and a few extra compartments for small accessories. The main compartment is dedicated to storing your camera and comes with padded compartments to protect your camera. There are many small compartments so you can use them to store accessories.

Opposite the main compartment is a drawer divided by a mesh to store sundries. Outside there is an elastic mesh pocket to store other items. You can use it to store laptops, notebooks, and tablets about 13 -14 inches. Due to the layout, this compartment is quite difficult to see, creating privacy and increasing security for the backpack.

Canon EDC-10 Camera Sling Backpack (Dark Heather Gray)

If you want a compact and sophisticated backpack camera, then the Canon EDC-10 Sling camera and lens backpack is a great choice for you. The backpack is designed to fit snugly and hug the body. Due to its loose shape, this backpack is very easy to wear in the front. A large dedicated compartment to store the camera with a zipper is very convenient. With the area of ​​the main compartment, it can hold up to 1-2 camera bodies with 3 lenses along with other accessories. The two compartments have thick foam padding to ensure that devices don't wobble while on the go. In addition, a mesh pocket is also equipped to store cables, memory cards and cleaning tools for the camera.

With lightweight nylon material and a waterproof coating, you can rest assured that your device won't be affected when entering wet areas. The strap is sewn with fabric, although it is equipped with a breathable foam pad to help perspiration circulate, not to keep odours for too long and dirt on the strap. If you want to expand the size and storage capacity, you can open the large mesh bag and bungee cord to create an additional small compartment for water bottles.

Buying Guide for Photography Backpack 

Of course, when shopping for a camera bag, you will need to rely on your travel needs and the size of your shoot to buy the right camera backpack for you. Next, you will want to choose a style that reflects your personality and demand, right? 

There are two standard types of camera bags: pocket cameras and lens mounts.

Camera Bag & Backpack for Small Digital Cameras

For compact digital cameras, you will need a leather case to protect the camera from bumps or scratches when you put it in your pocket. A small hook can be a convenient option if you always want to hook it to your wrist when needed.

With the line of pocket digital cameras, depending on the manufacturer and model, you will receive a combo including the camera, charger, camera protective case, film (if this is a digital camera to take and quickly produce the instant photos), strap, photo album and also camera touch, such as the Instax Mini instant camera. In addition, the company also provides other decorative accessories separately, you can consider buying according to your needs.

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

If you often travel alone or need to shoot landscapes from a distance, you will need to buy a tripod for your digital camera, so a tripod bag would be necessary. This bag will need to be made of thick material, to avoid tearing during travel or accidental physical impact. The tripod bag will need foam padding to reduce shock when travelling on the road. However, you should choose a dark bag colour, to minimize dust or stains that will reduce the aesthetics of the bag when you carry it with you.

Hiking Camera and DSLR Camera Backpack

Photo by Bruno Massao from Pexels

For large cameras, you will need to separate each part of the camera and accessories to fit in the camera bag. Although the process is a bit cumbersome, please be patient. You will need some specialized cases to protect the camera and the accessories that come with it. 

There are several types of materials you can consider when purchasing a camera and lens backpack.

  • Camera case: 
  • This case is specially designed for each camera model, so you can avoid bumps, scratches and protect the camera from dust and water. You can choose from a range of cases that can only hug the camera or can hold both your accessories and the things you use often on the go. 

  • Sponge bag: 
  • This bag is designed with tough nylon and polyester material to create a tough protective shell for your camera. Besides, this type of bag is also designed with a shock-absorbing foam compartment to minimize external forces on your camera. In some brands, they may design a few extra drawers for you to store accessories or mobile phones. 

  • Leather Camera Case: 
  • This bag is designed in every shape and size depending on the camera model. Made of cowhide, calfskin to ensure rigidity and durability over time, as well as enhancing modernity and trendy for users. This line is made of animal skin and is more elaborately designed, so the price will be much more expensive. 

    FAQ - How to Choose the Best Camera Backpack?

    How to pack a camera in a backpack?

    When it comes to traveling, you should buy a dedicated backpack to store your gear, to avoid physical collisions that can cause damage to your camera. If the trip is too urgent and your camera backpack order has not arrived in time, you can temporarily transform your backpack into a temporary camera bag by following these steps. 

    • The lens cap should not be left on when storing it in a bag:

    Be careful with leaving the lens cap on the camera glass. Although there is a soft lining inside, it is easy to scratch the camera lens if you are not careful. Since the equipment is susceptible to dust and sand, you will need to clean it using a dusting brush or wiping it with a soft cloth with a camera cleaning solution.

    • Separate other items from the camera:

    You will need to keep other items separate and avoid colliding with your camera. The camera is quite susceptible to damage and dents, so you will need to avoid objects that can be crushed or rubbed. You should try to limit heavy movements such as jumping and running to prevent the camera from being affected by too much vibration and bouncing.

    • Store accessories in a zipper drawer: 

    For small accessories such as charging cords, memory cards, camera cleaning tools, lens brushes, .... You will need to store it separately in a separate drawer. If you do not store them carefully, you may cause the camera to be scratched by impacts caused by these objects. On the other hand, you will easily lose these accessories because their small size makes them easy to drift to other places in the backpack's space.

    • Divide the number of utensils evenly into compartments:

    You will need to arrange the drawers in the backpack evenly. Avoid gathering items in the same compartment too much. If you put too many things in one compartment, it will easily cause unnecessary collisions and damage your camera. In addition, it is also very difficult for you to find items immediately when you need them.

    Evenly dividing items into different drawers also helps to spread the weight evenly, reducing the burden on you when you have to move a lot during that time.

    • Do not try to cram when the drawer is already overstretched:

    Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

    If you notice that the drawers have reached their overflow, you will need to stop and stop adding items to the drawers. Stuffing too many items into the bag will cause the bag to swell, easily creating a heavy weight, causing the drawer to be stretched to the extreme, easily causing the bag to tear. Besides, you will also easily drop things in the bag outside.

    You also shouldn't try to cram when the camera and other items don't fit in the drawer. Trying to put in a drawer that is too small will cause your camera to be scratched, or not firmly fixed in the drawer, easy to move with your footsteps, leading to camera damage. It is best to have a list of necessary items that should be brought along to avoid the anxiety that makes you always try to carry everything even though it is not necessary for the trip. 

    Can I Take My Camera Bag on an Airplane?

    You can bring a digital camera on board with your photography backpack. Due to their small size, digital cameras are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage. Since the camera is vulnerable, you will need to protect it very carefully before shipping it with you.

    In case you use a lens mount, you will need to pack it very carefully. Due to the large size, it is difficult to fit in the luggage compartment. You can store the camera in the dedicated camera bag so that you can keep the camera and its accessories organized. After that, you should put it in a foam box and cover it with multiple layers of shockproof to protect the camera and accessories from impacts. Because in the place of transportations such as airports, ports, there will be cases of throwing around, so it is easy to damage electrical equipment. You can carefully post a sign warning on the package to illustrate that the package contains fragile items so that the shipping staff will be more careful.

    For accessories such as camera batteries, power banks for cameras, you should arrange space to put them in hand luggage because batteries and power banks cannot be transported in checked baggage.


    A camera backpack is very convenient for your long trips if you’re carrying your photography gear with you everywhere. It both helps protect the camera and stabilizes it so it doesn't wobble along the way. There are many types of photography backpacks to choose from, we hope you can choose the right bag for you from the options above! 

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