Best Dry Bags for Paddle Boarding and Guide to Shop Yours

Paddle boarding is a very common water sport that so many people enjoy either by themselves or with friends and family. If you’re a beginner, you’ll know that paddle boarding is sometimes quite stressful if you’re carrying your belongings with the fear of falling off the board and having them all soaked. That's where the dry bags come in - they’re not only useful for travelling, but also extremely necessary for these water sports. 

Our CabinZero team has done the research and came back with some of the best dry bags for paddle boarding in different categories, as well as a guide to pick the most suitable one for you. 

Best Waterproof Sling Packs and Waist Packs

Dry bags are the items that are specifically designed to keep your belongings dry and organized during your travels and outdoor activities. Therefore, we need to choose a quality dry bag to protect our belongings well. But there are many types of dry bags on the market. Here are some options of waterproof sling bags and waist bags that you can refer to in terms of features and designs. 

Cabinzero ADV Dry Bag

Are you an active person, sporty, and always active outdoors? Sweat and wet weather have you worried about your electronic devices and personal items getting wet? Then the CabinZero ADV Dry bag is the companion you need. With its compact shape, the dry bag from Cabin Zero's ADV series will satisfy you from size, design to quality.

The bag is designed with a cylindrical shape, very easy to store. The bag strap is designed to be compact, allowing you to change the position of the bag in a variety of ways depending on your needs and activity intensity. The bag is also equipped with a rolling top handle so you can hold it if you want. There is an elastic bungee cord on the front of the bag so you can secure large items like water bottles.

With nylon material and TPU waterproof membrane, and the seamless nylon tape on the stitches, you won't need to worry about sweat or wet weather getting into the items you're carrying. The main compartment is spaciously designed with a fabric divider to help keep your belongings firmly in place.

Overboard Waterproof Waist Pack

Next, you can consider Overboard's line of hip bags. The bag has a fairly simple and compact design. There is a main compartment in the form of a roll for quick and convenient access. The main compartment has a water-resistant coating combined with thick nylon material, so you won't have to worry about your items absorbing moisture.

You can adjust the width of the strap according to your body size. Once you've measured it and feel it's right for you, you can buckle it up and tie it to your side. The waist belt can be completely removed if you feel it's entangled.

Best Dry Tubes

Overboard Waterproof Dry Tube

If you want a tube-shaped dry bag, you can consider the Overboard Tube dry bag line. It is a compact and easy to fold bag when needed. The brand Overboard promises this bag is completely waterproof with a class 3 waterproof rating, IP66. If the bag is dropped into the water, it will still fully float safely and won't seep into your belongings. But you will need to pick up the bag quickly to avoid a long soak that gives the water time to wear down the fabric.

With strong welds and zippers, you can rest assured that your contents will always be protected from dust, sand, dirt and water. The bag is sewn with durable and heavy-duty materials, so you can comfortably store many items in it without fear of tearing the bag. Plus, the bag can be rolled up to be a pillow when you're tired or save more space when you're on the go.

Blackburn Outpost Roll Tube Bag

A dry, collapsible bag is always the first choice when you need to travel long distances and when travelling in wet places like rivers or lakes. The bag is designed in the form of a tube, you can easily roll it up and put it up when not in use. With plain nylon material and simple black-grey colour, the Blackburn dry bag will be an active choice for you on your adventure. The bag is completely waterproof, so you can rest assured that it is safe to use in wet weather areas.

With a smart design, you can transform the bag to the shape you want and suit your needs. The weight of the bag is extremely light, only 80g, so you will not have to worry about carrying heavy items and putting pressure on your body. You can also roll up the bag to turn it into a makeshift pillow when you're too tired. There are many buckles on the bag so that you can secure the bag that is close to the body or for transportation, such as a bicycle.

Best Waterproof Deck Bags

Taj M’Haul Deck Bag

The Taj M'Haul dry bag deck is made of 400 nylon which is very durable and will give you a sturdy cover, protecting the items inside from being absorbent. In addition, the bag is also equipped with a zipper so that you can easily get your items quickly. The bag also has many compartments so you can evenly divide the things you carry. It will help you distribute weight evenly and avoid weighing on your body, as well as prevent the weight of the items inside from slowing you down on the path of discovery.

The main compartment has a dry bag made of plastic material that will prevent absorption. It is also equipped with a Hydro Lock that will prevent water from entering, helping to keep the contents inside safe and dry. The bag is also equipped with a bungee cord so you can secure large items. The width of the bag is also quite diverse, depending on your day or long ride needs, and is designed to fit the size of a Kaya for racers or boating enthusiasts.

Gearlab Deck Pod

This Gearlab bag is designed with a simple and dynamic style, bringing youthfulness to the wearer. The bag also maximises storage capacity for your items while it is minimized in weight to avoid burdening the user. The bag is made of 450 nylon material with a waterproof coating that is durable and sturdy.

With its streamlined size, you can rest assured that the bag won't take up too much space when you're sailing. Next, the bag is also equipped with small compartments so you can store things comfortably, without having to put too many items in one compartment. In addition, the bag is equipped with a strap to hold the float, paddle, and water pump for easy access.

Best Waterproof backpacks

FE Active Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

If you need a backpack that is completely waterproof and lightweight, you can consider the FE Active Backpack. With its small size and lightweight, this is a perfect companion for you. Shoulder straps can be adjusted flexibly, so you will be quite comfortable when you can wear many different styles on the long road. The bag is quite suitable for water activities when it can be soaked for a certain period, so when going through wet areas, you will still be assured because your belongings are not damaged. damage due to steam ingress. The low price with a fairly stable quality makes this dry bag a strong competitive advantage.

However, this bag is made quite simple with main drawers and mesh dividers. It won't have many small pockets, so it's a bit difficult to keep your essentials and take them out immediately when you need them. Also, since this bag is not equipped with a ventilation system, sweat may linger, so you will need to be careful not to wear the bag for too long.

Fengdong Waterproof Backpack

For those who need to carry a lot of things with a large capacity, you will need to consider Fengdong's dry bag. With a breathable mesh design and an air-cushion system on the strap, this bag is perfect for long outdoor activities, as you won't need to worry about sweat building up. cause odours. It is also very light in weight, so you won't need to worry about carrying too many things and fear that the bag will put pressure on your body.

This dry bag includes a large compartment and several small pockets, so you can easily sort it according to your needs to get out easily and quickly. Next, Fengdong dry bags are designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability. The shape of the bag is also designed in a simple and dynamic style, so you can freely mix and match items according to your preferences and activities at that time.

Best Waterproof Phone Case

Travelon Floating Waterproof Smartphone

When you go to the beach or places with wet weather, you will be quite worried about your phone because you will need to use it occasionally. So you might consider buying a waterproof bag for your phone. And the case from the Travelon brand will be very suitable for you.

With a simple design, the case has a large compartment for storing phones. The outside is a transparent plastic material so you can monitor the status of your phone. Right on the edge of the case, it has a plastic zipper with a slide design so taking the phone out is very quick. You can safely store your phone without worrying about dust, water, sand or moisture entering. The bag has a lightweight material so it is easy to float on the water. You can easily touch through the surface of the bag, no need to worry about the difficulty of interacting with your phone.

Willbox Professional Diving Surfing Swimming Snorkeling Photo Video Waterproof Protective Case

You can also consider Willbox's waterproof case if you need to travel at sea or in wet places. This bag is quite large, about 6.9 inches, and fits the latest smartphones. 

With the design of this case, you can rest assured when you dive up to 15 meters because the design has carried an IPX68 waterproof standard. You can touch the phone and interact with photos and videos quite easily. However, some functions of your phone will be somewhat more limited, so you will need to pay attention to whether these functions are necessary or useful when you are in the water.

Each case comes with a precise cutout for the camera button. The bag is also equipped with anti-reflective glass and provides high-quality images for the front and rear cameras. You can also use professional photography aids such as monopod, tripod or selfie stick.

The Willbox case is fully sealed, protecting your phone from bumps and drops, ready to adapt to the harshest environments. You can rest assured that your phone is always by your side and won't fail on your adventure.

Buying Guide Dry Bag For Paddle Boarding

Based on Your Intended Usage

You should determine what you need to use the dry bag for the most, where it is needed and why you need to use it. Accordingly, you will be able to determine how many bags you will need to carry, large or small volume, whether it is necessary to have a shoulder strap or not. Depending on the amount of gear and how long you are outdoors, you can be flexible to avoid carrying too many bags but not using them in the right places.

If you are travelling for a short time, you will need a small dry bag, about 11 - 20L. It should have a shoulder strap, so you can carry it flexibly and without getting in the way when you are walking. Some dry bags with a size of 30 - 50L will be suitable for longer activities, from 1 week or more. When you have determined that you will be going for a long time and carrying a lot of things for more than 2 weeks, waterproof backpacks with a volume of 50L and above will be very suitable. When you use this backpack, it will put less pressure on your body, make it easier for you to move, as well as help you control the grip of the backpack when travelling.

How Can I Use a Dry Bag for Outdoor Sports?

You can use a dry bag during sports to prevent sweat from seeping in and causing your items to stink, or worse, damage your items.

If you do paddle boarding, you should choose bags that are small in size and have straps that attach to the side of the boat to keep them in place and avoid getting in the way when you paddle. In addition, the bag should also have bungee cords to fix when you are using vehicles such as kayaks, canoes, rafts to be more secure about the fixation of items. If you ride a motorbike or a long-distance bike, you will need dry bags with a reflective surface to see them clearly at night. Dry bags are all waterproof to a certain extent. So please note, you should not soak the dry bag for too long to avoid the case that the water can seep through the fabric and gradually corrode, and then penetrate your items.

Which Items You Need to Be Careful When Putting in a Dry Bag? 

In addition, you should also determine if the items you plan to put in the dry bag are the items of the same material to buy the right bag. If you bring soft items such as clothes, sleeping bags, coats, towels, shoes, you can break them up and put them in a dry bag to better protect your belongings. If you pack too much into a bag, it will cause them to swell too much, allowing water and moisture to enter.

As for food and quick-cooking tools, they will be very stiff and some kitchen utensils have sharp edges, so you will need to use a bag with a thicker material. In addition, you should roll a few more layers to reduce the sharpness of these items.

With electronic devices and high touch sensitivity, you will need to pay a lot more attention. You should wrap 2-3 layers of waterproof, to avoid water penetration to the highest extent. Since these are electronic devices, they will be very susceptible to black screen or power failure if exposed to water.

Dry Bag Care

The dry bag is an item that does not require too much care or high maintenance. They are designed with sustainable materials and ensure long-term durability, so you will be comfortable using them. These dry bags are difficult to break if they are designed with a folding closure. You can consider how to maintain them correctly to prolong their use.

You should not drag your dry bag over sharp objects, do not place the bag on thorny surfaces to avoid cutting and tearing the bag. You should also test the dry bag before putting it into use to ensure the quality of the bag is at its best.

Fresh water should be used to rinse the bag before hanging them up to dry. If you have used them or accidentally dropped them in saltwater, you should wash it by hand, not in the washing machine. Because the dry bag is covered with a water-resistant layer, if you put it in the washing machine while the rotation force is too strong, it will easily damage this coating. Avoid places with extreme heat or cold such as fire, ice or snow. You should also avoid spraying solvents and insect repellents on the bag to protect the fabric. 

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