Best Sling Backpacks for Travel and a Guide in Getting the Right Crossbody Backpack

The sling backpack is designed to be worn crossbody and has convenient pockets, so you can easily get access to your essentials quickly. On the other hand, you can always keep an eye on your belongings. But of all the options out there, what are the criteria to evaluate a high-quality sling backpack? We’ll explore the best sling backpacks below.

Top 10 Best Sling Backpacks - Choosing the right crossbody backpack

These shoulder sling bags come in different sizes and designs, and the list below will sort out the options. 

Cabinzero ADV Dry Backpack - Best Sling Backpack for Men

Cabinzero ADV Dry Backpack - Best Sling Backpack for Men

With its compact and lightweight design, the CabinZero ADV Dry sling backpack will always keep your belongings securely in place in extreme weather conditions. The backpack is also equipped with a removable zip pocket with a zip pocket and a lightweight air-padded shoulder strap for easier ventilation, avoiding perspiration on the go. This waterproof shoulder sling bag is made of nylon material with a waterproof coating that will help minimise water and moisture entering the bag, wetting your items.

This shoulder backpack is designed with an elastic bungee cord to securely fix items, giving you more peace of mind on the go. There is also a top handle for you to change the way you hold the bag when you feel tired or don't want to carry the bag on your shoulder anymore. With a sturdy and well-crafted YKK zipper, it will protect your items, avoid falling as well as create smoothness when zipping. The zipper is quite sturdy and hard to ensure the security of the backpack when you go into crowded places. The ADV Dry Waterproof backpack shape is designed with a dynamic, strong and basic style with deep colours for you to easily coordinate with your outfit and can be used in daily activities.

Mouteenoo Sling Backpack - Best One-strap Backpack for Travel

Mouteenoo Sling Backpack - Best One-strap Backpack for Travel

Mouteenoo's design is quite dynamic, simple and suitable for everyday activities. If you need a sling backpack for travelling with a large volume, this backpack will be a suitable companion for you. Using thick nylon material, you will not have to worry about your bag getting wet with a waterproof coating, reducing the water absorption that makes the items inside wet.

The main drawer is very large and has a shock-absorbing lining, which can hold a 15 inch laptop, so you do not need to be too worried when you cannot bring your familiar laptop while travelling. The right side pocket is horizontally designed, can fit the flexible strap, so you can easily change how you want to wear it. The zipper is made of a material that feels sturdy and thick, ensuring a firm fixation and high security when you go to crowded places.

Waterfly Chest Sling Shoulder Backpack

Waterfly Chest Sling Shoulder Backpack


The Waterfly Shoulder Sling Backpack line is true to its name, in addition to wearing a crossbody, you can also wear it across your chest to change the way you carry the bag. Changing the flexible way of wearing the bag will help reduce the weight of the bag that affects your shoulder or back, minimising fatigue when travelling long distances. 

Using lightweight and durable polyester material, this single strap backpack was able to score with users for its extremely compact weight. You can walk in the winter weather without worrying about the bag getting wet, causing heavy stress on every step. This backpack is also equipped with an SBS zipper lock that gives you a sense of security and safety when carrying your items.

There are many pockets for you to freely bring the world with you. The main compartment is quite spacious, you can fit a tablet and books or notebooks in A4 size. The front is a drawer designed as a miniature card tray, where you can put your bank card, train card. Additionally, there are also two separate pen compartments, key racks, and separate wallets, making it easy to get things quickly. The side of the bag has a small compartment to hold a water bottle, always keeping you in a good level of hydrate on every journey. On the strap, there is a small compartment to hold the phone and can be easily adjusted to the desired width.

Venturesafe X Anti-Theft Sling Pack

With an extremely compact design, the Venture X series of one strap backpacks promises to bring you an ultra-light sling backpack ready to accompany you on any adventure. This backpack has a strap in the middle and a smooth zipper so it's always ready for quick convenience. At the same time, the many pockets on the bag will help you comfortably carry many things and divide them into many compartments to distribute the weight of the items that affect the user when worn.

The main drawer is designed to be quite spacious, you can carry an 11-inch tablet. The drawers all have partitions to fix and divide items to help keep the bag space clutter-free. Next, the backpack has some additional small pockets added so that users can hold phones or water bottles.

This shoulder sling bag is also equipped with a sturdy and durable zipper system to prevent theft and increase security. Crafted with cut-resistant and flexibly lockable materials will give you more peace of mind when going into crowded places. In addition, the backpack is also equipped with an RFID pocket to protect your credit cards and IDs from unwanted card code scans or professional credit card password hacks. The back of the backpack also has a hidden pocket so you can store important items.

Outdoor Master Sling Bag

Outdoor Master Sling Bag

The Outdoor Master sling backpack will be a satisfactory choice for those who are passionate about moving and need to carry many items with them. The design of this backpack is compact and light in weight, so users will not need to worry too much about being blocked in bad weather such as rain or snow. With the crossbody strap, you can easily carry the crossbody bag, convenient for taking things whether you are right- or left-handed. With sustainable materials to protect the environment and be durable when you are active. With this bag, you can carry a 12-inch tablet or laptop.

Next, this sling backpack is also equipped with high-security pockets. The secret pocket will be designed to be hidden deep behind the bag, facing the inside of the user to ensure information safety and avoid theft, or pickpocketing. The side of the bag also has a water bottle compartment, helping you to stay hydrated every step of the way. The backpack is equipped with a ventilation system so you don't have to worry about sweat causing unpleasant odours.

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Litre - Best Anti Theft Sling Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 7 Litre - Best Anti Theft Sling Backpack

Designed with high security as a top priority, zippers can lock flexibly and are made with cut-resistant materials, this sling backpack gives you peace of mind when going into crowded places. There is an extra RFID drawer to keep your credit cards and IDs away from unwanted card scans. This backpack is designed with two main compartments with zippers, both equipped with shockproof padding and suitable for 7-inch tablets. Next to it is a small compartment for keys or wallets. Inside the main compartment, you can keep your money, keys, phone and tablet in the dedicated compartment. The front compartment has two open slots so you can carry your pen and paper when you need it.

The main material used for this backpack is durable nylon, which is water-resistant and very easy to clean. Quite compact so you do not have to worry about too much weight when moving. Compact design, you can carry it when travelling, vacations from 1 week to less and daily activities.

TKS - Best Waterproof Sling Backpack

TKS - Best Waterproof Sling Backpack

For the TKS backpack line, you can change the shape to turn it into a sling backpack. The main drawer is covered with a shock-absorbing pad. Here you will find a hidden belt to convert the shape of this bag into a sling backpack. The durable YKK zipper closure and smooth lock let you quickly open the bag on the go. There are 2 storage compartments with an elastic mesh pocket to keep your belongings separate from shifting or creating clutter in your bag. This compartment uses a suction magnet, so it will be very convenient for you to keep your keys or change when riding the bus. With up to six pockets, you will comfortably divide your belongings without fear of running out of space or the weight will be heavy in one place.

This backpack is also equipped with a dedicated compartment for charging, so you will always be comfortable when you put your power bank in it without worrying about the inconvenience of taking out the charging cord. If you use a wireless charger, you can put the charger in the bottom pocket of your pocket for convenient charging.

Aer City Sling 2

You can also consider the Aer City Sling Backpack line when choosing a crossbody backpack for long-distance travel or daily activities. The backpack is designed with a basic and dynamic appearance, so it is easy to coordinate. There are many pockets so you can comfortably store your items without fear of running out of space or lacking essentials when going out. With a durable YKK zipper with aluminium material, the lock layer is very solid and easy to open and close with the user's hand. The outside of the bag is also woven with a soft design to bring a luxurious look to the backpack. With a hidden compartment on the back, you can use it to hold your passport or phone and wallet so you can feel secure when moving.

The strap can be adjusted flexibly, so you do not need to worry about sticking with a crossbody style. The backpack is designed with a handle on top so that you can hold the bag when you feel tired or you simply want to change the carrying style to suit the current situation. With nylon material, the backpack will be highly waterproof, giving you peace of mind when walking in bad weather such as showers and snow without worrying about water and moisture blocking your footsteps.

With a compact, not too bulky shape, the Aer City Sling backpack is very popular with travel enthusiasts. Able to hold a lot of stuff, small in size and light in weight, well-organised pockets made dividing things much easier. Most users often use it when travelling by plane because they can quickly get their passport or ticket when entering the ticketing area and boarding the plane while still being able to control important personal belongings such as phones, wallets, and passports.

Navigator Sling 1L

Navigator Sling 1L

If you are a lover of compactness, then this line of sling backpacks called Navigator is the right companion for you. Too small to hold so many things? Don't be fooled by its appearance. Although it looks very small, this backpack has many compartments that are very well organised and expandable to triple the capacity. When increasing the capacity of the backpack, you will have an additional compartment to store water bottles and access from the sides of the backpack very nicely.

This sling backpack can also assist you to charge your phone by designing a hole to thread the charging cord through the drawer even on the go. On the outside, there is a small drawer used to store small items such as keys, tissues, and coins. With a sustainable and water-resistant design, the backpack promises to be a durable friend who is always ready to accompany you every step of the way. The luminescent coating will help the bag glow in the dark, convenient when you enter dark or dimly lit places.

Flex N Fly Minimalist Sling Backpack

The Flex N Fly sling backpack series is handcrafted with the most minimalist design, suitable for many uses of users. High-quality leather material creates a classy and trendy look for owners who require high aesthetics. This sling backpack is fairly versatile as it is designed in a unisex form. There are three main drawers, the main compartment, small phone compartment and side compartment.

The main compartment is designed diagonally for easier access. The strap is very flexible and easily transforms for the user to wear in a variety of ways. You can wear it crossbody, shoulder or hip to create a very convenient hip sling. Zipper lock will give you peace of mind about security and easy lock movement. There are many colours for you to choose from to fit your style and outfit. 

Sling Backpack Buying Guide - Attention during Pre-purchase a Crossbody Backpack

When you have considered buying a backpack, you will probably wonder and think a lot. Does the quality, material, price and functions of the bag match your needs? Also, how often do you use this bag? If not, which one should you buy to save more? So, below we have listed out the essential factors before deciding to buy a backpack, an item that will stick with you in the long run.


First, you will need to consider the design and shape of the sling backpack. Please note this point, due to the shape of the sling backpack, some will be designed as a backpack, waist bag or have classic designs such as the satchel, messenger bag or saddle wallet. You'll need to do some research on your preferred bag design so that you can start thinking about getting a sling backpack that fits your style the most.


The material that makes up the sling backpack also plays a significant role when users start considering buying the crossbody bag. Most sling backpacks are made from canvas, nylon, or leather, but the most common one is nylon, or with a combination of canvas fabric to increase the backpack's durability. At the same time, the use of nylon material also helps to prevent your backpack from getting wet.

Adjustable Shoulder Sling Straps

Next, being able to adjust the length of the strap is also one of the top priorities when using a backpack. You can actively adjust the width and tightness of the backpack on your every move. Adjusting the width of the strap will give you more flexibility in case you need to widen the backpack's strap when carrying heavy items or when you need to go through crowded places.

Comfort to Wear 

This is the number one priority when choosing a sling backpack. A sling backpack is always with you all day long, so you will need to choose a backpack that you feel comfortable carrying. A comfortable sling backpack will usually have ventilation cushions that help you avoid the accumulation of sweat on your body from being stuck in the bag. The strap also needs to be sturdy so you can control the grip of the bag next to you. Likely, the bag also needs to be light when you carry a lot of personal items and not put pressure on your shoulders or back.

High Security

Also, if you would like extra protection for the backpack, look for the one with high-quality and lockable zippers. In addition, if this is a sling backpack for travel purposes, it should have a tag containing a tracing code so that users can register information and be able to locate their backpack in case they accidentally forget their bag or are lost.

Pockets and Compartments

Of course, the pocket issue is equally important when you consider a sling backpack. The main drawer is used to store large items, giving users peace of mind about their convenience during your moves. Next, it is good to have  multiple other small pockets so that you can divide items into categories, as well as prevent things from falling out. You can put things in multiple compartments, to disperse gravity in the bag and relieve pressure on your shoulders.

That’s a wrap on our top picks and everything about what to look for in a sling backpack. We hope that you will have a better overview of how to choose a crossbody backpack that you’re happy to bring along on the journey!

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