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When it comes to planning for a trip, we are all very excited. Once you have planned and come up with a list of necessary luggage and personal items, you will begin the review process and find the right cheap airline tickets for your trip.  

Best Website for Flight Booking

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Previewing flight tickets will help you proactively capture information about flights that are suitable for your departure plans, which day tickets are the cheapest, as well as quickly book your seats in advance so that you can take the most comfortable seating positions. That is in case you are completely used to travelling by plane and being a loyal customer with your favourite airline. And when you do not have a favourite airline, or you want to experience alternating options, flight booking websites are the reliable place for you to rely on!

Momondo - Detailed Flight Ticket and Travel Analytics

Momondo - Detailed Flight Ticket and Travel Analytics

Momondo is one of Denmark's flight search websites, built and put into operation in 2006. There have been many major newspapers ranking votes for this website, making Momondo even more affirming to become one of the prestigious flight booking sites for those who are passionate about travel and air travel.


This is a reputable and stable flight booking site, as well as always being updated with the latest information about travel and flights, you can freely visit this website as it offers you:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Each searching subject is clearly divided in order
  • Always find cheap flight tickets
  • Recommend travelable places from your current location
  • Brief news about tourist information
  • The most visited places by people
  • No online ads that obscure what you are reading
  • Explore best deal for tourist in a determined destination
  • Finding domestic and cross-countries train ticket

You can estimate the cost of travel by day and flight because on Momondo there are also useful tools including:

  • The estimated chart of departure date and return day ticket price is extremely diverse.
  • Filter fares by the airline, flight date and departure/landing location.
  • The ticket price displayed depends on the customer's choice.
  • Analysis of fares for flights and destinations.

Momondo also helps you to find accommodation in your home country, a car rental agency, things to do when travelling in the place you want. Because they do not cooperate exclusively with these places, but only a website that aggregates data and provides objective information for tourists to have a broader view of the service.


For loyal customers of airlines or want to accumulate more membership points, Momondo will not be the best choice for you because:

  • You must book through a third-party intermediary.
  • It is difficult to accumulate membership card points for airlines and hotels.

If you need an objective tool to analyze travel insights or aggregate flights by separate criteria, find information about car rental, accommodation, and train tickets, which is the best booking site you are looking for. You can have a very detailed and clear aggregate source of information, as well as a clear understanding of the places you can travel from your starting point.

If you are interested, you can try it out at www.momondo.com.

Skyscanner - A Trustful Website On Your Searching

Skyscanner - A Trustful Website On Your Searching

Skyscanner is also one of Scotland's trusted flight search and cost comparison websites, trusted by millions of users. When it comes to the Skyscanner webpage, you will love the minimalist functionality of this website.


It can be said that Skyscanner is also a handy website when you want to find tourist information quickly because:

  • Extremely minimalist website display
  • Easy to use
  • Easily find flights from many preferred airports and airlines
  • You can choose from 3 different ticket types such as round trip, one way and flexible route
  • A map of COVID-19 infection and isolation regulation, as well as the level of dangerousness pandemic is available in the place where you are going to start
  • Program the cheapest flights to the desired destination on demand
  • Recommend cheap air tickets for international routes

In addition, you can consider using this website platform because the website has integrated API which is very convenient for easy and quick access:

  • Skyscanner will facilitate free cooperation for partners who wish to join their platform.
  • Stay up to date with prices and flight information within 14 days.
  • Information is always transparent.
  • The store previously searched information in the cache so that users can flexibly compare a variety of fares and flight information.

For your information, visit www.skyscanner.net.


Some limitations of the Skyscanner website:

  • Prices and flight information may change completely
  • The price difference is very high, sometimes even higher than that of a genuine airline ticket agent.

If you are a business that wants to cooperate, you will need a lot of strict conditions:

  • It will be necessary to demonstrate the company's financial strength and ability to generate revenue.
  • Unable to cache
  • Not granted access to customer searches
  • Prevented from saving old prices to avoid building prices according to the wishes of the business
  • Make sure businesses need to add the Skyscanner logo to ensure credibility with Skyscanner customers when accessing or searching for services

Agoda - Affordable Accomodations with High Quality

Agoda - Affordable Accomodations with High Quality

A reputable website trusted by many travellers is Agoda Booking. This website was built in 1998 in Thailand and is managed by Booking Inc. - a company with a strong position in booking air tickets, hotels, car rentals and other combined services. But for the most part, users often use Agoda as a reputable website to find information about hotels and car rentals rather than searching for flight information on this website.


On Agoda, you will be able to search for flight and accommodation information depending on your needs. For many customers, always trust Agoda's recommended accommodation services because:

  • The website interface is easy to see and transparent.
  • There are many types of accommodation for you to choose from depending on your needs.
  • It shows real users' reviews.
  • It offers a lot of nice accommodation deals with good prices.
  • It recommends places to stay from your location, up to 200 quality places to stay.
  • A detailed listing of amenities and facilities at the accommodation of your choice
  • Can compare the pros and cons of accommodation easily and quickly
  • The booking process is very simple and fast.
  • There are email reminders and notifications about the services you have booked.
  • Very easy to navigate even on the Agoda website and app
  • Offer many online payment methods and deposit
  • Agoda has discount coupons and virtual loyalty programs for loyal customers.
  • It will take a long time for you to receive the booking confirmation from Agoda because the system is sometimes slow to load.
  • Good deals often appear infrequently.
  • Will need to wake up early to catch good deals and quality rooms.
  • There may be an error showing the wrong number of rooms available
  • Taxes and surcharges are often not included with the original price, so payment will cause the price to be much higher than expected.

Here is the official website for you to approach in real quick: www.agoda.com

Through the advantages and disadvantages of Agoda, you can consider many options for yourself when searching for flight and hotel booking websites according to your preferences. For Agoda, you will need to wake up early, around 5 AM - 7 AM, to get good room deals. Great deals will show up depending on the day of the week and the number of guests booking, so you'll need to arrange your schedule more flexibly to be able to use the quality rooms at the best rates.

Travelocity - Easy-Approach Flight Booking Site

Travelocity - Easy-Approach Flight Booking Site

Travelocity is a reputable flight booking website owned by Expedia. The website has attracted 12.4 million visitors and 91 million website views. If you need a complete and safe trip, let's try the experience with Travelocity!


  • Very good website and app navigation
  • Quickly access the information you need
  • There are not many ads on the website, creating a comfortable experience for customers when surfing information.
  • Users can search for information related to the intended place just by entering the destination.
  • Airport pick up and assistance can be found
  • Search and buy tickets at tourist attractions
  • Offer travel insurances for each trip booking on Travelocity
  • Online customer care service, always on Facebook and Twitter 24/7

The official website for Travelocity is here on your search: www.travelocity.com/

  • Lack of transparency in booked trip cancellation policies 
  • In many cases, customer service cannot be contacted.
  • Customer service doesn't solve some obvious problems.
  • It is very difficult to get a refund of the amount booked for the service, even in the case of the epidemic. 
  • Lack of flexibility in preferential policies and accumulating points for member customers 
  • The price difference is quite big. 
  • More likely to be deducted than the amount required to pay for the service

If you need a flight booking site with low prices and stable quality, this is absolutely a great choice for you. However, there will be a few terms while booking the service that you need to read carefully, as well as the fares on the website will have a difference from the genuine fares. Along with that, travel insurance regulations will be excluded from pre-existing conditions, so you will need to pay attention to this to avoid affecting your rights.

Tripadvisor - A Virtual Advisor for Your Upcoming Trip

Tripadvisor - A Virtual Advisor for Your Upcoming Trip

Tripadvisor is an online company that organizes shopping websites and apps in the US. In addition, the company also turned to the segment of providing intermediary services so that customers can access and book air tickets, car rentals, hotels, yachts, hire travel organizers, and book a restaurant. This is also one of the websites dedicated to booking airline tickets when travelling, trusted by millions of people and gained many views in the travel world.


  • Lots of public reviews contributed by many users
  • Use real pictures
  • There are photos of authenticated users with high credibility.
  • A lot of information to many aspects for a travel
  • Navigate the web and apps very quickly
  • There are too many sources of unverified information.
  • Difficult to control the number of users due to overcrowding
  • Not sure if actual users have reviews
  • Not an advanced booking site

If you want to proceed with your trip within TripAdvisor, you can click here for more information: https://www.tripadvisor.com/.


For those who travel frequently or are new to the tourism industry, flight booking websites are really useful. In addition to providing information on airfares, hotels, car rentals, and the COVID-19 situation at the desired destination, these websites can provide additional information about popular tourist attractions, recommend the transport or theme parks, and seasonal festivals that are favourite by the locals. You can easily search for the information of your favourite place that you want to go to within seconds.

We can actively search for information about the trip, as well as have good deals, so it will help us save money for the trip. In case you're travelling long distances, you'll need to show proof of your hotel reservation and round-trip airfare to ensure you have a fixed accommodation and return date - which will help you get your visa more quickly.

It cannot be denied that these flight booking sites still have certain limitations. Since this is a third-party intermediary, sometimes the price will change dynamically depending on when you search. In some situations, there will also be price differences compared to the original. Taxes and service surcharges are not included in the price, so you will need to read carefully before paying. At the same time, there are complicated booking conditions, so users also need to be careful about this. When paying, there may be system errors that cause you to be charged more than the amount you need to pay and it takes a long time to be refunded. If you want to change a previously booked service, you may have to pay an additional fee depending on the previously booked location, which can be from $6-$10.

In addition, we should not be completely subjective in ensuring the flight booking service website. Even though the facilities are clearly stated and transparent, with clear photos, and highly rated stars, there are still cases of fake advertising and frustrating users. When researching, you should learn carefully about the source and check the reputation of the hotel, apartment building where you will stay to avoid unfortunate circumstances, or worse, get caught in the trap of scammers by advertising fake pictures, and also paying a lot of money for a lousy place to stay.

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