Can I Travel To The US From The UK?

According to data reports, the United States was previously the world leader in the quickest number of COVID-19 infections. However, starting from November 2021, the United States has been easing some travel restrictions for tourists from the United Kingdom and a number of other nations.

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travel to the US from the UK

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Prior to that, British nationals or those who had spent less than 14 days in the UK were not allowed to go to the United States. Ireland, the Schengen area, Iran, Brazil, China, and South Africa have all been subjected to these limitations. However, as of March 2020, the White House has indicated that most restrictions on fully vaccinated overseas travellers would be lifted, enabling them to enter the United States.

The United States has permitted vaccinated UK citizens to enter the country. Even yet, in order to have a safe and enjoyable trip, tourists must undergo a Covid test and adhere to other stringent government rules.

Is It Possible For Me To Visit The United States Without Covid-19 Vaccine?

You will not be able to enter the United States if you are not fully vaccinated. This is applicable to tourists from the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world. However, you can see if you fit any of the conditions on the CDC's list of exceptions to that rule. If you are fully vaccinated, regardless of vaccine, you can rest comfortably that you will be allowed to visit the United States.

Basic US Entry Regulations During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Required Documents for All Travellers


When entering the United States, you must show that your passport is valid for the duration of your stay. If you've never applied for a visa to the United States before, check with the visa centres in your country to see if your passport and other travel papers fulfil their criteria.

You can apply for a UK background check via GOV.UK if you are a UK citizen. You will be asked to apply for Global Entry if you pass the background check.

Proof Of Vaccination Status/Recovery After COVID-19 

Travellers from the United Kingdom who are 18 or older must provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test as well as confirmation of vaccination status. The United States will accept proof of recovery and COVID-19 immunisation records supplied by the United Kingdom, as well as proof of COVID-19 vaccination issued by Crown Dependencies. It's important to note that test results are only acceptable if they're taken within 24 hours. 

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If you choose for a home Covid test, you must be supervised by a testing provider through video chat so that they can verify your identification, monitor you to collect the sample, and then produce reports that fulfil CDC guidelines.

A print version of the COVID-19 immunisation record or a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination provided at the national or municipal level or by an authorised vaccine provider are other acceptable forms of verification. Approved COVID-19 vaccines to enter the US are AstraZeneca, BIBP/Sinopharm, Covishield, Janssen, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinovac vaccines. 

Make sure that all documentation of COVID-19 status has an ID number, complete name, and date of birth that match the information on the passenger's passport or other travel papers.

If you have not been completely vaccinated, you will be refused admission to the United States. Only those with an exemption, such as United States citizens and lawful permanent residents, are allowed to enter the country without full vaccination.

Form of Proof for Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination

  • Personal identity number that matches the personal identification number on the passenger's passport or other travel papers (complete name plus at least one extra identifier, such as date of birth or passport number).
  • The official source who revealed the record's name (for example, a public health agency, government agency, or other authorised vaccine suppliers)
  • Manufacturer of the vaccine and the date of vaccination

  • Flights With Children And Teenagers

    When travelling to the United States, children aged 17 and under will not be required to provide proof of vaccination status. Before entering the nation, children under the age of two do not require to be tested for Covid.

    Children under the age of 17 who have not been completely vaccinated are free from quarantine rules when they arrive in the United States, but they must be checked 3 to 5 days after arriving and should self-isolate if they show any symptoms or tested positive.

    If a child is not completely immunised and is travelling alone or with an unvaccinated adult, confirmation of a negative viral test result from a sample collected within one day of departure must be presented.

    Essential Travel Insurance In The UK

    When going to the United States, it's a good idea to have a certain form of travel insurance policy with enough coverage to function as a financial safety net in the event of complications. In the United States, emergency medical costs alone can easily exceed tens of thousands of dollars. While travel insurance is not required by law, taking such precautions may be immensely beneficial.

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    Typically, the travel insurance policy will provide coverage for the following situation:

    • If you become ill or wounded while on vacation, you will incur medical charges, medical bills, and repatriation fees.
    • If you have to cancel your stay due to an emergency, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
    • If your personal belongings, such as baggage, or money are damaged, lost, or stolen, contact your insurance provider immediately.
    • Disruptions and delays to cover the cost of cancelled flights
    • Personal culpability for claims filed against you for causing harm or death to another person's property.

    You may be able to add various types of coverage to your policy depending on your insurance carrier. This covers coverage for risks associated with extreme sports and activities, as well as coverage in the event of a carrier failure or a planned aeroplane catastrophe.

    FAQs About Travel To The US From The UK

    What Happens If I Have A Positive Test Result?

    If you develop symptoms or your pre-departure test is positive, you should self-isolate and postpone travel until you are cleared. Anyone who does not have a negative COVID-19 test result or evidence of Covid recovery must be denied boarding by airlines. If you have COVID-19 and show symptoms, you should isolate yourself and not travel until you match the CDC's travel guidelines.

    How Long Should I Save The Results Of My Covid-19 Test?

    Passengers should save their COVID-19 test results for at least 14 days after arrival in the United States, in case they are asked to submit them to a US federal official or a participating state or local public health agency.

    How Many Times Should I Get Vaccinated To Visit The United States?

    Adults who have been vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccination will be allowed to go to the United States. You must provide confirmation of being completely vaccinated, which is normally 14 days following your second or last vaccination dosage. In order to travel, you must provide proof of vaccination via the NHS Covid app, NHS mail, or other accepted forms of verification. These may be found on the website of CDC. Evidence of the UK's recent recovery record will likewise be accepted by the US.

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    When I return to the UK from the US, what type of Covid test do I need to take?

    In December, the rules in the United Kingdom changed. Even those who have been vaccinated are now required to take a pre-departure test before returning to the United Kingdom. Pre-order a day 2 PCR test (no longer permitting lateral flows) and isolate until you obtain a negative result. More information about PCR testing and new travel requirements can be found here

    Now that the pandemic in the United States is subsiding, Britons who have received dual immunisations can travel to the United States, and US people can continue to visit the UK as long as they follow all official regulations.

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