Countries You Can Visit Right Now Without Any Covid Tests

COVID-19 is still running rampant in many countries worldwide. Therefore, many countries are keeping their borders tightly shut in an effort to control the ongoing pandemic.

However, there are some countries that have reached a reasonable vaccination rate, enough for their governments to open up their borders. Some even go as far as abandoning some entry requirements, such as the standard COVID tests. 

If you’re planning on going abroad but still wondering exactly where to go, consider the following country. They have largely scrapped the preliminary COVID tests to streamline the travelling process for visitors. 


Bahrain has done away with pre-departure tests for any visitors, regardless of vaccination status. Which means that visitors will only have to take tests upon entering the country. Kids under 6 years old are exempted from this, however. Those you came to the country without any vaccination will be put into quarantine for 7 days on arrival.


Any UK residents coming to Columbia will not have to submit test results or to enter quarantine should they travel to the country by air. Those who have not been fully vaccinated will have to submit pre-departure test results, while those who are completely unvaccinated cannot enter the country.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has opened the door to British residents. Any British, regardless of vaccination status can enter Costa Rica .

If you’re fully vaccinated, you just need to fill in an advanced epidemiological information form (also known as the Health Pass) before you go.


As of February 1, fully vaccinated tourists as well as those who have recovered from COVID-19 can enter Denmark without undergoing the test. Do note that only vaccinations within 9 months are accepted. 


Unvaccinated tourists have to present pre-departure tests, but if you’re fully vaccinated, you’re free to enter, just fill out a health declaration prior to departure.


Until February 12, all EU travellers were exempted from taking the test. But now, France has decided to remove the requirements for the rest of the world. Anyone from anywhere can now enter France without showing any tests if they have been fully vaccinated.


Those who are fully vaccinated, meaning that they have received two doses of vaccines, will not have to take a pre-departure test anymore to enter Lebanon. Do note that your second shot should be at least within 6 months prior to travelling. And they are required to upload their vaccination certificate to the Ministry of Health’s website.


Anyone who has been fully vaccinated can enter Portugal without any testing. Those who haven’t been fully vaccinated will need to present a negative PCR test. If you travelled from or transited any of the following countries in the 14 days prior to entering Portugal, you’d have to enter a 14 days self-quarantine. Those countries include: South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini (former Swaziland), Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe or Mozambique.


Anyone UK residents travelling to Spain aren’t required to neither test nor quarantine. Children under the age of 12 aren’t required to present proof of vaccination. However, unless you’re fully vaccinated, you can’t enter France for tourism purposes.


Turkey doesn’t require any of its visitors to undergo any test or quarantine, as long as they are fully vaccinated. In the case that you are not up to date with your vaccines, you’d then need to provide proof.

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