[Travel News] New Vietnamese Passport Rejected by Germany

The Embassy of Germany in Hanoi, Vietnam is rejecting applications for visas from their latter’s citizens with their new passports.

More specifically, on July 27, the Embassy of Germany in Hanoi announced that they will not be issuing visas for Vietnamese passports with a serial code starting with a P, which has rendered many Vietnamese who hold this passport and are looking to travel to Germany baffled.

It’s been speculated that since some information provided by this new passport is “incompatible” with the requirements from the German government, visas can not be offered. In this case, it is the “place of birth”.

For reference, the Korean passport also excludes information regarding the birthplace of the holder, but it does have an electronic chip in which that information is present. The new Vietnamese passport has neither of those

As such, Vietnamese citizens with this new dark blue passport (instead of the older one that is green) will not receive a type C or D German visa and are advised against trying to enter the country.

The C-type and D-type German visas are short-stay and long-stay visas for visitors of German, respectively. While the former are issued to those visiting Germany for a short period, the latter is issued to those whose plan to stay lasts more than 90 days.

The Immigration Department of Public Security said that they are currently working closely with the Foreign Affairs Ministry to handle this issue.

The new Vietnamese passport with the dark blue cover has been given out since July 1, 2022. It doesn’t feature the information about birthplace or a chip. It is worth noting that the old green passports are still valid until they expire.

On another note, Vietnam was recently blacklisted among the list of countries with humantrafficking by the United States Department of State. It’s speculated that certain regions of Vietnam face stricter scrutinisation due to events like these.

While talking with BBC Vietnam, Lawyer Doctor Nguyen Thanh To commented the matter:

“When Germany denies this passport, the effect will be global, meaning expats abroad holding this new passport will also be affected.”

He elaborated: “I see this problem cascading into a Domino effect, whereby other countries may do the same thing now that Germany has taken the initiative. However, it still depends on how Vietnam shares its database with other countries.”

Many travel firms whose primary market is Europe have since gone on to cancel tours from Vietnam, or conduct abrupt changes to the plan following the news of the German embassy’s refusal to offer visa to the holders of Vietnam’s new passports.

Director of Vietfoot Travel, a tour operator company in Vietnam, Mr. Pham Duy Nghia has said that this event has hit his company very hard:

“Currently, we have cancelled tours to Europe for dozens of tourists holding the new passports, and the damage is very serious.”

Considering this scenario, German authorities have advised against travelling to Germany for those holding this new passport, as they might not be able to enter the country at the border.

Khoa Pham

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