Packing tips for female travellers going to India

Over the years, travellers have been drawn by the allure of India, the land of yogis and ancient wisdom.  The interest continues to grow, so much so that many bloggers, foreign and local alike are coming in droves to explore India beyond its world-famous legacy, the Taj Mahal. These days, even women travellers, who have in the past been afraid to venture into this country due to harrowing tales of harassment and abuse, feel compelled to finally take a visit. Are you a female traveling to India anytime soon? Here's a travel packing list guide for women travelling to India.  

1. Bring clothes that are perfect for hot weather

The climate in India varies from the region you are visiting. There's an arid desert in the western region, alpine tundra and glaciers in the north and humid tropical regions in the southwestern areas. So before packing, research on the weather in the region you are visiting. But if you are like most tourists visiting the known destinations in the country, then prepare for clothes ideal for humid weather, such as a loose cotton shirt or blouse, leggings, a pair of jeans or loose trousers, long skirt, and maxi dress. Make sure to bring clothes with light fabric or airy to help you keep cool and fresh in the country's humid weather.

2. Do not pack short shorts or revealing clothes

Now that we're talking about clothes, it's best to mention what "not to bring." India is a conservative country, and you will not see Indian women wearing low necklines or clothing that reveals too much skin.  The same rule should be respected by visitors.  It's a sign of respect, and it doesn't really pay to attract unnecessary attention to yourself.

3. Bring a sarong or shawl

There have been reports of tourists wearing short pants while visiting a temple, getting deported because of a tattoo deemed offensive to the religion of the country and other travel horror stories that could have easily been prevented.  Many travellers, in their enthusiasm, simply forget to plan according to what's appropriate in the country they are visiting. This can easily be resolved by bringing a sarong or a large shawl to cover up when visiting temples. 

4. Wear comfortable footwear

When in India, chances are you will be doing a lot of walking. So leave your heels at home and carry flat sandals, flip-flops, or tennis shoes instead. Pack something that you can walk in for hours.

5. Pack a Deodorant

The fact is, the options for deodorant is limited in India, so don't forget to bring this in your toiletry kit.

6. Carry a jacket

Just to be on the safe side, bring a jacket. A jacket is a good backup for dealing with a sudden change of weather or if you are travelling somewhere where the temperature is low.  It will also come in handy for covering up when you are visiting places where modest clothing deems more appropriate.  

We hope you find these packing tips useful.  Have a wonderful trip to India!

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