Queen’s lying-in-state: Everything you need to know about the baggage policy

The Queen's funeral is on Monday, September 19, from 6:30 until 18:30 BST. The lying-in-state begins on Wednesday at 17:00 BST. Between those hours, it will be open every day of the year.

As official guidance was issued prior to the Queen’s arrival at Westminster Hall. Those who wish to see the Queen lying-in-state have been warned of large crowds, long queues, delays of transport and banned from taking photographs. 

The public will be allowed to pay their respects 24 hours a day, till 6.30 am on Monday, September 19, which is the funeral day and a holiday.

A large number of people are anticipated, and there are warnings that those who want to participate in this historic event may have to wait for hours or possibly overnight. As the queue will keep moving, there will be little opportunity for sitting down. "Please consider this before you decide to attend or bring children with you," according to the official guidance.

There will be strict limitations on what people may carry with them and through airport security. People who wish to attend must adhere to the extensive official guidance.

People are asked to respect the dignity of the occasion by, among other things, keeping quiet inside the Palace of Westminster and dressed correctly. Clothes with "political or offensive slogans" are not permitted.

People will be advised to keep noise to a minimum and to turn off or put their mobile phones on silent mode.

The security search area and the Palace of Westminster are off-limits to filming, photography, and the use of cell phones or other devices.

Wristbands will be handed out at the end of the queue, and only those with wristbands can stay in the queue, therefore, it’s impossible to queue on behalf of other people. 

Drunken behaviour or antisocial behaviours such as queue-jumping, will be strictly untolerated and put people at risk of being removed from the queue.
The queue may be closed earlier to make sure as many people as possible can enter the event.

What can you take with you attending the Queen’s lying-in-state?

Bag policy

A strict bag policy will be taken in place with no more than one small bag per person. The bag must not exceed the dimension of 40 x 30 x 20 cm, with simple openings. Check out CabinZero backpack options that are perfect for this size―and we do offer Next Day Delivery for orders within the UK. If you're looking for the right bag to attend this occasion, we're here to deliver. 

If you take a larger bag than this dimension, you’ll have to leave it at a bag drop facility, with limited space and no storage guarantee. 

Queen’s lying-in-state baggage policy

Food and drink

It’s advisable to bring your own food and drink, as there will not be many places where you can get food or drink along the queue. However, any type of food must be consumed before entering the palace. 

What items are prohibited on the Queen’s lying-in-state?

  • Flasks or water bottles
  • Flowers and other tribute items, including candles, soft toys and photographs. Flowers should be taken to the area in Green Park.
  • Sharp items, paint sprays, padlocks, chains, and any other hazardous items
  • Tents, gazebos, barbecues or fires
  • Banners, placards, flags, advertising or marketing messages
  • Camping equipment or climbing gear

Visitors are advised that any prohibited items found will be taken and not returned. A part of the line may be subject to security checks by police.

How will the weather be during the Queen’s lying-in-state?

It’s reported from the Met Office that it should be dry in London from Wednesday to Monday, with less than 10% chance of rain.

Information regarding the lying-in-state line's route will be provided on Tuesday night.

The coffin will be transported from Buckingham Palace to Westminster during a formal procession on Wednesday afternoon before the lying-in-state.

The procession can be observed live by spectators at a screening location in Hyde Park or at the official viewing points along the route.

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