[Travel News] Spain Requires Britons To Have £85 For Every Day Of Their Holiday

Britons travelling to Spain might be required to prove that they carry enough cash, which is  €100 or £85 per day, during their trip due to Brexit, according to the new entry rules.

This recent change was one among many new requirements to be implemented now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union, including one in which Britons must now present various documents upon arrival in EU countries.

Customs officers in Spain have the right to demand proof from travellers that they bring €100 per day for their trip, at least €900 (£766.94) money at hand, possess a return or onward ticket, and hotel booking proof.

As per the rules, a traveller's budget could be in the forms of cash, cheques, payment letters, or various forms of cards. In the event where travellers fail to present sufficient financial proof, customs officers can deny them from entering the country.

This rule also for those apply for those who are applying for a Schengen visa to enter Spain.

The UK Foreign Office expounds on the new rules: “At Spanish border control, you may need to show a return or onward ticket; show you have enough money for your stay; show proof of accommodation for your stay, for example, a hotel booking confirmation, proof of address if visiting your own property (e.g. second home), or an invitation from your host or proof of their address if staying with a third party, friends or family.”

In the meantime, the Spanish Ministry del Interior stated: “Foreigners from third countries must prove if required to do so by the officials in charge of controlling the entry of people into Spanish territory, that they have economic resources for entering the country, through cash, traveller’s cheques, payment letters, or credit cards, which must also be proven to have sufficient funds available on them.”

Please refer to the official website for the full rules.

Now that Brexit has stripped the UK from its former EU status, the land of the Queen is therefore categorised as a third country to Spain, hence the policy update.

This recent change has been met with negativity from British citizens and has become a hot topic of debate on social media.

Many Britons take their frustration out on Twitter regarding the new requirements. One person hilariously quipped: “If I could afford to spend £85 a day, I’d be going somewhere better than Spain.”

However, although every Britons coming to Spain is technically required to meet the new requirements so as to enter the country, border guards don’t scrutinise every one, which catches many people off guard.

Spain is not the only country to implement this rule against the UK now that the UK is no longer part of the EU.

Belgium, for instance, demands €95 per day if travellers have hotels booked, or at least €45 if they have chosen more affordable accommodation.

France, on the other hand, demandes €65 per day with proof of hotel bookings. That number shoots up to €120 if they fail to present the required documents.

Khoa Pham

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