9 Things To Pack When Traveling With A Pet

No matter what kind of trip you’re going on, one of the hardest things to do is bid your pet a temporary farewell. Sure, you have other family members and the vet to leave your pet to. But, if you’re so close to each other, that separation can bring in a lot of anxiety. Many other families can bring their pets with them. So, if that option is feasible, why not try it out?  

Taking your pets with you can be a production number. - it’s like traveling with infants and children where you have to be more prepared with the essentials when you pack. But, this task is certainly not impossible to do. When the budget permits, you can begin planning your accommodation and tours and choose those where pets are allowed, starting with these dog friendly Lake District cottages.  

When you bring your dogs on a trip, you must pack their essentials. What are those must-have items? Below is a list.

bring your dogs on a trip

Pack A Secure Collar With An ID Tag  

Depending on your destination, some countries may require visiting pets to have an ID tag. Should your pet run off and get lost, it’ll be easier to identify them with an ID tag.

Fasten that ID tag with a secure collar. That way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your pet behind when you can no longer find them. Moreover, that collar is also necessary for you to be able to attach a durable leash to it.  

Bring A Sturdy Leash  

A partner to the secure collar is a sturdy leash. Traveling isn’t the best time for your pet (usually dogs or cats) to run around freely. That said, you need a sturdy leash to have more control over where they go.  

For example, you’re traveling with an infant, too. With a sturdy leash, you can fasten it to your child’s stroller during those long walks. This way, your pet will be easier to manage when you have total control over where they run off with a leash.

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Necessary Vaccination Documentation  

This third must-have is non-negotiable. Several countries require pets to have certain vaccinations for health and safety reasons. The rules can vary from country to country, so it’s best to check beforehand. Without that documentation, they may not allow your pets to travel with you. If you will be riding a plane, it's one of the pre-flight checklist requirements you have to bring.  

Poop Bags  

You need to have a lot of poop bags. Never be an irresponsible tourist. If you decide to bring your pet with you, you have to be ready to clean up their mess. In fact, in some countries, not cleaning after your pet poops is more than just a politeness issue. You may be charged a fine when you become irresponsible with the mess your pet leaves behind.

Poop bags don’t have to be anything fancy, while there are plastic bags certainly made for that purpose. You can have any regular plastic bag - which you may have kept and collected at home. The whole point is that you need to bring enough plastic bags to pick up and clean after your pet’s poop.

Old, Familiar Blanket And Toy  

Like children, pets can be creatures of habits, too. It can make them anxious when you pull them out of a place they call home. Traveling may be fun for you, but it’s not always the case for pets. They can feel anxious and scared, too, when they spend long hours alone in their crate on the boat or on air travel.  

For this reason, you have to help them be comfortable if you want your journey to be smooth. Bring some old toys and blankets to give them that sense of familiarity and comfort. Those old blankets and toys are even more necessary if you happen to be going on a long-distance trip.  

travelling with pets

Food & Treats  

If you’re traveling by plane, you may have to check the liquid food restrictions that are in place. Otherwise, you’ll have to pack dry food and treats instead.  

While you can buy pet food at the destination you’re off to, it pays to have your dog food ready. For example, you never know if your pet won’t like the available food. Or, because your pet's still adjusting to it, they may have an upset stomach.  

You can avoid any nasties that come with adjusting during travels by bringing your pet food. The best way to do this is to pack their food in small plastic bags, ready for each feed. It ensures you don’t bring any more than what is necessary. Likewise, you have those small packets to pull out every time they need to eat.

Food And Water Dishes  

Like the sixth item above, don’t forget your pet’s food and water dishes. You can save yourself the trouble of buying temporary food and water dishes if you bring your pet’s own.   

It's not just the money savings you’ll enjoy, but comfort also. You may be able to ensure to a higher extent that your pet won’t have a hard time adjusting to eating when you feed them with the same food and water dish.  

All Medication And Supplements  

This eighth item is necessary for pets who are also currently taking medication. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to pause their medicine intake, especially when it’s essential to keep them in good health.

Bring enough to cover the days you’re traveling. Then, always bring the prescription. Should you get questioned about the medicines you bring, you have it to prove and show that such is needed by your pet even while on travel.

Printed Pictures Of Your Pets

It's never wrong to prepare for the worst. In case your pet gets lost, time is of the essence. You'll speed up the search process if you don’t have to look for a printing shop to have printed photos of your dog.  

Yes, you have a hundred photos of your pet on your phone. But, having a few printed copies on-hand and ready helps, especially if you’re off to a place where you aren’t even sure if you could find a printing shop. So, ensure to bring some when the worst-case scenario happens.

Final Thoughts

In closing, do note that the list above isn’t yet all-encompassing. Remember to bring any personal needs your pet may have that are not on this list. Once you start packing, you’ll find so many more you can take when traveling with your pet. Yes, you’ll have to bring more than if you’d left your pet instead. But, can you enjoy yourself without them? The essentials above can help ensure your pet’s needs during your vacation.

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