[Travel News] Masks Indoor Recommended In Spain And France

As the number of COVID-19 contraction cases has been seeing a worrying upsurge in both Spain and France, governments are recommending their citizens to start taking up masks once more when entering various public venues.

The authorities of both countries have encouraged their citizens to start wearing face masks again due to the belief that bringing back travel restrictions would deter int’l travellers yet measures need to be taken to combat the rising infection cases,

Since Spain has been experiencing an increase in Coronavirus incidence and hospitalizations, its Health Minister Carolina Darias recently recommended that everyone start wearing a face mask in indoor public spaces.

According to the Minister, the number of cases and hospitalisations in recent weeks had reached the highest level since stringent restrictions were still employed back in February.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) issued data regarding new infection cases in Spain. In specific, during the past 7 days, Spain has recorded upwards of 136,000 new infection cases. With such numbers in mind, the Minister stated that cautiousness as well as mask-wearing antics should be practised.

Despite a high vaccination coverage, there have been more incidences of coronavirus contractions in Spain. As of June 30, Spain had given out more than 102 million doses of vaccine, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The same data reveals that 86.9% of the adult population as a whole has finished their main vaccinations, and another 64.8% has had their first booster dose.

Similar to Spain, France is suggesting its residents to wear face masks indoors due to recent rising coronavirus cases. According to the French authorities, up to a thousand cases of COVID-19 are admitted daily.

Olivia Gregoire, the spokesperson of the French government, stated that there is no current no plan to reimpose health measures on a national level to restrict indoor meetings or similar activities.

Upon further elaboration, she said that French citizens have been “sick of restrictions”. Simultaneously, she remarked that the government is confident in the people’s responsibility in the face of rising infection cases.

Despite the fact that France has been facing backlash over the vaccine and mask mandate in the form of protest, the Prime Minister still recommends people to maintain mask use in all public venues.

Additionally, new measures, including indoor mask requirements in some cities, are being considered. It should be noted that, even if new rules were to be implemented (or old rules being reimposed), they will be far from strict so as not to hamper economic activities.

WHO reported more than 630,000 cases of coronavirus in the last week in France. During the same period, there were 242 deaths.

Considering vaccination rates, the ECDC reported that France has administered almost 150 millions doses of vaccine by the end of June. Moreover, 91.9% of the population has received the two primary jabs, while 73.9% has received the booster shot.

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