[Travel News] One Bag Recommended for Travellers Amidst Airport Debacle

Travellers are recommended against carrying more than one piece of luggage on their trip as several airports throughout Britain are met with unprecedented delays due to various reasons.

The United Kingdom is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee this weekend. Capitalising on the bank holiday that comes with the celebration, millions of Brits sought to travel abroad for the first time after a long travel hiatus due to the rampaging pandemic.

Unfortunately, families were met with extreme chaos, disarray, endless queues, day-long delays, and cancellations. These could be attributed to airlines’ overburden and inability to handle unexpected upsurge in passengers, most of whom wanted to take advantage of the half-term break as well as the four-day Jubilee weekend.

Bristol Airport was hit with extended delay due to baggage-related issues. It faced heavy criticism when travellers had to wait for hours on end to reclaim their baggage post-flight.

In the face of the situation, the airport issued an apology: “We apologise to customers impacted by above average baggage delays experienced overnight.” They also attributed the excessive delay to unexpected numbers of customers arriving up to 5 hours early at the airport.

Meanwhile, Cardiff Airport witnessed a plane full of customers on the runway that had to be cancelled. More specifically, TUI Airlines cancelled the entire package trip to Tenerife from Cardiff Airport while passengers had already boarded the aircraft.

Reportedly, the plane was scheduled to disembark at 1:25 pm. However, the flight was delayed for an hour. Once they got on the aircraft, the flight was delayed for yet another hour due to engine malfunction. As it was being repaired, passengers received emails from the German airline informing the cancellation of the entire trip, which left passengers infuriated.

Many called out the unprofessionalism of TUI and their handling of the situation, claiming to be “absolutely devastated”.

A TUI UK spokesperson said: “We’d like to apologise to customers travelling on flight TOM6286 from Cardiff to Tenerife today which was unfortunately cancelled due to operational issues.” He stated that full refund will be offered within 14 days, and that the airline would be working tirelessly to offer food, accommodation, as well as transportation for those in need.

Birmingham Airport, on the other hand, experiences a litany of issues not dissimilar with those above. Endless lines of passengers waiting to get on the plane, while other lines waiting to get their baggage back after the flight. Unfortunately, many waited for nothing.

Reported, there have been families with children waiting for upto half a day only to be informed of the cancellation of their flight. Meanwhile, other families waited for hours to reclaim their luggage but were told to get home and receive their bags later. Noticeably, strollers, essential aids for the elderly and infants, were not delivered to families on time as well.

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Passengers are recommended to bring no more than one piece of luggage per person if they must go to the airport.

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport of The United Kingdom, said that there’s “no excuse” for this mayhem happening at many airports. He’s currently prompting airlines to “do their bit”, “run services properly”, and execute “automatic refunds”, stating: “We do not want to see a repeat of this over the summer.”

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