Where to Stay in Amsterdam - A Guide to Best Places to Stay in Amsterdam

There are thousands, if not millions, of visitors coming to the capital of the Netherlands regularly. You wouldn’t want to end up having nowhere to stay during your holiday.

It is essential to know where to stay in Amsterdam before landing your feet on the romantic and historical attractions in the city. As you may already have acknowledged, The Red Light District and the Central Station are the two famous visitor areas.

However, since they are always filled with hordes of people, we wouldn’t recommend you stay in these areas. So what are the other choices? Let’s find out!

Jordaan District

Located in the heart of the city, Jordaan District is one of the best areas to stay in Amsterdam during the holiday. 

It is close to many famous tourist destinations; therefore, it is the perfect answer to where to stay in Amsterdam for the first time.

What makes it even better is that the area isn’t as occupied as the city centre, so you can enjoy your time here to the fullest.

Despite their relatively high prices, the following hotels have been carefully considered. It is nearly impossible to park in the centre area. We’ve found some accommodations that include parking slots in their offerings. Keep reading to see the best deals on hotels in Jordaan District.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

The exquisite view of Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal from a room of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Photo on hyatt.com 

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht was once a Public Library. Now it has transformed into one of the best places to stay in Amsterdam for visitors.

The hotel is a symbol of luxury and also a dream for any travellers who are into design and decoration. Staying in this hotel is an unforgettable experience if your budget is generous.

The establishment has a total of 122 rooms, five signature suites overlooking Amsterdam's canals, the hotel’s garden and the interior lobby.

Each room is individually designed and furnished, making it extremely enjoyable to spend a night here. Even for repeated stays, the distinguished rooms' furniture will satisfy you. 

Another exciting feature of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is its on-site restaurant - Bluespoon. Using the ingredients picked from the hotel’s herb and veggie garden, the quality of the dishes is definitely worth its 5-star reputation.

The guests can also chill out at the open bar, drinking cocktails while enjoying the beautiful view of the canals. 

One plus of the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht hotel is that it allows guests to bring their pets in.

This might not be a big deal at first glance. But if you are travelling with these companions, you don’t have to waste time looking for fancy accommodation where pets are welcome. It is a win-win situation.

The Highland House 

The exquisite view of Amsterdam’s Prinsengracht canal from a room of Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht. Photo on hyatt.com

The Highland House is a boutique hotel with an intimate and modern atmosphere. The accommodation has 12 rooms, divided into three room types: double, triple, and family.

Judging from the outside, the hotel doesn’t look so spacious. However, it does offer a wide range of facilities and services that will be worth every penny you spend.

There are basic facilities such as free wi-fi or flat-screen TV with Netflix. The Highland House has interesting amenities, e.g. coffee maker and bar fridge.

Another reason why you should stay in this hotel is its position. Sit right in the heart of Amsterdam; it only takes you less than a mile to go to popular tourist attractions.

Some nearby destinations are Dam Square, the Royal Palace, and the Anne Frank House. 

If you intend to travel to Amsterdam by car, you can take advantage of the Stay and Park offer at The Highland House. The offer includes a parking slot for one vehicle just 300 m from the hotel, with a low price of 30 euros per day. 

Last but not least, the atmosphere surrounding the hotel is splendid. As the hotel is situated on a narrow street, it isn’t usually occupied by the crowds like other hotels on major streets.

Hence, you can relax and enjoy your private time here in silence after a long, fun day exploring. The Highland might not be Amsterdam's best hotel, but it is one of the most affordable accommodation options for first-timers. 

Nine Little Streets

Nine Little Streets is Jordaan’s neighbourhood, which is only a few steps away. Even though the area only has nine narrow streets, it is a great place to stay for visitors coming to Amsterdam. 

The Nine Little Streets has quite similar characteristics to its neighbour: charming, close to the popular tourist attractions, yet peaceful. You can find a bunch of exquisite hotels and coffee shops.

The accommodations in the area might be costly. But that’s to be expected if you want to stay in the central locations of Amsterdam.

With that in mind, we also make sure the hotels we pick will maximise your experience during your stay with their splendid features. So let’s check them out!

The Dylan Amsterdam

The refreshing atmosphere of The Dylan Amsterdam can be addicting. Photo on dylanamsterdam.com

Lying alongside the prestigious Prinsengracht canal, the Dylan Amsterdam is a prestigious hotel answering your question about where to stay in Amsterdam's city centre

The hotel contains many rooms and suites, which are all distinctively furnished. The single room would be more than enough for a two-person trip.

However, to wake up to the spectacular view of the garden or the canals, you should consider upgrading to higher room types or suites. 

This luxurious hotel indeed does a fantastic job at their game. They provide their guests with high-quality facilities, amazing views, and an exclusive choice of room styles. The Dylan Amsterdam has four main themes: Loxura, Serendipity, Loft and Amber.

Each theme follows an impressively distinguished style. For instance, Loxura is about the colour of the namesake butterfly. Serendipity reflects the impeccable balance of traditional and contemporary styles.

The warm colour of the precious gemstone inspires Amber rooms. And if you are interested in authentic Amsterdam housing style, we highly recommend Loft rooms.

Let’s not forget the restaurants here. The Michelin-starred Vinkeles, with stunning decoration and refined cuisine, will be an excellent place for private dining.

Or you can also pay a visit to the Bar Brasserie OCCO, which is open all day. What a way to experience a more laid-back yet sumptuous atmosphere with craft tea, the famous High Wine and delicious dishes! 

Nine Streets Inn

The cosy room style in the Nine Streets Inn will make you feel at home. Photo on ninestreetsinn.com

Located in the heart of Canal Belt - the UNESCO World Heritage, Nine Street Inn brings you a friendly hotel with Amsterdam housing style: simple and modern with the vast use of white colour. If you’re questioning where to stay in Amsterdam on a budget, this is an excellent choice!

Its location - inside the Canal Ring of Amsterdam - allows you to access plenty of tourist destinations on foot. 

If you want to explore some of the most outstanding museums. You shouldn’t miss out on Nine Streets Inn. The Van Gogh Museum or the Rijksmuseum are just a mile away.

Other attractions like the famed Anne Frank House or Dam Square are also within walking distance. If you want to travel a little further, the Amsterdam Central Station is within a mile and a half.

This place will be a great place to stay for a group of four. The apartment contains two bedrooms with a private bathroom, making it comfortable and convenient for you during your stay.

There is also an optional breakfast if you don’t want to waste time thinking of what to eat before exploring the city.

An exciting feature of Nine Streets Inn is the bedrooms' positions. The one at the backside of the building is quieter, while the one in front offers a more lively view as it overlooks the streets. So, whether you enjoy the silence or the vibrancy, this apartment would be great!

De Pijp

De Pijp has some of the coolest hotels in Amsterdam compared to other parts of the city. Even though the district isn’t near the city centre, it only takes you less than 20 minutes on foot or by public transport to reach downtown. 

One plus of staying in this residential area is that you are a few corners from the Albert Cuyp Market and the Heineken Experience. Furthermore,  De Pijp is a part of the famed Old South (Oud Zuid).

Thus, it is only a few steps to discover the romantic, historic yet vibrant and hip aspect of the capital of the Netherlands. Let’s find some of the coolest places to stay in De Pijp, shall we? 

Pestana Amsterdam Riverside 

The glorious Pestana Amsterdam Riverside, when the night falls. Photo on pestanacollection.com

Lying on the bank of the Amstel River, Pestana Amsterdam Riverside can easily be enlisted as one of the nicest hotels in Amsterdam.

This 5-star hotel is a complex of the monumental Town Hall, the Archive Building and two modern annexes.

Staying at Pestana Amsterdam Riverside, therefore, will be a joyful experience. This is especially true for guests who are into the Neo-Renaissance and minimalist style of architecture. 

There are 154 rooms, suites and studios available. Given the abundance of choices, it is super convenient no matter what size your group of people is.

Depending on your taste, you can stay in the Town Hall, the Archive Building or the annexes. You don’t need to worry about the facilities' quality as all rooms are fully equipped. 

One of the best things you should do during your stay here is the canal cruise. At night, when all the lights on the river banks are on, sitting on a boat while enjoying the romantic view from the sides would be a relaxing experience.

Another thing to explore around Pestana Amsterdam Riverside is its restaurant ARCHIVE by Pestana. It is an open-space restaurant situated inside the hotel’s patio garden. The restaurant’s refreshing atmosphere and delicious cuisine make it a fantastic choice for breakfast or coffee breaks.

One last thing about the hotel is that various restaurants and bars surround it. If you don’t enjoy the ARCHIVE by Pestana as much, you can also take a walk around the area and see if you can find yourself a great place to dine out. 

Amstel Houseboats

The warm decoration of a bedroom in the Little Amstel Studio A, overlooking the clear water of Amstel River. Photo on amstelhouseboats.com

Amstel Houseboats consist of two houseboats close to each other, lying on the Amstel River. If you want to look for the coolest hotel in Amsterdam, this is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Rather than a hotel, the houseboats are hostels as the rooms are modest in size. However, the houseboats still offer their guests a wonderful time thanks to the clever furniture arrangement. 

One of the houseboats is the Little Amstel. This houseboat offers two small studios - A and B, with private entrances.

Both rooms facilitate a stunning and peaceful view straight to the Amstel River. The other houseboat is called Next to Amstel.

This houseboat has similar features to the Little Amstel. The only difference is that it only has one studio, so check its availability beforehand. Even though both houseboats are small, their comfort isn’t limited. 

Little Amstel and Next to Amstel are equipped with an en-suite bathroom. A heater, a sink and a toilet are included.

Furthermore, the houseboats are secure with digital locks. So, it is super easy, fun and convenient for forgetful people to access the accommodation. All you need is your phone with Bluetooth turned on.

The houseboats’ position is also ideal. It only takes a few minutes to walk to the Albert Cuyn Market, so you can go to the market shops and purchase things whenever you feel like it.


Lying on the north end of Amsterdam, Westerpark won’t appear as one of the must-go areas for travellers.

However, due to the over-tourism in Amsterdam in recent years, this quiet area is an ideal option for people who want to escape the city centre's bustling. 

Fewer people coming to the area means that the hotels here are cheaper than in other parts of the city. Therefore, Westerpark is one of the cheapest places to stay in Amsterdam.

Plus, Westerpark offers its visitors a wide range of accommodations, from boutique hotels to cosy apartments. And do not worry about the distance from Westerpark to the central area, as the public transportation in Amsterdam is excellent! 

Hotel BOAT & CO

The stunning hotel BOAT & CO looking from afar. Photo on boatandco.nl

Hotel BOAT & CO is recommended as the potentially nicest hotel in Amsterdam. Lying on the water to the northwest of Amsterdam Central, this is one of the best choices if you want to spend a long trip in the capital city of the Netherlands.

The hotels include multiple apartment sizes - studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and family suites.

Aside from the essential furniture, all apartments are equipped with a kitchen, so it is handy for you if you want to make delicious dishes.

Another extra plus to the hotel is that the apartment is spacious and stylish. Each apartment is uniquely furnished, so you won’t feel bored visiting here again and again. 

What’s more, the hotel also offers barber service. You can leave your hair and beard to the skilled professionals and walk out looking fabulous!

This is a service, but more than that, it’s a unique hotel feature. Make sure to try it out if you stay in Hotel BOAT & CO. 

Still having concerns about the distance from the hotel to the city centre? We got you! Here at Hotel BOAT & CO, there is an underground parking area for you.

If you don’t want to spend an extra 15-20 minutes on public transport, simply hire a car and park at the hotel to save time travelling back and forth! 

Conscious Hotel Westerpark 

The stunning restaurant Bar Kantoor - a popular feature of the Conscious Hotel Westerpark. Photo on conscioushotels.com

Conscious Hotels include a series of eco-hotels around the city of Amsterdam. The one in Westerpark should be one of the coolest hotels in Amsterdam.

The location of the hotel, firstly, is unique. It lies right in the central park of Westerpark, meaning that its surroundings are mainly natural. Therefore, visitors can rest while breathing in the fresh air. 

As the hotel is a monumental building, your experience here will be a stay-in and a discovery of history and culture. The Conscious Hotel Westerpark has 89 rooms, overlooking the park on one side and the cultural area Westergas on the other.

Hence, in the morning, you can take a walk in the park and enjoy beautiful nature. Feel free to join in the vibrant activities at the markets nearby at night. Please do notice that the rooms available are double rooms, so if you are a large party, it is advisable to double-check with the staff before booking.

As an eco-friendly hotel, The Conscious Hotel Westerpark, like other Conscious Hotels, uses electricity generated from Dutch windmills. You can check in via their app or website, and be aware that the hotel only allows cashless payment. 

The last thing we want to introduce about this hotel is its on-site restaurant Bar Kantoor.

The restaurant is open 24 hours per day, so you won’t have to think much about where to eat, even late at night.

The restaurant follows an elegant and classic theme with wood and white colour. The dishes are stunning in appearance and also delicious.

All in all, Cabinzero has walked you through several hotels to stay in Amsterdam. If you have a chance to travel to this beautiful city, we hope that the recommended hotels in our article will be helpful as a guide for your journey.


Can I Use Airbnb In Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam is trying to combat the city's over-tourism; therefore, the authorities outlawed many Airbnb listings. 

Hence, the answer to the question of where to stay in Amsterdam. If you are going on a trip to the UK, look at our article on the best hotels to stay in the UK to ensure your experience is maximised.

Where Should A First-Time Tourist Stay In Amsterdam?

For visitors who first come to Amsterdam, we recommend you stay in Jordaan District or Nine Little Streets. They are the best areas to stay in Amsterdam for various reasons.

As we mentioned above, these are close to Amsterdam's central areas, so it is convenient for you to travel around.

The Jordaan is far away from touristy areas and close to beautiful canals. Nine Little Streets, on the other hand, Nine Little Streets is heaven for trendy shoppers.

Do You Need To Stay In The Centre Of Amsterdam?

You don’t necessarily stay in the centre of Amsterdam; however, Amsterdam's central areas do provide places suitable for people who are wondering where to stay in Amsterdam for the first time. 

If you’re already familiar with the city, feel free to try staying in places a bit further from the city, such as Westerpark or De Pijp. 

Are 4 Days In Amsterdam Too Much?

Four days is enough to discover the most popular tourist destinations. Believe it or not,  If you want to explore beyond what is written in guidebooks or travel blogs, you can spend a few days more.

Find a good long vacation when you can find the nicest place to stay in Amsterdam and explore the untold of the city yourself.

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