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About CabinZero

After extensive traveling throughout India, with a less than satisfactory travel bag, we decided that we needed a cabin sized bag which should be lightweight, durable and cool enough to use in everyday life. 

We didn’t want to check our bags or have the hassle of waiting at the luggage carousel and hoping our bag would appear. In fact we wanted zero hassles when we got to our destination. 

That's how CabinZero started in 2010.  Fast forward to today and we have multiple colours, multiple collections, new bags in development and a growing fan base. 

As we travel and work we've realised we, as a community, are becoming digital nomads.  Working 9-5 in the office is becoming a thing of the past and we want to bring you a bag that you can use in this new working environment.

Read Leo's full story here of how a love for travel and massaman curry ended with him starting his own company to help others realise their potential.