CabinZero started to revolutionise the carry-on market by delivering a great alternative to the standard trolley case. Now we are proud to present our “Back-to-school” collection.

Made with the same rebellious vibe as our current travel collection, Varsity and GapYear are based on our successful Classic 28L frame.

We made some tweaks and changes to it to create a backpack that brings you through the day at school with zero hassles and lets you live your life by your own rules.

Our School Bags

Varsity 26L

A single compartment school bag

Regular price £45.00
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Gap Year 28L

A dual compartment school bag

Regular price £55.00
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Ultra Lightweight Bags

There's nothing worse than traveling with a heavy suitcase. CabinZero won't weight you down on your travels.

Quality Design

CabinZero sources the main materials for our bags ourselves. This allows us to customise them exactly to our own specification.

10 Year Warranty

Every bag comes with a 10 year warranty.
If that's not enough, sign up for our free Extended Warranty and we'll upgrade your warranty to 25 years.

Water Resistant

All CabinZero backpacks use highly water resistant materials which should keep your belongings dry during a surprise rain shower.


Inspired by the exciting sporting events between competing universities in the United Kingdom, we introduce a simple yet functional backpack, perfect for commuting and the daily use of a student with zero hassles.

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Going on a gap year is every student’s dream. We try to help them achieve their academic goals by providing a backpack which enables them to bring anything they need for their studies, while they are planning their gap year travels. Gap Year should allow them to study with zero hassles and enjoy their time at school to the fullest.


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Student, Apprentice & 16-26 Discount

Simply register to verify your Student, Apprentice or age status and get your discount today!

Student DiscountApprentice & 16-26 Discount

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