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Becoming a CabinZero Brand Ambassador or Affiliate

We are looking for brand ambassadors who embody the CabinZero brand.

At CabinZero we are trying to promote the lifestyle of working outside of an office environment. If you can work from a remote location, for example as a travel blogger, or you are able to work online and do your job anywhere in the world, and if you consider yourself a digital nomad then you are probably perfect for the role.

You will have to provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility for CabinZero. As a social media brand ambassador we would require you to promote us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any new upcoming social media platforms. Having a large network of friends or followers would be a big advantage.

Promoting the website, reviewing our latest products and becoming an affiliate seller of our goods are some of the aspects of the role that we would like to see you responsible for.

If you are interested then please contact us at support@cabinzero.com


If you wish to join our Affiliate Scheme, and earn cash on every sale you bring to CABINZERO, just follow the link below. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and then you can start earning commission right away.

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We look forward to hearing from you and hope you'll be able to join the CabinZero family.