Can You Bring Snacks On A Plane: Helpful Guide For Your Flight

Getting on a flight for your next trip, especially a long-haul one, will leave you bored and exhausted. The food served on flights might not be to everyone's taste. Plus, people might be allergic to and need to avoid certain foods.

So packing some snacks is essential to recharge your internal batteries. But can you bring snacks on a plane? The following article will provide you with information about the types of food and drink you can bring and use on the plane. By following our guide, you can enjoy your flight and keep your belly full and happy.

Can You Bring Snacks On A Plane?

TSA Regulations for Snacks

Can you munch on your favourite snacks while in the air?

The answer is: Yes! According to the official website of the TSA, you can bring solid foods (nuts, fries, chips, etc.) in both checked luggage and carry-on luggage.

However, liquid food such as beverages, yoghurt, etc. or snacks that are made up of water as their main ingredient is a bit tricker.

When your luggage goes through airport security, TSA inspectors may require you to separate items from your bags if they block the X-ray. It will be a nightmare if you have to take them out little by little and end up with a mess.

Thus, you should ensure that your carry-on has already been well-organised at home. Use clear bags or divide your snacks into small quantities to speed up the screening process.

TSA Regulations for Snacks

When it comes to liquid items, you should know that they have to meet strict requirements when going through the checkpoint. The most noticeable one is the 3-1-1 rules: Your liquids or gels are limited to “3.4 ounces (100ml), and each passenger can only carry one quart-size bag”.

Tips On How to Pack Your Snacks On A Plane

Determine The Right Amount Of Snacks

When travelling by plane, you cannot bring too many snacks. You need to be more selective, and the best way is to estimate the flight time, transit time, etc., to prepare the proper amount of food. This helps you avoid wasting food and any unwanted situation at the airport.

Use A Packing Cube

If you love eating different types of snacks but don’t want to carry many bags of them, use a packing cube instead. It will meet your demand and keep your snacks organised all the time.

Prepare Instant Snacks

The plane or the airport certainly cannot be as convenient as your kitchen at home. Therefore, junk food is always the most appropriate choice for a flight. They are convenient, and you don’t have to reheat or use knives, spoons, forks, etc. 

Type Of Snacks That Are Allowed To Bring On A Plane

In general, the amount of snacks, especially solid food, is not limited. You can bring any type with any quantity in case it meets the general rules on carry-on bag dimensions for the maximum weight of your luggage.

Snacks That Can Be Freely Carry

Type Of Snacks That Are Allowed To Bring On A Plane

Solid snacks are the best choice to bring on your flight - Photo by monticellllo -

Pre-packaged snacks

Food items packaged in advance for convenience and portability are allowed on board. Chips, nuts, crackers, chocolate bars, cookies, and cereal (granola bars, etc.), to name just a few.

Dried fruits

Snacks that have been dehydrated, like raisins, apricots, cranberries, figs, prunes, etc., are allowed to bring on your carry-on bags.


Everybody likes sweets! They are flavorful, and the high sugar content can help boost your energy during a boring flight. They come in various forms, such as candy, pastries, and baked goods. Remember, any food that is solid, not liquid or semi-liquid, is a good call to bring on board.

Snacks That Have Special Regulations

According to TSA’s regulations, certain snacks must follow the rules before being packed in your handbag.

Canned food

According to the TSA, you can bring canned food on a plane, but it must meet the 3-1-1 rules for liquids. Although there may be solid foods inside, the liquid is crucial to preserve them, so you should only bring them in your hand luggage if the liquid is under 3.4oz.

But the problem here is some cans of food always have a thick package. They may not be identified at the checkpoint, and the inspector may ask you to leave them.

So, the best choice is to put them in your checked luggage. There are no restrictions on the number of cans you can bring. Please remember to cover them in plastic to avoid unwanted leakage.

Spreads and dips

When travelling to some of the best destinations to visit in the world, their cuisine is a fascinating part, but perhaps it doesn’t suit your taste. So you might want to carry some spreads and dips with you on your holiday or trip as a condiment.

Spreads like peanut butter, jams or mayo are indispensable ingredients for a flavorful sandwich. They are treated as “gel” and thus must be packed in compliance with the 3-1-1 rules.

Type Of Snacks That Are Banned To Bring On A Plane

In fact, no snacks are completely prohibited during a flight since your foods just need to meet some of the airline’s requirements.

Liquids over 3.4 ounces (100ml)

This includes drinks, sauces, cream, etc. and other liquid-based food items. Make sure that they are contained in a quart-sized clear plastic bag, and each container must be 3.4 ounces or less. Else, just put them in the checked baggage.

Fresh fruit

Type Of Snacks That Are Banned To Bring On A Plane

Strong-smelling fruits like durian should be packed in checked luggage - Photo by bennnn -

As long as it fits the airline's requirements for size and weight, it is not against the rules to bring fruit on a plane in hand luggage.

Nonetheless, bringing fruits with high water content (like coconut) or strong odours (like durian and jackfruit) is prohibited. You can place them in your checked luggage.

However, pack them carefully and ensure they don't smell, or your stuff will have an unpleasant odour and risk of being confiscated. You can, however, bring them on a plane if you put them in a box without any whiff escapes.

You can carry normal fruits in large quantities. However, they should be securely packed in checked baggage.

Remember that some soft fruits such as strawberries, custard apples, and dragon fruit should only be brought in a moderate amount. Leaving them in checked luggage might put them at risk of being smashed, and the airline will not take any responsibility for that.

Can I Bring Beverage On A Plane?

You can bring bottled water in your carry-on bag, including water, juice, soda and other non-alcoholic drinks. Remember that each passenger is only permitted to bring 1,000 ml of liquids, including gel cosmetics, shampoo, shower gel, perfume, and drinks.

However, you can also buy liquid cosmetics and soft drinks at duty-free stores in the airport's secure area and bring them on board in any quantity. Just close the lids and place them in plastic bags with sealed caps to prevent breakage. A strong impact may break the bottles.

Alcoholic beverages are on the list of goods restricted from carrying on board. However, you are still allowed to bring in checked baggage and hand luggage, but you should follow several conditions in advance. 

Alcohol content between 24% to 70% must be kept in the manufacturer's container, originally covered with seals and label intact, the bottle's capacity can not exceed 5 litres, and each passenger may carry no more than 5 litres.

If your drinks exceed 70% ABV (alcohol by volume), you are prohibited from carrying them on a plane under any circumstances.

Beverage like alcohol faces several restrictions before being allowed on hand luggage - Photo by Africa Studio -


1. Can I Bring Home-Made Snacks Or Fast Foods On A Plane?

The answer is an absolute yes. You can make your favourite sandwich at home with hams, eggs, vegetables, mayo, etc. and carry it on your flight without any restrictions. Fast food is also not an exception. But you shouldn’t carry any strong-smelling products.

2. Can I Bring Dairy Products On Planes?

Yes, you can bring dairy products such as cheese, milk, yoghurt, etc., but they are subject to certain restrictions and regulations. They are considered liquids or gels, so they must comply with the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule if you want to bring them in your hand luggage.

It’s recommended to leave them in checked bags as 100 ml may not be enough for you, and it’s not worth carrying in your personal bag.

3. How Many Snacks Can I Bring On A Plane?

The quantity of snacks you can bring on a plane depends on several factors, including the type of snacks, the flight time and some airlines’ specific policies. 

When it comes to carry-on luggage, there are no restrictions, and you can bring as much food as you want if it fits within the size and weight restrictions of your carry-on bag. Just make sure you follow the TSA regulations.

If you plan to bring a large amount of food, pack them in your checked luggage. 

Final Thoughts

Can you bring snacks on a plane? The answer is yes but with certain regulations. You ought to check with your airline and your destination country's rules before bringing any snacks on your flight.

So here are our guides and recommendations for packing snacks for your flight. Hope that this article has given the answer you have been searching for and enjoy your trips with your favourite snacks!

Tran Truong

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