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Tagging Photos

How do I tag my photo on Instagram?
This is easy. Just use the tag/s indicated on the product page. It´s great if you also use the #cabinzero tag as well.

How do I tag my photo on Facebook?

This is easy. As with Instagram, just use the tag/s indicated on the product page. Its great if you also use the #cabinzero tag as well.
You will also need to check your privacy settings to ensure we can see your pic/s.
To do this:
- Click on the little arrow next to home, in the top right-hand corner.
- Click on 'Privacy Settings'
- Next to 'Apps and Websites' click on edit settings
- Next to 'How people bring your info to apps they use'
- Click on 'Edit Settings'
- Make sure the 'My Photos' box is ticked
- Click on 'Save Changes'
Also, please double check you're tagging it correctly! You can find the right tag on the product page of our website.


How can I pay? Do you take my Card?
Probably! We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYPAL. If your credit/debit card is not listed please let us know and we will do our best to get it added.


Can I order over the telephone?
Sorry, but we currently only accept online orders. Why? Well because we receive orders from all over the world and it's not possible for us to have 24-7 phone cover. Besides, most people prefer to order online using their smartphone or tablet these days.


I've placed an order but want to add to it. Can I?
Oh, Sorry but it's tricky. You have to make another order, unfortunately.


Is it safe to order from you?
Totally! You have nothing to be worried about! We use the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). You don't even need to have an account with us (as we know opening accounts with online retailers is a big of a drag).


I have an error when trying to place my order! Help! What do I do?
Okay...Don't worry and keep calm. Whatever has happened can probably be fixed.
First, please check you entered all your details correctly (name, address, phone number and payment details).
Still, have a problem? In that case please get in touch and we will do our best to try to work out what has happened. Please email us at support@cabinzero.com (or use the contact us form).

Can you give me a voucher code so I can have a discount?
Canny buyer huh? We like it. Unfortunately, we don't send discount codes out at random, but we do offer them regularly via our Facebook page. Therefore we suggest you 'like' us on Facebook at facebook.com/cabinzero and it is very likely a discount code will become available in the coming weeks.

My favourite airline isn't listed on your filter for Cabin Bags. Why? Can you add it?
Oh, sorry about this. There are so many airlines in the world (hundreds) that we have to be selective and list the most popular ones. If your chosen airline isn't listed please let us know and we will list it as a filter if we like it. Alternatively, you can select to filter by cabin luggage dimensions. Just let us know what dimensions the airline works on and we will add this to the dimensions filter.



Do you deliver worldwide?
Of course! We love to send CabinZero bags to all corners of the world. 
Orders within Europe will be shipped from our UK Warehouse.
Orders outside of Europe are normally shipped from our warehouses in China or Vietnam.

I need my bag ASAP....How long will delivery take? 

Delivery times vary. All orders are sent by Courier from either the UK or Hong Kong.
As a guide we suggest:
UK Deliveries: 3-5 working days
EU Deliveries: 6-10 working days
World Wide Deliveries: 7-14 days. 

We suggest using a work address to because they'll usually deliver between the hours of 9-5 and request a signature. If you aren't available when your parcel is delivered, the delivery driver will leave a calling card with instructions on how to pick up.

Duties: Some countries may charge import duties, VAT or other random fees.
Sorry, we have no control over this and it's your responsibility to pay for any fees.

As soon as your order ships, you'll get an email confirmation. Make sure you check your friend/foe filters on your email so support@cabinzero.com doesn't end up in your nasty spam folder.

What are your delivery charges?
Please check the separate page detailing our delivery charges. I think you will find them very attractive.

Will my order arrive in time?
It's hard for us to say as it depends where you are and when you need it! But as a guide please follow the delivery times indicated. If you are unsure before you order please email us at support@cabinzero.com


I've placed my order. I've waited and I've waited, but I still haven't received anything.
Very sorry to hear this. Delivery time depends on where you are in the world. It's unlikely your delivery will have been lost as we only use trackable delivery methods which are signed on delivery. Please get in touch (via support@cabinzero.com) and we will do our best to find out where your goods are. At the very least we can give you the tracking code and ask you to wait a little longer.

How was my order shipped?
Super curious, huh? Well, the answer depends on where you are in the world. In the UK we normally use Parcel Force. In Europe we use DPD. Outside of Europe, we use a combination of FedEx, DHL.
Sometimes we will also use Registered Airmail. 



What if I need to make a return?
Hu-huh. Sorry to hear this. Something went wrong? Got the wrong item, or didn't like it? In the first instance please check our Returns page on this site to check you are covered under our returns policy. Then, if you are able to return the item please email us first (support@cabinzero.com) to obtain authorisation and the returns address.

Do I need to keep my receipt in order to claim under the warranty?
Yes! For sure. No receipt = no warranty claim. Sorry.
However, if you purchase directly from cabinzero.com we will already have a record of your purchase so we can turn a blind eye if you are missing your receipt. This only applies if you buy directly from us.


What are your returns policy?
It's all listed for you under our returns page, in the Help Desk menu.



Do I need to register my warranty?

Nope. No need to register for the standard warranty. If you want the free extended warranty however, you need to 'like' us on Facebook within 30 days of purchase and continue to 'like' us. You also need to keep your original proof of purchase in the event that you need to make a warranty claim.


How do I receive the extended 25 years Warranty?
This is easy. Just 'like' us on Facebook and continue to 'like us', within 30 days of purchase. This will automatically kick in the warranty extension. You must also keep your proof of purchase.


Product Information:

Will your bags be accepted as Cabin Bags?
Absolutely! We check all our Cabin Bags. You should be aware that limits vary across airlines so you should check the maximum cabin size dimensions accepted by your airline. Also, we recommend that you don't overfill your bag as in this event you may look conspicuous and be asked to confirm it fits your airline´s cabin bag dimensions. All of our bags are made slightly smaller than the specified dimensions to allow for a certain amount of over-packing.


Do I get a refund if my Cabin Bag is too big for my airline?
No, so sorry to tell you this. We don't set the cabin sized dimensions for airlines unfortunately. We try to ensure our bags fit as many airlines as possible but the sad fact is that there will always be exceptions to the standard.

What is the "Lost and Found Tag" at my bag?
Don't know about our super-cool feature? Well, this special lost and found tag is custom designed by us to blend into your CabinZero bag perfectly, whilst still being visible. The tag needs to be registered online (at okoban.com) and once registered provides lost and found protection for your bag. If you lose your bag (it can happen to us all), the kind person that finds it just needs to enter the code on the tag into Okoban.com and you will receive notification and information of how to get your bag back from the finder. Cool huh? All our bags have this feature. 
More information can be found on okoban.com

Where is the "Lost of Found (Okoban) Tag" at my bag?
Our tags are so neat it's easy to forget they are there (which is exactly what we want).
However, if you can't locate your tag in the first place (in order to register it) please look at the product page for your bag on this website. You'll see a number of photos showing the tag on your bag and this should help you to locate it. If you still can't find it contact us at support@cabinzero.com.

Can I wash my bag?
Ermm...Nope. We don't recommend it. If your bag becomes dirty you should use a wet cloth to wipe the bag clean. Definitely, do not place in your washing machine.


Other Stuff:

Where are you based?
In Leicester, in the British Isles. We are proud to be a British Company.
We also have offices in China. The guys there take care of important stuff like making sure your bag arrives without any quality problems.


What's your company contact details?
CabinZero (the Brand and the .com Website) is all owned and managed by TNG EUROPE Ltd, right here in the UK.
Our full address is:

Innovation Centre
49 Oxford Street
Leicester LE1 5XY

I want to be a model for CabinZero! Can I?
Well, everything is possible. We love 'real life' models and want to find more. We especially like people who have a story to tell about their life and their travels. First of all, we suggest you post some photos of yourself with your CabinZero on our Instagram or Facebook. We have monthly competitions for the best photo and if your pic catches our eye there's every bit of a chance you could become a model for us. If you can post some narrative about yourself on our FB page as well ( at the same time that you post your pics) that would go a long way to supporting your case.

Where are the physical stores that sell CabinZero bags?

We have lots. Please email us at support@cabinzero.com first. Soon we hope to have a 'where to buy' section on our website.

Can you make a larger order customised for my Company/Brand?
Yes, maybe. Depends on who you are, what you want and how many you want.
Please get in touch at support@cabinzero.com and our team will assist.

I love your bags and want to sell them in my shop? Can I?
Wow! Thanks for the love! Of course, we would also love you to sell our bags in your shop.
The final answer depends on where you are and what kind of shop you are. If you are outside of the UK we will probably send your request to our distributor in your country.
Please get in touch at support@cabinzero.com and our team will assist.

I don't see CabinZero on sale in my country. Can I become a distributor?
Really? Are you sure? Well please get in touch and if we really don't have a distributor in your country we will consider your offer. Unfortunately, this will involve paperwork (sorry) to assess the scale and suitability of your business. If we like your offer then maybe we will give you a whirl for 6 -12 months.

Please get in touch at support@cabinzero.com and our team will assist.

Which countries are CabinZero on sale in?
Lots, with more being added to the list each month.