Bum Bags

Bum Bags


      Both minimalist and sophisticated, our classic Bum Bags is the ideal companion for all our CABINZERO bags and an essential everyday accessory. CabinZero Bum Bag is available in 20 colour variations to suit your style.

      13 products

      13 products


      Bum bags, fanny packs, waist bags, hip bags - or whatever you want to call them - are amongst the must-have travel essentials in recent years. Lightweight and compact, this bum bag collection is all about storing your essentials like money, wallet, phone and mask while you’re out and about - a fantastic choice for festivals and holiday seasons to go hands-free. 



      The extra pockets upfront and inside, allow organisation the way you want.


      Style your Hip Pack around your waist or sling it over like a crossbody bag.
      Made to last


      From the fabric to buckles, our bum bags are carefully made from selected durable materials - proven to show minimum sign of wear and tear over time.


      Our bum bags are designed with the RFID blocking technologies to prevent digital thieves from skimming your credit cards and stealing your personal information.SHOP BUM BAGS

      Why CabinZero Bum Bags Are Good For Travelling

      A travel bum bag is a must-have for any excursion, be it during airport screening or a stroll through Loire Valley. This wonderful travel companion stays on your body at all times and keeps everything you need at a moment’s notice.

      Hands-Free Happiness

      Why do people wear bum bags? It’s mostly because of the unreal hands-free convenience they offer. These bum bags are equipped with multiple compartments to keep your essentials organised and easily accessible. No more opening your suitcase or backpack in the middle of the road or aeroplane aisle and digging around to find your boarding pass.

      Comfortable Wear

      Shoulders and back straining are now a thing of the past; you can wander around all day without feeling like you're carrying a ton of bricks. Just strap on your bum bag, and you're good to go. Plus, you can wear them while doing exercises, such as hiking, jogging, or biking.

      The Right Size

      Backpacks may be too large for your own goods when all you need is something to store your keys, AirPods, passports, etc. And that’s where the travel bum bags shine: they carry a minimalist's essentials in a compact profile and won’t get in your way..

      Fashion Forward

      These babies have made a stylish comeback and are now considered a must-have accessory for any traveller. Everyone wears it, be it in a city or on the trails. Our CabinZero bum bags come in over 18 colours, which means it’s easy to find something that matches your vibes or aesthetics.


      Whether caught in a sudden downpour or exploring a dusty trail, these waist belts keep your belongings dry and secure with a 600D polyester fabric with a water-resistant coating.

      Anti-theft Technology

      Another reason fanny packs are the best bags for travelling is how secure they are. With built-in RFID-blocking technology, these bum bags provide an extra layer of security to keep your credit cards and passport safe from electronic pickpockets. Knowing that your personal information is protected, you can wander the bustling streets of a new city with peace of mind.


      The CabinZero bum bag collection comes in 2 sizes and a variety of colours, plus 4 sophisticated patterns, to suit your styles and needs.

      FAQs Regarding Bum Bags

      It’s a resounding yes. Along with a purse and a laptop bag, fanny packs are often considered personal items. And it’s getting better: You can put your fanny pack in your carry-on during screening and take it out once you are boarded. Some airlines, such as Southwest, won’t count that towards your carry-on allowance.

      They are both the same. It’s just different ways American (bum bag) and British (fanny pack) refers to a small bag with a strap worn around the waist. There’s no difference except in how you refer to them when in a conversation with a person speaking American or British English.

      Some would call it a waist bag/belt, belly bag (American English), sling bag, butt pack, or hip pack. There are also some less common terms like moon bag and even chaos pouch. In French, they are known as “Sac Banane.”

      Regardless of the name, they serve the same purpose: a small pouch worn around the waist or hips, ideal for carrying essential items with easy access.

      Absolutely! Most airlines consider a bum bag part of your personal item allowance rather than your primary piece of hand luggage. However, always check your airline's specific carry-on policy. Some airlines are more lenient about what constitutes a personal item, while others have stricter size and weight limits.

      Good news: they are still en vogue. Given how practical and pretty they are, it’s not a surprise you will spot these waist-worn bags everywhere, from Germany to Italy. For example, a moon bag has been a TikTok craze for a while. There are many travel bum bag styles and variants nowadays; it’s easy to find one that fits you and your aesthetics like a glove.

      Check with your airline. Normally, bags that exceed the size and weight restrictions will be checked in and even denied entry if they are excessively large and heavy. Furthermore, bags with sharp objects, liquids over 3.4 ounces, or prohibited items are also not allowed.