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CabinZero backpacks are the perfect bag for underseat cabin allowance on most airlines, even the low-cost ones.

45x36x20 cm Under Seat Bags

Under Seat Size For Free On Easyjet, British Airways,...

40x20x25cm Under Seat Bags

Just in the right size for the small personal bag allowance on Ryanair, our Classic 28L backpacks fit comfortably in the overhead cabin or under the seat in front of you.

40x30x20 cm Under Seat Bags

We believe in ZERO baggage fees. Our 28L backpacks make for the under the seat cabin size on Wizz Air, Vueling...


Brilliant for ryanair flights

Just used it to fit under seat on ryanair flight and was perfect. It is spacious, easy to load and carry with several options such as top handle, side handle or straps.

Mary Sullivan

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Great bag for travel

Excellent for travel, especially by plane. There is plenty of room and it still fits under the seat on the plane if needed.

Jess W.

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Perfect fit

It fits Ryanair’s underseat bag policy perfectly, and is strong and sturdy. If it only had a zip-up sheet to cover the shoulder straps it would be completely perfect.

John L.

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