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      Let's look at some helpful information regarding Wizz Air baggage allowance policy and choose Wizz Air cabin bags from CabinZero below to ensure that your travel runs smoothly.
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      28 products


      Overview of Wizz Air Airlines

      Established in 2004, Wizz Air is a low-cost airline with its head office in Liszt Ferenc Budapest. Wizz Air regularly offers affordable airfares to many global destinations and at lower costs than other airlines, so that has increased Wizz Air's attention in Hungary. That is also why, nowadays, Wizz Air Airlines is always the top option for all students, hikers, and other travellers.

      Wizz Air Baggage Allowance Policy

      Many travellers are also interested in Wizz Air Airlines' Baggage Allowance Policy while choosing to travel with this low-cost airline. For a smooth flight, in addition to choosing cheap flight tickets, Wizz Air Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy is also a very important part to make your trip enjoyable.

      Wizz Air can charge a rate for cabin bags, however, each passenger is allowed to bring one personal item onboard. A laptop, a baby bag, or a big bag can all be brought as personal items. When you buy a Standard Allowance ticket, you'll get one free personal item with dimensions of no more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm and a weight of no more than 10 kg.

      Buy a Wizz Priority, Go, or Superior ticket if you want freehand baggage. You won't be able to acquire better seats than on a basic ticket in these ticket classes, but you will be exempt from luggage restrictions.

      If you’re travelling without WIZZ Priority, your carry-on luggage can be forfeited. If you booked your ticket before your flight time, you will have to pay baggage fees ranging from €5-35. Otherwise, depending on the cabin class, Wizz Air baggage fees at the airport can escalate to €20 or more. As a result, you should pre-purchase your carry-on luggage allowance online on the airline's websites to get the most affordable carry-on luggage price.

      Different luggage regulations will apply to all travellers on all Wizz air cabins. The cost of checked luggage varies based on the class of your seat and the distance of your travel. Check your destination to find out how much you'll have to pay for checked luggage.

      Generally, this airline's checked baggage allowance can accept a total of 6 pieces of baggage for all travel classes. Baggage fees can be paid online or in-store at the airport. You can check the baggage fees calculation on Wizz Air website here.Β 

      For hand baggage, passengers can bring only one bag at a dimension of maximum 40cm x 30 cm x 20cm and a weight of maximum 10 kg free of charge.

      For cabin baggage, passengers can bring only one bag at a dimension of maximum 55cm x 40cm x 23 cm and a weight of maximum 10 kg. However, you can use this service if you purchase Wizz Priority.

      Passengers can purchase up to 6 checked bags at varying prices depending on the route. Each bag can be at a dimension of maximum 149cm x 119 cm 171cm. The maximum could range from 10 to 32 kg.

      You will be charged an extra excess baggage fee if you carry more luggage than the airline permits. Excess baggage fees charged by Wizz Air can vary depending on the quantity of luggage you can bring. Passengers on Wizz Air are allowed to bring a total of six items of baggage. These bags must fit within certain dimensions and weight limits. The maximum size and weight for these bags must be 152 cm and 70 lbs, respectively.

      You can be charged €11 per kilogram/ item/ flight if you bring more than 6 pieces of luggage on your journey or your baggage exceeds the allowance.

      FAQs about Wizz Air Baggage Allowance

      Certain forbidden or restricted products can not be allowed on Wizz Air flights. This might be due to the fact that carrying hazardous or sharp-edged items can be dangerous for some passengers. The following things are not permitted in your Wizz Air carry-on luggage:

      - Handguns

      - Drugs/poisons

      - Human remains

      - Acid

      - Explosives

      - Scissors / Knife

      We regret to inform you that Wizz Air does not allow dogs to travel with you in the cabin. In addition, dogs are not permitted in the cargo hold of the plane. However, you must tell the airline before booking your flight with this airline if you will be carrying your guide dog. Wizz Air will enable disabled passengers to travel with their guide dogs, but you must tell the airport staff when booking your ticket so that they can prepare the place for your pet.

      Musical instruments are permitted onboard providing their carrying cases do not exceed the maximum length of 80cm and the other dimensions of 40cm x 23cm. The size of tiny instruments like the flute and clarinet must be smaller than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. The small music gadget must be under 10 kg in weight. If you follow these rules correctly, you can carry small musical instruments in your carry-on baggage. To bring your musical instrument as additional carry-on luggage, you might need to buy a WIZZ Priority ticket.