Allegiant Air Baggage Allowance & Cabin Bags

Allegiant Air Baggage Allowance & Cabin Bags

      Gear up for your next adventure with Allegiant Airlines, accompanied by our cabin bag collection. 
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      87 products

      Overview of Allegiant Air

      Allegiant Air, usually shortened to Allegiant, is an ultra-low-cost air firm based in Nevada, USA. It is the fourteenth-largest airline in North America. Allegiant’s fleet flies Economy-only to 100 destinations in 40 different states in the USA. It carved a niche for itself by keeping its costs affordable and offering frequent flights to smaller, regional airports.

      Allegiant Air Baggage Allowance Policy

      Much like many other low-cost airlines, Allegiant employs a range of tactics to maintain its low-cost status as well as seeking ancillary revenue, the most prominent one of which being introducing costly à la carte services over rigorous and stingy policies.

      Its baggage allowance policy is no exception. It may be straightforward, but once you push the limit, it goes downhill right quick. Worry not, as the CabinZero Crew has got you covered. We have prepared the most comprehensive breakdown of Allegiant’s baggage policy for you.

      Each passenger can carry on-board only one personal item free of charge. This item should be:

      Either a briefcase, a laptop, a purse, a small backpack;

      Fitting in the under-seat compartment in front of the passenger;

      Max 7 x 15 x 16 in (17.8 x 38.1 x 40.6 cm) in dimensions.

      If you want to bring another carry-on bag, you must pay an extra fee. However, the following items may be carried on the aircraft free of charge, in addition to carry-on baggage allowance:

      Mobility aids, medical equipment, and assistive devices of qualified persons with disabilities;

      - Car seats/strollers;

      - A jacket, coat, wrap, or similar outer garment;

      - A diaper bags;

      - An umbrella;

      - One item of reading material;

      - Food for consumption during the flight;

      - One bag or box of duty-free purchases.

      In order to keep fares as low as possible, Allegiant offers a variety of optional services, including checked baggage you can add to your flights. All checked baggage, including the first one, is subject to charges.

      Should passenger choose to buy baggage slot, they must conform to the following restrictions:

      40 lbs (18 kg) in weight;

      80 in (203 cm) in dimensions, including wheels, handles, pockets, and any decorations.

      If you exceed these restrictions, you will have to pay extra (on top of paying for the slot in the first place).

      There are a few exceptions, however. Wheelchairs, other mobility aids, and assistive devices used by an individual with a disability won’t be charged, including overweight and oversized baggage fees.

      Carry-on baggage

      Passengers are presented with the option to bring one more carry-on baggage on-board in addition to the free one at a price. This item must be 9 x 14 x 22 in (22.9 x 35.6 x 55.9 cm) in dimensions.

      The price is charged per segment, which is defined as every take-off and landing. This can be paid either online or in-airport. However, it’s recommended that you book with your ticket as I’d be significantly lower.

      Carry-on fee will be:

      - $18.00 to $35.00 USD at the time of booking;

      - $45.00 USD pre-departure;

      - $50.00 USD at the airport.

      Oversized personal items and oversized and/or excess carry-on baggage will range from $50.00 to $75.00 USD while gate-checked bag fee will range from $0 to $75.00 USD.

      Checked baggage

      Passengers can reserve up to 4 bags prior to boarding the aircraft for a fee. Fee will be applied per bag, per segment and will depend on your route as well as your time and place of payment, specifically:

      - $25.00 to $45.00 USD at the time of booking;

      - $45.00 USD pre-departure;

      - $50.00 USD at the airport.

      Each of these bags has to be in compliance with the size and restrictions for checked baggage stated above. If they exceed that limit, the following surcharges will apply:

      - For overweight bags between 41 -70 lbs (18.2 – 31.8 kg): $50.00 per segment;

      - For overweight bags between 71 - 100 lbs (32.2 – 45.4 kg): $75.00 per segment;

      - For oversized bags: $50.00 per segment.

      It is possible for passengers to bring the 5th in the hold. They can only do that, at the airport, at the price of $50.00 per bag (additive to any other surcharge they must incur).

      FAQs about Allegiant Air Baggage Allowance

      If the children sit on their parents’ lap, then their parents can bring on-board one infant stroller or one infant/child safety seat free of charge. If they are travelling on their own ticket then the same policy applies.

      In some cases, passengers might want to have their oversized or overweight baggage transported by cargo. Unfortunately, Allegiant doesn’t offer any cargo services. Therefore, in order for your baggage to be transported by Allegiantair, it must not exceed the maximum weight of 100 lbs (45 kg).

      Passengers can purchase extra baggage slots, whether it’s carry-on baggage or checked baggage. They can do so either in advance or at the airport.

      In the excess baggage above, we’ve explained the pricing system of Allegiant. Ideally, if you’ve planned to bring lots of stuff on the aircraft, it’s best to prepay for it when you book your ticket, as you’ll save a significant amount doing so.