Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy & Cabin Bag

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy & Cabin Bag

      Understanding Frontier Airlines' baggage policy can help you be more proactive in packing your luggage and choosing Frontier Cabin Bag from CabinZero.
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      99 products

      Overview of Frontier Airlines

      Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline that flies to over 90 locations in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America, making it one of the best options for budget travellers. Furthermore, when compared to other US airlines, this airline is regarded as one of the green airlines because it has an average fuel economy of 43%.

      However, you should also have a deeper understanding of the airline's selling prices and what benefits and inconveniences you could very well experience during your flight.Β 

      Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

      Customers can choose between standard and promotional tickets at Frontier Airlines. You'll also have to pay additional costs for your carry-on and checked baggage because it's a budget airline. Customers can choose between two types of seats: ordinary seats and specialised seats with a more comfortable position.

      We'll go through some of the important luggage allowance restrictions for Frontier Airlines below, which will help you determine the proper backpack size and pack efficiently for your flight.

      All Frontier Airlines customers are allowed to bring one personal item free of charge as long as it fits in the seat and does not exceed the following restrictions: 10" Depth x 16" Width x 24" Height.

      Additional costs for carry-on luggage are charged by Frontier Airlines and other low-cost carriers. Frontier Airlines, on the other hand, has a policy that the luggage price will increase with time.

      Fares For Standard Hand Baggage

      - At Booking: $37.00-$39.00 USD

      - Online (up to 24 hours before departure): $40.00-$42.00 USD

      - Call Center: $55.00 USD

      - Web Check-In: $43.00 USD

      - Airport Ticket Counter: $55.00 USD

      - At the Gate: $60.00

      Allowed Luggage Size For Standard Hand Luggage

      - Individual luggage: 18 x 14 x 8 inches and must fit under the seat

      - Standard luggage: 24 x 16 x 10 inches and weighs no more than 35 pounds

      Passengers must pay for checked luggage on all Frontier Airlines flights and comply with the permitted baggage size rules. A maximum weight of 23kg (50lb) and a maximum size of 158cm (62") is required for all checked luggage. Surcharge fees will vary depending on the destination; you should check the airline's online baggage price checker for further information.

      For 1st Bag

      - At Booking: $34.00 - $37.00 USD

      - Online (up to 24 hours before departure): $39.00 - $45.00 USD

      - Via Call Center: $55.00 USD

      - Web Check-In: $40.00 - $46.00 USD

      - Airport Ticket Counter: $55.00 USD

      - At the Gate: $60.00

      For 2nd Bag

      - At Booking: $39.00 - $50.00 USD

      - Online (up to 24 hours before departure): $45.00 - $50.00 USD

      - Via Call Center: $55.00 USD

      - Web Check-In: $55.00 USD

      - Airport Ticket Counter: $55.00 USD

      For 3rd+ Bag

      - At Booking: $85.00 USD

      - Online (up to 24 hours before departure): $85.00 USD

      - Via Call Center: $95.00 USD

      - Web Check-In: $90.00 USD

      - Airport Ticket Counter: $95.00 USD

      Because Frontier Airlines has a baggage size regulation, you will be charged an extra price if your luggage exceeds the standard allowance. Special luggage, such as athletic equipment or musical instruments, is subject to a surcharge. Please review the cost list below for the most extensive preparation.

      - Maximum weight per bag: <50lb

      - Overweight fee: $75

      - Maximum linear size per bag: up to 62 linear inches

      - Oversize Fee: $75

      - Frontier Airlines will not accept baggage weighing more than 100 lb or larger than 110 linear inches.

      FAQs about Frontier Airlines Baggage Allowance

      On Frontier flights, you will be charged for your carry-on luggage if you pay the standard ticket rate. If you are a member of the airline, however, you will be able to purchase a ticket that includes free hand luggage. This is one of Frontier Airlines' exclusive membership programs.

      Yes, it is possible. Frontier Airlines allows travellers to pay for their baggage in advance online or via a mobile app, which will save you money.

      Here are several simple steps to pay in advance:

      1. Go to Frontier Airlines' official website.

      2. Go to the Frontier website's 'My Trips/Check-in' section and click 'Add Baggage.'

      Or you can download the Frontier Airlines apps on your phone and perform quick processes.

      Frontier Airlines lets you bring the following goods on board for free if you let them know before and during check-in.

      - Jacket

      - Diaper bag when travelling with babies

      - Canes

      - Crutch

      - Portable oxygen concentrator

      - Respirator or any other assistive device

      - Mats to use during prayer

      All of your trips should be well planned. You can check your bags up to two hours before departure at the check-in desk, which opens two hours before departure. Check-in at least 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights and at least 60 minutes before departure for international flights.

      Frontier Airlines offers the following checked bags exclusions upon demonstration of a Common Access Card (CAC) to a truly united service affiliate at check-in:

      - A complimentary personal item

      - One complimentary carry-on bag

      - Two complimentary check-in bags

      This Military Baggage Charge, on the other hand, only applies to military travellers (must be family members or travelling companions). If a military member only has one bag to check and their spouse has two, both bags may be deemed free if they are checked under the member's name in the army.

      The military baggage waiver program does not allow passengers to submit their baggage online. Passengers must check their documents and bags for free at the airport at check-in.