Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags


      Looking for a simple, practical companion bag? CABINZERO shoulder bags are the perfect fit. You can use them as a cabin cube to organise your clothes during your flight, fit it under the seat as your second carry-on bag or take it out and about on your daytime adventures. The hardest part is picking your favourite colour!
      17 products

      17 products

      CabinZero Travel Shoulder Bags - Meet Your New Go-To For Everything

      The right travel shoulder bag can make all the difference. It not only helps you carry your belongings but also ensures that your shoulders don't bear the weight of your bag. So why suffer when you can make your travel experience pain-free and comfortable with the perfect shoulder bag?



      Very sturdy bag

      I got this bag at a sale price and I'm very happy with my purchase. Very good capacity and it's very comfortable.

      - Lauren V. -



      So handy and useful!

      Very spacious for your phone, keys, wallet, a small tote bag and some other little things. Perfect to use as an everyday bag!

      - Hanna F. -



      Amazing dry bag!

      I love this bag. It's a good size and works really effectively on my paddle boarding trips to carry my essential items. No leakage at all.

      - Clara H. -


      Why Choose CabinZero Travel Shoulder Bags

      The perfect unsung hero of travel ease - the right travel shoulder bags are more than just something to fling over your shoulder. It’s an assurance that your items will be safe, organised and within easy reach. Here’s how our CabinZero shoulder bags can help you on your journey.

      Your Perfect Fit

      Meet our range, from the streamlined Sidekick 3L to the capacious Crossbody 11L, designed to hold all your essentials—keys, wallet, ID, boarding passes, and more—for effortless minimalist travel. Explore on your own terms, without the bulk.

      Flipside 3L Navy

      A Place for Everything...

      ...And everything in its place! Designed with easy organisation in mind, our bags feature multiple compartments and pockets. Essentials like sunglasses or sunscreen are always at your fingertips on a sunny beach day.

      RFID-Blocking And Hidden Compartments

      Travel with peace of mind. Our shoulder bags include RFID-blocking technology and/or hidden compartments/ concealed zippers to keep thieves and digital pickpockets at bay.

      Flapjack 4L Orange Chill

      Quality Straps And Zippers

      Comfort is important for every type of bag, which is why we craft our packs with premium straps and YKK zippers—the gold standard in durability, so you won’t have to deal with malfunctioning zippers ever again.


      Going hands-free with the compact and ultra-light side bags, whether on your plane trips or daytime adventures.

      Flapjack 4L Navy

      Colour Me Happy

      Style is as important as functionality. With a spectrum of styles and colours, our CabinZero bum bags and shoulder bags are here to make that outfit pop. Festival or flight, we’ve got your back.



      Shop our shoulder bags in a variety of styles & colours


      In most cases, the answer is yes, as airlines consider it a personal item, a smaller bag that fits under the seat. So, you can certainly wear a crossbody bag on the plane to store your in-flight essentials.

      Or, better yet, if you are lucky, they will view it as a part of your attire, in which case you can carry your shoulder bag on board alongside your carry-on and personal items. No added fee! But be aware that this is not always the case, so you should check with your airlines beforehand.

      To determine whether a sling bag is better than a backpack, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Here’s a quick break down the contexts in which each option excels

      Choose a backpack if

      • You'll be carrying a lot of stuff (laptop, camera, etc.)
      • You need comfort for extended periods
      • You'll be walking or hiking for long distances.

      Choose a Shoulder Bag If

      • You'll be carrying lighter essentials
      • You’ll be on a quick errands, a night out, or a day at the cafes
      • Easy access to your belongings is important
      • You prioritise style and security.

      However, why not bring both? You can carry a travel backpack to store your clothes and bulky items while a messenger bag or small bag can be used for in-flight essentials. It’s the ultimate flexibility for any travellers out there.

      As the name implies, a sling bag is worn across your body with a single strap that lays diagonally from shoulder to hip (and thus better security). Their sizes are often on the smaller side. Most people use this type of bag for active or crowded environments thanks to added security from them clinging close to your body.

      A shoulder bag, on the other hand, comes with one or two straps and are designed to be carried over one shoulder. The design and size varies greatly, from 3L to 10+L, from casual every use to formal setting. As they often hang down at the side or hip, they might put more strain on one side of the body if overloaded.

      While sling bags are often used for light travel, sports, and quick access to essentials; shoulder bags, however, serve a broader range of purposes, from fashion accessories to practical work bags

      Yes, they do, especially since the viral Uniqlo sling bag took the world by storm in 2022. So sling bags are not only still in use, but they've actually seen a surge in popularity in recent years, especially among younger demographics.