Minimalist Backpacks


      Finding that last piece to complete your minimalist travel style? Check out our range of CabinZero minimalist backpacks that stay true to the one-bag travel spirit. Chic, durable, and spacious, they are the packs that work for any occasion. Grab one now to embrace the minimalist and nomadic travel style.

      146 products

      146 products

      Cabinzero Minimalist Backpack - Change How You Travel For The Better

      A minimalist backpack is timeless. The slim and sleek design stays chic no matter the occasion and place. It is a sensible approach to travelling for those who wish to travel light and far. How does a minimalist rucksack work its magic? Let’s find out.

      Minimalist Design - A Timeless Design That Fits All Occasions

      Minimalist backpacks are the finest example of how versatile a travel backpack can be. They effortlessly blend in many environments yet still offer the same level of comfort and convenience to every type of traveller out there.

      For Work And Business Travel

      A minimalist look often translates to an aesthetic fitting for a professional setting. But it’s also the inside that counts, too. The best minimalist backpack for work would have fewer interior pockets. That way, your packing will become more streamlined. No more rummaging to find your laptop charger.

      For Travel

      Feel free to hop on and off any train, taxi, bus, or vehicle as much as you like. Airports queues, security checks, stairs, cobblestone roads, etc., are no longer a problem. You can navigate, walk, run, and explore at your leisure without the bothersome checked baggage holding you back.

      For School

      A busy day at school calls for dedicated compartments and internal pockets to keep textbooks, notebooks, and school supplies organised. And, of course, a laptop sleeve to top it all off. While minimalist in style, these streamlined sacks can also come in various colours so students can express themselves.

      For Those Constantly On The Move

      A lightweight and minimalist backpack frees you of excess, bulky baggage. Many minimalist backpacks meet carry-on regulations. Thus, you can easily avoid hefty luggage fees and put less strain on your shoulder. All you have to do is focus on what matters - the goals and the road ahead.

      Why Cabinzero Backpacks Are Your Perfect Minimalist Backpack

      How do you define minimalism? Aesthetics is the correct answer, but it’s just half the story. How the pack ease your travel struggles, streamlining packing, unpacking, and moving are the other half.

      The Right Size For Minimalist Travel

      Our backpacks range from 28-44L, the sweet spot for flying internationally. These carry-on friendly dimensions ensure you a smooth trip from beginning to end (as long as you pack the right things allowed on board). They are not too big or small, just right for a weekend gateway or a week-long adventure.

      Multiple Compartments To Store All You Need

      You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with a well-organised minimalist backpack. Most CabinZero minimalist packs spot a spacious main compartment that can be opened almost fully. You can toss multi-functional essentials and compact gear into the spacious main compartment and various pockets without worrying about running out of space.

      A Pack That Endures

      Made from 600D Polyester fabric (1,000D on the Military) with a water-resistant coating, the CabinZero Classic minimalist backpack keeps your belongings from harm: spills, rainfalls, snow, etc., and any small accidents that you could think of. For your peace of mind, we also offer up to a 25-year warranty on all our product ranges.

      Comfort All Days

      Everything would be meaningless if you couldn’t wear your minimalist backpack for more than 10 minutes at a time. To give you the most freedom possible, the Classic are light, weighing just 713 g. Higher-end models, like the Classic Pro and Military, include additional paddings with breather mesh for better comfort.