Best Laptop Backpacks - Why Should You Get a Good Backpack for Your Laptop?

A laptop backpack will be able to protect your laptop from dust and external physical shocks. Besides, this backpack is also designed with small compartments and is divided into the suitable size for each compartment so that it is convenient for you to take it anywhere. You will need to bring items such as your phone, USB, notebook, laptop charger in case you want to change your working environment or have to move constantly. In addition, the back design of this backpack will help you conveniently move without getting in your way if you have to walk, cycle or climb the mountain. Do not hesitate any longer without buying a backpack to protect your laptop!

Top 6 Best Laptop Backpacks from CabinZero

CabinZero Military Backpack - Best Laptop Backpack for  Biking

CabinZero Military Backpack - Best Laptop Backpack for  Biking

For those of you who need to be constantly on the move on long roads or cycling, we highly recommend the Military backpack. This Military backpack line is manufactured to military standards, with 1000 Denier nylon fabric and YKK zippers - the highest quality primary zips. At the same time, this backpack is also equipped with a special waterproof layer than others on the market. The market gives you more peace of mind about the safety of water-sensitive items when used with this backpack.

You can rest assured that the laptop will not get wet when it rains, scratches or has physical impacts because the backpack is designed with a dedicated compartment to hold the laptop. The compartment is designed with a large size and is suitable for laptops with sizes from 12 -17 inches.

This backpack model is also equipped with an air circulation system on the shoulder strap, so it will help keep the air and sweat during use while your activity is always dry and comfortable. This backpack is also equipped with handles at the top and side of the bag, allowing users to customize the posture of carrying the bag according to the habits of each user. The sternum strap will ensure the strap stays on your shoulder without falling off after many active positions.

For those who are often in contact with flights, it is possible to lose or have people take your bags by mistake when they also use CabinZero products. Don't worry, the Tracing tag will bring your backpack back. Your information will be safe in the backpack and if someone opens it and sees your Tracing tag, they will contact you soon without having to take your items out to find the information, so everything is fine. Your personal belongings will remain there without disturbance or loss of privacy.

There are many different backpack sizes for your selection such as 28L/36L/44L with colour grades including Absolute Black, Desert Sand, Light Khaki, Military Green, Military Gray, and Navy.

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Cabinero Classic Backpack - Best Commuter Laptop Backpack

Cabinero Classic Backpack - Best Commuter Laptop Backpack

The Classic series, which is also one of the specialized backpack lines, is great for carrying laptops. Also if you are the type of person who likes fast travel or use it to carry everyday items such as work, school, etc. then this is the right backpack for you.

The Classic backpack is made with 600 Denier Polyester material, equipped with a water-resistant coating that comes with a sturdy YKK lock. A backpack is designed with a basic and dynamic design that is suitable for short trips. There is a separate compartment for laptops, avoiding scratches and suitable for laptops from 12 to 17 inches. In addition, the backpack is also separated with many convenient small compartments divided by many sizes so that you can set up locations for laptop accessories such as chargers, USB drives, adapters, or headphones without being damaged or wasting time searching in your “world”.

With its standard form factor and lightweight, the Classic Backpack can take your world on your adventures. From the fact that it can fit under the foot of the plane seat to the luggage compartments, you can't worry about the size of this backpack. In addition, you can wear it all day long without fear of the hot back area leading to the accumulation of sweat or odours on the shoulders because the back and backpack straps are specially equipped and designed for a smooth air circulation system the maximum way for your anxiety to be dispelled.

This backpack line has a lot of rich colours, unique patterns and a variety of colours for you to freely choose according to your preferences, with 3 main sizes including 28L / 36L / 44L.

CabinZero ADV Pro Backpack - Best Laptop Backpack for Travel

CabinZero ADV Pro Backpack - Best Laptop Backpack for Trave

The Adventure Pro backpack series has a large size and is divided into many convenient small compartments that can support users comfortably in many locations for many small items that are often confused or difficult to find. The backpack is covered with a matt finish Nylon 500 Denier Ripstop fabric with a water-resistant coating that makes the backpack less susceptible to wet environmental conditions. This backpack line is an option for those who have a passion for travelling in the high mountains or camping outdoors.

To accommodate the wide range of sizes, shapes or thicknesses of all laptops from all manufacturers, we decided to design a laptop compartment with a large size, as well as equipped with thick reinforced material. by strong seams to minimize problems such as physical impact depending on the intensity causing damage to the laptop. With this design, you don't need to worry that your thin and light laptop will warp when holding a lot of stuff, causing the laptop to be pinched. This compartment fits laptops from 12 to 17 inches. You can store electronic accessories in the opposite mesh compartment for flexibility in taking out and using them.

Our Adventure Pro Backpack is equipped with a D-ring lock so you can hang decorative keychains, or hang convenient items when needed. In addition, a keychain is also added to enhance the convenience for you to control important personal items when away. In addition, the backpack also has a dedicated compartment to hold a water bottle, helping you to provide enough water when needed and convenient so that you can reach for it or put it in so you will feel more comfortable when using it. 

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Gap Year Laptop Backpack - Academical Dreams Come True

CabinZero ADV Pro Backpack - Best Laptop Backpack for Trave

For students who have many dreams, who want something compact and minimalist but can contain all knowledge and accumulation and creativity. Then this is the backpack you must own. With a simple and dynamic design, the Gap Year backpack is designed for school trips whether far or near or a few days of field trips. Super lightweight will help students comfortably put everything in it without worrying that the backpack will hold their feet.

With a spacious interior design, the Gap Year backpack has many small compartments so that students can plan all their school supplies in an orderly manner. In addition, the backpack is also equipped with a laptop compartment suitable for laptops from 12 to 15 inches with the same technology as the CabinZero high-end backpacks. You can comfortably travel without having to worry about your laptop getting shocked, multi-force impact or warping when there are too many pinched items.

Classic Pro Laptop Backpack - The New Upgraded Version for Fast Travelling

Classic Pro Laptop Backpack - The New Upgraded Version for Fast Travelling

Bringing in the design with the basic features of the classic series, what does the upgrade of the classic proline have that we have to consider?

The features available on the classic backpack are compression straps on both sides of the backpack, straps with an air circulation system, and handles on the top and side of the backpack within the lockable zipper system. Tracking tag for anti-lost and handy laptop compartment.

As for the typical features on each product of the classic CabinZero, for the Classic Pro backpack, it has been added with a D-ring connector so that you can hook the convenient items you often use when travelling or going out. Polyethylene frame keeps your backpack never creased and can also protect the items inside. The airflow system on the back helps you not to get hot or too secretive when wearing. Focusing on subjects that have to go to work or quite dangerous places, having a strap in front of your chest will help you reinforce the two straps and make it impossible to slip off your shoulder. We do not want to change your backpack usage habits, understanding that you often use the side and top handles, we have made two handle positions. But if you feel that carrying a backpack is easier for you than wearing it, we have a separate compartment so that you can put the two straps neatly and not be entangled on your journey.

Currently, this line is having 4 main colors: black, khaki brown, orange and navy. You have a choice of 1 of 2 sizes: 32L and 42L. 

Classic Plus Laptop Backpack - Another Upgraded to be Considered

Classic Plus Laptop Backpack - Another Upgraded to be Considered

This is one of the upgraded lines of the Classic backpack. The Classic Plus backpack still has a main compartment in the front and is designed quite wide, opposite is a zippered mesh compartment to store accessories, equipped with breathable mesh, chest straps and buckles at the waist for support to fix the backpack when moving. On the side of the corner of the bag will be equipped with a compartment for storing water bottles. There is a laptop compartment with stretch fabric to protect your laptop safely.

With 600 Denier Polyester material and water-resistant coating, it will make the backpack more water-resistant, as well as reduce the accumulation of moisture along the way. You can use the Class Plus line for long trips without worrying about the weight of the backpack blocking your feet. The backpack has been improved with a stroller handle, so you can comfortably attach it to your suitcase without fear of falling to the ground. Backpacks are also very light, so some airlines have counted this as a form of hand luggage to be carried on board.

Currently, we are having 4 main colours including black, khaki, orange and khaki brown. And this backpack has 2 sizes 32L and 42L depending on your needs.

Buying Guide for Laptop Backpacks - What Should You Need to Notice Pre-Purchase?

The Features - Which Fit in Your Demand

When you buy a laptop backpack, you will need to base it on your own needs. If you are a student, office worker or just need to move around the inner city, you will need a backpack with a compact design, a youthful, dynamic design and a simple pattern so you can move freely and participate in daily activities.

If you are a lover of adventurous explorations of sensational places, or long trips, you will need to have for yourself a sturdy laptop backpack with many compartments to carry supporting tools for your outdoor activities. The fabric will also need to be thick, the seams must be strong, and have a waterproof coating to help make the backpack durable in harsh weather conditions, to prevent drops and to avoid water absorption to minimize the accumulation of water - which adds the heavy volume to the user's shoulders and back. In addition, the laptop compartment of these backpacks will need to have additional shockproof padding to minimise the heavy physical forces that cause the laptop to warp.

The Comfortable - A Must-Have for Every Backpack

The most important thing for people who move a lot is comfort. Backpacks should have length-adjusting straps so that they can actively adjust the length of the belt. This will allow you to adjust the length to suit the way you wear it and can help the wearer reduce shoulder pain. In addition, the backpack should have a thick handle to help the user reduce the weight when holding. Should not choose a backpack with a handle that is too thin because that will put a lot of weight on the user's hand, making it easy for them to lose balance and fatigue when they have shoulder pain and want to change their posture.

Shockproof - An Essential Feature to Have for a Laptop Backpack

The shockproof function is also something you should consider. Shockproof materials are usually made from Canvas, polyester, and nylon to increase waterproofing and scratch resistance. The shock-resistant side will be designed with an extra thick padded compartment, to ensure a firm grip on the laptop and minimize the impact as much as possible. In addition, the Backpack will also be equipped with many small and secret compartments to facilitate the user to carry sundries.

FAQs about Backpacks with a Laptop Compartment

How to Protect a Laptop in a Backpack?

For laptop backpacks, you will find a lot of separate compartments. Each compartment is divided so you can store as many sundries as you want. But perhaps you will need to pay attention to some issues to avoid damaging the laptop.

You need to pay attention to the amount of gear you bring. For example, the number of books and documents you carry with it is too thick and squeezing with the laptop compartment. Small items such as USB are falling into the laptop compartment to prevent the laptop from being scratched. 1 unfortunately. In addition, you must not forget that the heart of the laptop is the power supply, which must be rolled up and separated to protect the conductor and the appearance of the power unit. Because many cases of power are touched and lead to fire and explosion due to improper storage in the backpack and damage to the wires or worse, the plug pins are broken.

That's why each CabinZero product is taken care of not only the quality of the product but also the items you are carrying.

What Is the Best 15 inch Laptop Backpack?

When choosing a laptop backpack, we will need to consider and consider based on our needs. If you need a lightweight laptop backpack, has lots of compartments and is spacious enough for you to comfortably carry your whole world for everyday activities, you can consider the Gap Year backpack or the Classic Backpack. These two backpacks are very compact, with a spacious laptop compartment, you can comfortably carry laptops with sizes 15 inches or more without fear of being pinched or scratched. The thick and stretchy fabric compartment will prevent other items from damaging your laptop, as well as helping you to put it in your backpack easily without taking too much time.

For those who are passionate about long-term exploration, we think the Military and Adventure series will be more suitable for you. With thicker fabric than the above two lines, as well as a larger size and volume than the rest of the lines. In addition, the shock-absorbing padding and thicker laptop compartment will help reduce the impact of your laptop on the road of adventure.

Durability of the Backpack Fabric

To hold a large number of your belongings in a compact backpack, of course, the fabric comes with high-tech stitched threads with elastic properties and absolute certainty so that your backpack can exist over time. The parachute fabric with sustainable thickness, can withstand the harsh conditions of weather as well as impact impacts when the user moves. In addition, the umbrella still needs a water-resistant coating to protect the durability of the backpack.


The zipper is also one of the features that users are most interested in. The zipper gives you the option of being able to lock your backpack so that everything inside is intact. The location of the zipper and zipper are also factors that make a backpack with high security. Most users will like to have a zipper that is light and slippery when pulled, and of course - the zipper position will be right on the front of the backpack for convenient storage or retrieval. But with a backpack with high security, the zipper will be hidden like a place on the back of the backpack and has a heavier pull to prevent thieves from stealing things in the backpack.

On the other hand, the backpack also has a name tag code to support users in case of a lost backpack while travelling. When they buy it, they only need to register their personal information on the company's website, and when travelling, if it is lost, the authorities or the person who finds it will be able to contact the owner of the backpack on the website immediately. fastest way. You can now travel without having to worry about losing your backpack.

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