AirAsia Cabin Bag & Carry On Baggage Allowance

AirAsia Cabin Bag & Carry On Baggage Allowance

      Check out the details of AirAsia Airline's baggage allowance policy for your upcoming travel, as well as best AirAsia cabin bags from CabinZero.
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      98 products

      Overview of AirAsia

      Air Asia is a low-cost carrier headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). This airline specialises in scheduled local and international flights to a variety of destinations across the world. It is also the region's first airline to offer e-tickets.

      Air Asia now operates many subsidiaries, including AirAsia Malaysia, AirAsia Thailand, AirAsia Indonesia, AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia India, AirAsia Japan, AirAsia X Malaysia, AirAsia X Thailand, and AirAsia X Indonesia. AirAsia is consistently at the top of the list of airlines, with a fleet of aircraft that rigorously adheres to the criteria of International Aviation Safety and the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia, as well as the aviation legislation of the territories in which it operates.

      AirAsia Baggage Allowance Policy

      Due to its regular low rates, the fast-expanding airline AirAsia has grown popular with travellers. Skytrax named AirAsia the best low-cost airline in the world in 2009. And, if you have any forthcoming AirAsia flights, please read the information below to learn more about how to control hand luggage and checked baggage to ensure a pleasant flight!

      All passengers are permitted to bring two items of hand luggage on board, according to cabin baggage restrictions, which include:

      One free cabin baggage. The dimensions of this luggage shall not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 in (56 x 36 x 23 cm). Furthermore, the maximum weight for this luggage will be 15 lbs (7 kg), and it must fit in the aeroplane cabin's overhead storage box.

      One complimentary personal item (laptop, briefcase, bag, etc.). You are allowed to bring items with maximum dimensions of 16 x 12 x x 4 in (40 x 30 x 10 cm).

      Please keep in mind that hand luggage is not permitted on flights departing from Jammu or Srinagar airports owing to airport security requirements.

      AirAsia, for an instance, has limitations governing the level of free checked luggage. Unlike other airlines, AirAsia provides a variety of checked luggage limits that you may book in advance, including 33 lbs, 44 lbs, and 55 lbs (15 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg respectively) packages, among others. However, free baggage laws will change depending on the location. Here are four fundamental principles for checking in luggage during AirAsia flight procedures:

      - The maximum weight restriction per individual luggage is 70 lbs (32 kg).

      - Each bag must be no larger than 47 x 47 x 32 in (119 x 119 x 81 cm), or 126 inches (319 cm) cumulatively.

      - Checked baggage of 15 kilograms is available on AirAsia domestic flights.

      If two or more people fly on the same route and check-in at the same time, their baggage allotment might be shared. However, the size and weight of each bag are limited. AirAsia's luggage policy for internal Indian flights states that baggage must weigh more than 70 lbs (32 kg) and cannot be bigger than 47 x 47 x 32 in (119 x 119 x 81 cm).

      Standard Checked Baggage Fees

      The fees for checked luggage weighing between 44 - 88 lbs (20 - 40 kg) on AirAsia flights will vary depending on the destination and departure point at each airport. To find out how much your trip will cost, check out their website and search at the costs. On the original flight ticket, the checked baggage charge is the lowest. The most expensive air baggage costs are those purchased at the airport, thus we recommend reserving and prepaying your checked luggage allowance.

      If you checked in with a heavier weight after pre-booking your baggage on the web, you will be charged for each kilogram of extra baggage. The baggage fee charged by AirAsia is determined by the airport and the country from where you are departing, so plan ahead of time and weigh your stuff to keep expenses under control.

      Excess baggage can only be paid for at the airport until the day of departure. Excess baggage costs on AirAsia flights typically depend on weight and sector (or if there is a connecting flight).

      FAQs About Airasia Airlines Baggage Allowance

      The following goods are free to travel as checked baggage if your flight is accompanied by an infant/elderly/disabled person.

      Baby stroller

      Wheelchairs and mobility devices

      Crutches and walker

      With the exception of wheelchairs and mobile devices with batteries, these things may be used up to the boarding gate before being checked into the hold.

      Certain sporting equipment is not permitted on AirAsia flights, according to the airline's luggage rules. Because of their large size and intricate handling, they can not be permitted to fly in the cabin, and some airports have prohibited them from boarding during check-in.

      + Hang gliders

      + Kayaks

      + Canoes

      + Sails

      + Oars

      + Javelins

      + Pole vaults

      AirAsia's luggage policy for domestic flights allows for a maximum weight of 50 lbs (23 kg). Passengers can, however, pay an extra cost at the airport or online to boost the luggage limit to 88 lbs (40 kg).