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      CabinZero's cabin bag collection, meticulously crafted to meet Jetstar Airlines' baggage allowance, provides travellers with an ideal combination of minimalist design and practical utility.

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      28 products

      Overview of Jetstar

      The Jetstar Group is a multi-national airline group consisting of a network of Australian low-cost carriers including Jetstar Airways (a subsidiary of the Qantas Group) in Australia and New Zealand, Jetstar Asia in Singapore, Jetstar Pacific in Vietnam and Jetstar Japan.

      Out of the four, Jetstar Airlines has increased rapidly during the past few years and thrive to become one of the most recognised airlines in Asia Pacific. Founded in 2003, the airline launched its first operations in Australia as a domestic airline during 2004. Since then, it has operated a mixed fleet of narrowbody and widebody aircraft, and has a headquarter in Melbourne as well as a hub at Melbourne Airport (MEL).

      For a great journey with Jetstar Airways, please refer to the following guideline to break down the rather puzzled baggage allowance of Jetstar Airlines and avoid the hustle and bustle of the check-in procedures.

      Jetstar Baggage Allowance Policy

      Jetstar is one of the most recognisable airlines in Asia during the past few years. If you’re still wondering whether to pick this airline or not, scroll down and check out this article for a detailed explanation of Jetstar Airlines’ baggage policy, including its baggage policy for both carry-on and checked luggage. You can refer to this upon making a final decision and preparing for your next journey.

      Each passenger travelling on Jetstar flights is allowed to bring 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item on board without any charge.

      Carry-on luggage

      Your carry-on luggage should:

      - Be maximum 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56 x 36 x 23 centimetres) in dimensions, with handles and wheels included;

      - Be maximum 22lb/10kg in weight for 30lb/ 14kg allowance; 

      - Fit in the overhead locker on the aeroplane.

      Personal item

      Your personal item must:

      - Be maximum 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm) in dimensions; 

      - Fit in the compartment under the seat in front of you.

      Here’s the list of common personal items:

      - A purse or handbag

      - A laptop in a thin case

      - A coat or blanket

      - An umbrella

      - A camera

      - Infant food and items

      - Approved duty free goods

      Do note that, each piece of baggage must comply with the aforementioned regulations, otherwise, you may have to get the checked in to the aircraft hold or may not be allowed to carry on your flight.

      The following information illustrates the cumulative weight that are allowed for each checked baggage on Jetstar Airlines’ flights:

      - Be maximum 39 inch (100cm) in length; 

      - For Starter Plus bundles, bags cannot exceed 10kgs on domestic flights in Japan and 44 lbs (20 kg) on other flights; 

      - For Starter Max bundles and Business Class, bags cannot exceed 66 lbs (30kg) in weight.

      Depending on the route and perks, each passenger can check up to two oversized items, and there is a separate handling fee as well as extra cost for any other bags in addition. These fees are charged per baggage, per person, per flight; and they are non-refundable and cumulative, which means more than one fee could apply to a bag.

      1. Overweight Bags

      You must pay excess baggage fees at the airport in the following situations:

      1.1 Checked baggage allowance purchased in advance 

      If your fare includes checked baggage but you arrive with more than your allowance, Jetstar will charge you for excess baggage at the per-kilo rate:

      Domestic flights: 

      Australia – 15 AUD.

      New Zealand – 15 NZD.

      Vietnam – 3 USD / 45,000 VND.

      Japan – 800 JPY.

      Intra-Asia flights – 16 USD / 20 SGD / 320,000 VND / 600 THB / 600 TWD / 120 HKD / 1,500 JPY / 150,000 IDR / 650 PHP / 50 MYR / 100 CNY.

      International flights – 25 AUD/NZD/SGD / 1,500 JPY / 200,000 IDR / 20,000 KRW.

      1.2 Checked baggage allowance not purchased

      If you don’t have a pre-purchased checked baggage allowance, you will be charged the fees at the airport check-in desk. The fees below apply for a 15 kg checked baggage allowance per passenger:

      Domestic flights:

      - Australia and New Zealand– 45 AUD / 45 NZD.

      - Vietnam – 18 USD / 360,000 VND.

      - Japan – 3,600 JPY.

      International flights:

      - Jetstar (JQ) & Jetstar Asia (3K) to/from Australia – 70 AUD/NZD/SGD / 50 USD / 1,800 THB / 720,000 IDR / 6,000 JPY / 1,750,000 VND / 55,000 KRW.

      - Jetstar Pacific (BL) – 40 USD / 750,000 VND / 5,000 JPY.

      - Jetstar Japan (GK) – 5,000 JPY / 290 HKD / 1,400 TWD / 280 CNY / 2,200 PHP / 40 USD.

      - Jetstar Asia (3K) except to/from Australia – 40 USD / 60 SGD / 725,000 VND / 1,400 THB / 1,400 TWD / 290 HKD / 5,000 JPY / IDR 610,000 / 2,200 PHP / CNY 280.

      Do note: If you have connecting flights with one domestic and one international one, you’ll be charged at the international excess baggage per-kilo rate for your whole journey.

      1.3 Oversized Bags

      Any baggage longer than 39 inches (30 cm) in cumulative dimensions is an oversized item and there will be a separate handling fee per item, per flight.

      Do note: 

      - Assistive devices, mobility aids, medical equipment, and infant items are not included 

      - The oversized item fee can be paid online, through the Call Centre or at the airport

      The information below illustrates the surcharges for oversized bag:

      - Domestic and International flights with Jetstar Airways (JQ): AUD / NZD $25

      - Domestic and International flights with Jetstar Japan (GK): JPY ¥2,500 / HKD $140 / TWD $550 / PHP ₱900 / CNY ¥120.

      International flights with Jetstar Asia (3K): USD $25 / SGD $25 / VND 400,000₫ / THB ฿620 / TWD $500 / HKD $140 / JPY ¥2,000 / IDR 235,000 Rp / PHP ₱900 / CNY ¥120 / MYR 80 / LKR 3,400.

      FAQs about Jetstar Baggage Allowance

      Items prohibited in flight include any devices, seat attachments or travel accessories that may restrict the recline of another customer’s seat or movement to aisles. For example, hoverboards, skateboards and scooters are not accepted and may be included as part of checked baggage. Such devices can obstruct movement to seats and aisles, damage aeroplane’ seats and fixtures, and block access to emergency equipment.

      There are three aviation brands that are owned by the multi-national Jetstar Group and also famous for being affordable and time-saving, namely Jetstar Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways and Jetstar Japan. The Jetstar Group follows the Qantas 'two-brand' strategy, so its focus lies primarily on the leisure market and all airlines members share the famous 'Jetstar' branding.

      Yes! You can bring your own food, as long as you are discreet about it and make sure it meets their safety requirements. Keep in mind that security will confiscate any liquids over 100ml. 

      Yes, you can bring one small musical instrument as long as it fits into the overhead cabin or the under-seat compartment. If not, we recommend you bring it as checked baggage, as some airports will not allow them through security as carry-on baggage.