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      Here on this page, you can learn everything about Pegasus luggage regulations and the best CabinZero cabin bag to accompany you on this airline.
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      28 products

      Overview of Pegasus

      Pegasus Airlines, which began operations in 1990 and is now Turkey's second-biggest airline, is a Turkish low-cost carrier headquartered in Istanbul. Pegasus Airlines offers low-cost flights to a variety of locations in Europe, Russia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

      Pegasus now provides four innovative flight packages to choose from: Basic, Essential, Advantage, and Flexible, allowing travellers to pick and pay for whatever services they require, such as checked bags, meals, and seat selection in advance. Passengers can reserve meals online up to 24 hours before departure for as little as £6, which includes salads, a feast of the day, and special meals.

      Pegasus Baggage Allowance Policy

      Pegasus is one of Turkey's biggest airlines and is frequently chosen by consumers travelling to Europe. Pegasus always makes guests feel comfortable and happy when flying with a varied network of routes, superior service quality and committed staff. Pegasus, like other airlines, has its luggage restrictions to guarantee a smooth trip and minimise unnecessary troubles.

      A special tip for all trips: verify the baggage allowance of the airline you are travelling with before your flight to ensure you can bring all your luggage. Let CabinZero support you - we'll share with you the detailed carry-on and checked baggage guidelines below.

      Each passenger is entitled to one piece of carry-on luggage free of charge as per Pegasus airline regulation. This luggage must be no larger than 55 x 45 x 20cm and no heavier than 8kg. However, if you fly in business class, you will receive an additional 4kg for free, bringing your total weight to 12kg.

      In addition, each passenger can carry one hand baggage of 55 x 45 x20 cm or one compact personal item no more than 35 x 20 x 20cm, such as a laptop case or handbag.

      The checked luggage allowance for a Pegasus trip is determined by the kind of ticket you purchase:

      For domestic flights in Turkey and flights to Northern Cyprus, Essentials and Business Flex tickets include one piece with a maximum weight of 15kg, while Advantage tickets include one piece with a maximum weight of 20kg.

      For international flights in the Essentials, Advantage, and Business Flex ticket classes, 1 piece of luggage up to 25kg is provided.

      You should be aware that the Basic ticket does not include checked luggage for both local and international flights. If necessary, you can purchase extra luggage up to two hours before your trip. The cost of this varies depending on where you go. Passengers under the age of two can only check in 10kg of checked luggage and cannot purchase additional checked baggage.

      Pegasus Airlines' baggage policy is straightforward, and it is mostly determined by the price class selected. Of course, the higher the ticket price you buy, the greater the discount on checked baggage allowance.

      If your baggage is greater than the permissible weight (15 or 25kg depending on your route), you can simply purchase extra weight of excess baggage, up to 50kg. It should be noted, however, that the maximum weight for any sort of check-in bag is 32kg. It is less expensive to pay for extra luggage in advance, either at the airport or online.

      - Passengers travelling within Turkey must pay an extra TL 4/kg for a single trip and an additional TL 8/kg for a domestic connection (provided that payment is made before check-in).

      - Domestic travellers who pay the checked baggage fee at the airport are charged TL 8/kg for one flight, TL 30/kg for luggage weighing less than 20 kilograms, and TL 12/kg for luggage weighing more than 20 kg.


      Of course, you can carry sporting equipment, but you will be charged extra baggage costs for it. Unlike other airlines, this airline's sporting equipment charge will be separated into categories, as listed below.

      For domestic flights:

      Golf set (14 golf clubs, 24 balls, 1 pair of shoes) : 15 TRY 

      Sails (windsurfing, ocean surfing, kitesurfing) : 45 TRY

      Diving equipment (1 wetsuit, fins, mask, empty oxygen tank, tank harness, tank pressure gauge, float compensator, underwater light, snorkel, knife, javelin, life jacket): 30 TRY

      Skateboards: 10 TRY

      Bicycle: 45 TRY

      Other special equipment: 45 TRY

      For international flights:

      Golf set  (14 golf clubs, 24 balls, 1 pair of shoes): 20 USD

      Sails (windsurfing, ocean surfing, kitesurfing) : 45 USD

      Diving equipment (1 wetsuit, fins, mask, empty oxygen tank, tank harness, tank pressure gauge, float compensator, underwater light, snorkel, knife, javelin, life jacket): 15 USD

      Skateboard: 10 USD

      Bicycle: 45 USD

      Other special equipment: 45 USD

      You can bring your instrument on board the airline for free (since it's included in the ticket price) as long as it fits within the carry-on luggage restriction. If your instrument is bigger, there is a 45 USD cost on international flights where it can be put on the seat next to you.

      Contact your airline ticket agent or check the website ahead of time for further information.