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      CabinZero's cabin bag collection, thoughtfully designed to comply with Air New Zealand's baggage allowance, promises travellers a perfect mix of trendy aesthetics and practical functionality.

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      28 products

      Overview of Air New Zealand

      During the pre-pandemic period, this airline flew more than 17 million passengers every year, with 3,400 flights per week. As it is mentioned in the company slogan, 'Enrich our country by connecting New Zealanders to each other and New Zealand to the world'. With their focus lying primarily on customers,  you can feel rest assured that the quality of this airport as well as onboard product and staff service, i.e., seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc., will definitely live up to expectation.

      For a better journey with Air New Zealand, please refer to the following guideline to break down everything you need to know about baggage policy and avoid possible problems with check-in procedures

      Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance Policy

      Based out of Auckland airport, Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline for New Zealand. This air company is exceptionally well-known for being New Zealand’s largest domestic and international airline. In fact, it offers scheduled flights to 20 domestic and 32 international destinations in 18 countries. Certified as a 4-Star Airline for the quality of airport, onboard product and staff service, Air New Zealand itself proves to be well-deserved for being considered as one of the best airlines in Asia. 

      However, sometimes in spite of your attempt to plan everything carefully beforehand, something wrong with the baggage or personal items can still come up and cause you trouble. 

      That being said, in this article, our Cabin Zero team will help to sort it out quickly for you the puzzled baggage allowance for both carry-on and checked bags of Air New Zealand. You can refer to this upon making a final decision and preparing for your next journey.

      Air New Zealand flights allow each passenger to bring 1 carry-on luggage plus 1 personal item on board without any charge. However, there are a few regulations about the number, weight and size of bags that are included in each type of Air New Zealand fare that one needs to take notice to avoid problems.

      Carry-on luggage

      For Economy class, your carry-on luggage must:

      - Be maximum 46.5 inches (118cm) in total (height + width + length), including any wheels and packed away handles;

      - Be maximum 15lb (7kg) in weight; 

      - Fit in the overhead locker on the aeroplane.

      Do note: For Premium Economy, Business Premier, connecting Business Premier, and Star Alliance Gold Members (including Airpoints Gold and Gold Elite), travellers are allowed 2 carry-on bags as long as they are maximum 30lb (14kg) in total, with one item up to 22lb (10kg). 

      Personal item

      There is no clear dimension policy for personal items included in carry-on luggage. Each passenger is permitted one small personal item as long as the overall weight does not exceed the aforementioned regulation. If not, you may have to get them checked into the aircraft hold or may not be allowed to carry on your flight. 

      Here’s the list of common personal items:

      - A small purse or handbag

      - A slim laptop

      - A coat or blanket

      - A compact  umbrella

      - A camera

      - Infant food and items

      - Approved duty free goods

      Aside from seat only fares which only include carry-on luggage, all other fares with Air New Zealand include checked-in baggage. The size allowance for checked baggage on Air New Zealand’ flights is 61 inches (152cm) in total per item, and each of which can weigh up to a maximum of 50lb/23kg. 

      Air New Zealand domestic flights 

      The Seat+ Bag, Flexi Time and Smart Saver purchase allows you to take one piece of checked bag maximum of 50lb/23kg. If your ticket is a Flexiplus, you are permitted to bring an extra checked bag weighing up to 50lb/23kg. . 

      Air New Zealand international flights:

      Travellers who book a international flight with ANZ must adhere to the below requirements:

      - The Seat + Bag, The Works and Economy class passengers are permitted to check in only one piece of checked baggage with the maximum cumulative weight of 50 lbs (23 kg). 

      - Works Deluxe and Premium Economy class passengers are permitted to check in up to 2 pieces of checked baggage with the maximum cumulative weight of 50 lb/23 kg each.  

      - Business passengers are permitted to check in up to 3 bags with the maximum weight of 50 lb/23 kg each.  

      Do note: The total dimensions for any checked baggage must not exceed 158cm. If it is not enough for you, consider purchasing an extra bag at least 30 minutes before a domestic flight and 90 minutes before your international flight.

      When you buy a ticket from Air New Zealand, you are allowed the maximum weight of 50lb (23kg) per item before being charged additional fees for your extra bags, heavy or large items. 

      You can either purchase a prepaid extra bag or pay the fees for excess baggage at the airport. However, instead of paying the full airport excess baggage fees, we recommend you purchase prepaid extra bags before you get to the airport. Such preparation beforehand would definitely help you reduce the excess fee.  

      You must pay excess baggage fees at the airport in the following situations:

      - Extra bags or items not already covered by your baggage allowance

      - Any item that exceeds 23kg and remain below 32kg

      - Any item that does not meet the size regulations

      If your item weighs more than 32kg, you must send it as cargo or unaccompanied baggage, which is pretty much a cheaper option. However, keep in mind that your luggage will not travel on the same flight as you, and you should check your destination's luggage restrictions before choosing this option.

      For more detailed information, please visit the Air New Zealand website directly.

      FAQs about Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance

      To be honest, we would not recommend you risk it, even if your bag is soft-sided and only slightly oversized. You would not want to get charged a big fee for putting your luggage in the hold at the last minute.

      However, if you really have no choice, we would say it’s potentially possible, as long as you are prepared to have a repack or you can try to put on some of your heavier clothing to bring the weight down! After all, if your bag is not a hard case and you can just fit it into the sizing device, there shouldn’t be any problem.

      The Seat only passengers are only allowed to check in with one carry-on bag (maximum 7kg). Therefore, if you have more baggage than you expected, you might want to change your booking to a seat+bag fare. With a seat+bag ticket, you can also buy one or more prepaid extra bags and have up to three checked-in bags.

      But keep in mind one thing: You only get up to 90 minutes before an international flight to change your ticket, and only up to 30 minutes before a domestic flight.

      Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can only purchase Prepaid Extra Bags on flights that are ticketed and operated by Air New Zealand.