Laptop Backpacks

Laptop Backpacks


      Those were the working-from-home days. Everyone is out working in their offices, coffee shops and co-working spaces carrying their laptops and mobile devices with them. For entrepreneurs and hustlers, a multipurpose laptop backpack is a game changer if you were to choose that backpack for your every adventure. 

      98 products

      98 products

      CabinZero Laptop Backpacks - Where Productivity Meets Wanderlust

      The best laptop travel bags fuel your digital nomad dreams. Whenever you are at a co-working cafe or mountaintop vistas, your laptop, chargers, and essentials are protected and organised. Investing in one is obvious, but do you know how to invest in quality? Read more to find out.

      Laptop Backpack For Professionals On The Go

      These backpacks pack efficiently for short trips. Some travel laptop backpacks also spot a sleek, minimalist design that complements suits and boardrooms, so business travellers don’t have to worry about if a backpack would fit a business setting or not.

      Laptop Backpack For Students

      When the learners want to carry textbooks, laptops, and study materials between classes and libraries, there’s no better choice. Laptop backpacks are lightweight and small, thus they are very easy to carry between classes, and even for that transition from school to work life.

      Laptop Backpack for Digital nomads

      A laptop backpack offers much-needed flexibility for freelancers and digital nomads who need a mobile office. Their design and durability shield your laptop from Bali's tropical rains and Tokyo's bustling crowds.

      What Type Of Laptop Backpack Is Best

      The best laptop backpacks and rucksacks are geared towards protecting your machine while providing a good balance between comfort and style. Look for these features if you want to travel to and from the office with ease and style:

      Laptop Sleeves

      All CabinZero packs are equipped with a laptop sleeve, which makes travel so smooth you’ll forget your tech even exists. And when you need it, it is always within reach.

      Padded Laptop Compartment

      Some laptop backpacks, like the Classic Tech, feature a well-padded compartment with extra cushioning on the edges and bottom. These help absorb shocks and protect your laptop from bumps and drops, which is crucial since most laptops aren’t built like a tank.


      A water-resistant laptop backpack and rucksack may save you a day in case of occasional unexpected rain or coffee spills. And even more so if you travel to somewhere like Asia in the monsoon season. You can also take extra precautions against extreme weather conditions with a rain cover.

      Laptop Cable Organisers

      Besides a spacious compartment, CabinZero laptop backpacks offer dedicated inner zip pockets that keep cables neatly separated and prevent frustrating tangles.  No more digging through your bag for the right cable in a hurry.

      Backpack Classic 44L Napa Wine

      Carry-on Compatibility

      A laptop backpack benefits frequent fliers as it helps them avoid baggage fees and potential delays associated with baggage claims. Carry-on compatibility also translates to a better ability to navigate busy airports and public transportation.

      Built For Travel

      Comfortability is also important. The ADV and ADV Pro include additional features, such as a chest belt and padded waist belts that make your back pain-free. 

      Backpack Classic Pro 42L Georgian Khaki


      Yes, any usual totes or backpacks can be used to hold your laptop, but laptop backpacks typically have padded compartments and protective features to keep your laptop safe from bumps, drops, and scratches. Plus, they are designed to make it easy to take your laptop out separately for security checks. Therefore, we think they are very worth it if you travel with your laptop a lot, especially if you fly frequently.

      Yes, you should. Even though you can put your laptop in a suitcase or a checked bag, it’s wiser to put it into your carry-on, or in this case, your backpack. This way, you can always keep your eyes on your (often costly) machine. Plus, it’s easy to check your email or do some work while waiting for boarding. The longer the journey, the more comfortable and padded your laptop backpack should be.

      The main difference between a laptop backpack and a regular backpack lies in how well it can hold and protect a laptop. Laptop backpacks often include padded compartments, water-resistant materials to shield against spills and elements, and dedicated pockets for chargers and peripherals. Regular backpacks, on the other hand, are typically more limited in additional features, focusing on basic storage and carrying functionality.

      A TSA-approved laptop backpack isn't a specific type of bag but rather one that complies with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for carrying your laptop through airport security. 

      • They have a lay-flat compartment that allows you to open the bag and lay your laptop flat for a clear view of the X-ray screening.
      • The laptop compartment should not have metal snaps, zippers, or buckles, and thick padding around it, as these can obstruct the view in an X-ray machine.
      • Generally, these bags are designed to be simple without a lot of pockets or layers that could obscure the view of the laptop.

      However, using a TSA-friendly laptop bag does not mean you get a free pass. The final decision for additional screening always rests with the TSA officer.

      The effectiveness of "TSA-approved" laptop backpacks is a bit nuanced. They are not entirely foolproof, as you may or may not have to remove your laptop for screening. That said, TSA-approved laptop backpacks often make sliding your laptop in and out a breeze. Plus, they have paddings for added protection and pockets for accessories. Therefore, they are still worth considering if you travel a lot with a laptop or just want to simplify things as much as possible.

      CabinZero tips: Get a TSA Precheck to skip taking your laptop out.

      The good news is, there's no specific size restriction for a TSA-approved backpack. The "approval" itself focuses on features that make baggage easier to screen, not dimensions. Overall, choose a backpack that complies with your airline’s carry-on size and weight restrictions. Something in 30-35L volume and dimensions of 22x14x9 inches is your safest bet if you want to pass the check gate smoothly.