Best Backpacks For Digital Nomads From CabinZero

If you're still wondering which backpack digital nomads should have, CabinZero will provide you with the solution in this article.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, remote working has grown in popularity. It even blasts a professional trend that young people nowadays are interested in: digital nomadism. This has resulted in completely different corporate structures and ways of living.

Digital Nomads are described as independent workers who voluntarily accept a working lifestyle that is not dependent on fixed work locations, which allows them to travel the world and operate a business remotely through connected technology.

As a result, before embarking on any journey, the baggage that nomads must pack is always an important consideration. Because of their regular travel between areas, nomads frequently pick backpacks that meet the characteristics of durability, compactness, and convenience. So for the beginner nomad, don't hesitate to skip the list of diverse backpacks below that meet the above criteria and more.

Classic Backpacks


It will be inconvenient if you often take your laptop outside without support and protection. If you're looking for a device that makes it easy for you to travel with your laptop, CabinZero's Classic Backpack is a perfect option.

CabinZero's Classic Backpack collection includes up to 58 models in a variety of colours and sizes, giving clients a wide range of options. The Classic Backpack series' exceptional size is not too large, especially with the protective belt design, and the shoulder strap ventilation system allows you to move freely without the concern of damaging the equipment within. Thanks to perfect shockproof technology and superb waterproof protection, the Classic Backpack firmly provides clients with a secure, pleasant, and incredibly personal experience.

Classic Plus

Classic Plus Backpack line - the more sophisticated line of the Classic model contains 8 goods in two sizes, 42L and 32L, providing consumers with luxury and convenience. When wrapped with a high-grade waterproof layer, the outside of the Classic Plus Series has an incredibly good waterproof feature to assist you in securing your laptop and valuables in the best way possible.

 Furthermore, the Classic Plus Backpack has substantial storage capacity with several compartments, is available in two sizes, and is built with a High-Density Polyethylene frame topped with a Shoulder Strap Airflow System.

So you won't have to worry about your laptop becoming damaged or scratched when you move. Furthermore, CabinZero's products are always updated with new trends and fashions, so they come in a variety of models and costs, making it simple to pick for yourself or give gifts to people around you.

Classic Pro

Classic Pro is the most advanced line in the Classic series of Cabin Zero models, with four silk colours and two sizes. Classic Pro is the backpack for travellers who enjoy minimalism, with a compact design that is streamlined yet still full of features from the Classic and Classic Plus series. 

With an unusually big storage compartment, you can use it for everyday school, travel, and outing outfits in addition to carrying a laptop. Furthermore, the Classic Pro Backpack combines a dynamic, sporty style with a modern design, making it popular among men.

Classic Flight

CabinZero created the Classic Flight model for tourists to use as hand baggage when flying. The Classic Flight model has been highly handy for many digital nomads because of its compactness and ease of use. 

Classic Travel's 12L capacity allows consumers to pack portable tablets, critical documents, and wallets for their flight. Customers can also use it as a daily backpack since, due to its highly respected origin, the Classic Flight Model always provides users with a sense of security and durability, making it perfect for all types of excursions.

Adventure Backpacks



The basic Adventure model will come in two sizes: 42L and 32L, making it ideal for serious travel aficionados. With two handles on the top and one on the side of the bag, they will be extremely easy to carry and move around. The Adventure Model Backpack is waterproof and has a 500 Denier Rip-Stop Nylon Matte Coating, making it both sturdy and lightweight.


As a more improved version of the Adventure model, the features that make this backpack the greatest backpack brand today are its young, modern, and incredibly optimised design. Because the Adventure Pro backpack is designed for travel, backpacking, and adventure exploration, it is always supplied with an extremely durable, water-resistant cover.

The ultra-waterproof, ultra-lightweight fabric provides a smooth, expansive area for the digital nomad's laptop that is not afraid of shocks. Furthermore, the Adventure Pro backpack offers plenty of smartly designed additional compartments with a High-Density Polyethylene Frame to assist you to maximise the backpack's space.


The Adventure Dry Waterproof Backpack is intended to keep all of your goods dry even in the worst of inclement weather.

The Adventure Dry line items are primarily intended for individuals who enjoy travelling, hiking, and exploring strange locations. For nomads, the Adventure Dry additionally has a removable zip pocket with an RFID-blocking pocket and a lightweight air-mesh adventure bag backpack with a shoulder strap. 

Because of its extremely effective shockproof and waterproof qualities, you will be entirely satisfied and secure while placing your laptop in this bag. The backpack is also intended to be highly compact, flexible, and durable, making it easy to transport anywhere, at any time.

Urban Backpacks

Military Backpack

Military backpacks deserve to be the greatest backpacks in the roughest situations, featuring Military Grade 1000 Denier Nylon, mesh fabric, air mesh shoulder straps, top and side handles, bottle compartment, and YKK Zipper. Furthermore, the fabric of these backpacks is exceptionally resistant to fire and abrasion. Additionally, the fabric is created with an extraordinarily strong structure that prevents water from seeping into the interior of the bag.

You can also explore and select the appropriate size backpack for your journey. CabinZero's backpack is separated into six distinct sizes to accommodate all of your needs. After reading this post, you should have a better understanding of the best backpack for digital nomads that can contain both your stuff and the highest quality backpacks for laptop holding.

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