TUI Airways Baggage Allowance & Cabin Bag

TUI Airways Baggage Allowance & Cabin Bag


      About to go on a trip with TUI Airways? Check out this article to find out all there is to know about their baggage allowance and best TUI Airways cabin bag from CabinZero for your upcoming journey.

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      30 products

      Overview of TUI Airways 

      TUI Group (TUI AG) is a multinational travel and tourism group based in Hannover, Germany. Owning five European subsidiary carriers, this airline group can be considered as the seventh largest airline operation in Europe

      - TUI Airways (United Kingdom)

      - TUI Fly (Germany)

      - TUI Fly Belgium (Belgium)

      - TUI Fly Netherlands (Netherlands)

      - TUI Fly Nordic (Scandinavia) 

      Out of the five, TUI Airways has been well-known for its claim as World's Best Leisure Airline at the Skytrax World Airline Awards for more than seven times. If you are going to travel with TUI Airways, one thing to remember is that the total weight of baggage passengers can bring is based on the type of the booked holiday or flight. The related information will be clearly marked on your booking confirmation, either on the e-ticket or via email. 

      TUI Airways Baggage Allowance Policy

      Based in the United Kingdom, TUI Airways (Tourism Union International Airways) has been one of the most recognisable aviation in Europe in recent years. In addition to its great discount airfares, TUI Airline also offers flexible flight times to more than 70 destinations around the world. Whatever destination you're heading to, this carrier would be the very best choice for a truly affordable and memorable experience.

      To ensure that your experience is as good as it can be throughout the flight, there’s a few things you should also take note about the general rules and guidelines for TUI Airways’ baggage allowance. According to the latest policy, the luggage allowance will vary depending on what type of holiday each passenger book with them. 

      Sounds rather complicated and troublesome, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. We’ve done the summary for you to save you some time. So keep scrolling down for more detailed information on luggage allowances for checked and carry-on bags, as well as how much extra baggage will cost. 

      Regardless of the type of holiday or flight, each passenger travelling with TUI airline is allowed to bring 1 piece of hand luggage free of charge as long as it follow the requirement below:

      Be up to  21 x 15 x 8 inches (55 x 40 x 20 centimetres) in dimensions, with handles and wheels included;

      Be up to 22 lb (10kg) in weight

      Fit in the overhead storage compartments

      Note: Make sure items such as laptops, handbags or purses fit within the standard 1 piece of hand luggage, otherwise you will be charged for additional fees. 

      Unlike hand luggage, your checked-in luggage will vary slightly depending on the type of holiday or flight you’ve booked. Please refer to these guidelines below for everything you need to know about the cumulative weight of checked baggage on each type of TUI Airlines’ flights.

      Flight Only

      For a flight only booking, charges will be applied to each of your check-in baggage. In other words, you will have to pay an extra cost since  there is no hold or checked baggage allowance. The maximum weight varies according to your booking, so it can either be 20kg or 25 kg.

      Tip: It’s less expensive to book online at home rather than pay at the airport. 

      Premium Club 

      If you decide to upgrade to Premium Club, you'll receive a maximum 23 kg luggage allowance together with the standard 10kg hand luggage. 

      Package Holiday 

      If you’ve booked a package holiday, you are allowed to bring one piece of checked luggage with a maximum weight of 15 kg. From long vacations to short breaks and weekend getaways, depending on specific types of the package holidays, you are also allowed to bring bigger check-in luggage as long as it does not exceed 20kg. For more detailed information, please visit the TUI Airways website directly. 

      Baggage Allowance for Infants & Children

      Unfortunately, there’s no hand luggage allowance for any infant under the age of 2, regardless of seating type or flights. However, for check-in luggage, TUI Airways does allow 1 piece of bag with a cumulative weight of no more than 10kg for each infant. Parents might as well bring a pushchair, a travel cot or car seat as checked luggage without any extra fees. Just make sure they are subject to certain requirements to avoid being charged with additional fees.

      According to TUI Airways’ policy, your luggage is required to be subject to the size and weight restriction or else you will be charged additional fees for your extra bags, heavy or large items. That being said, even if you’ve already paid extra to bring a bag on board (flight only booking), you’ll still be asked to pay an excess luggage charge for any bag exceeding the maximum dimension, as outlined below:

      - Short-haul flights: £13 or €17 per kilogram for any item over the allotted amount

      - Mid-haul flights: £15 or €19 per kilogram for any item over the allotted amount

      - Long haul flights: £18 or $27 per kilogram for any item over the allotted amount

      When it comes to excess baggage policy, TUI airline is known to have quite strict regulations and each traveller must notify the airline about any of your oversized items 2 months in advance. So make sure you follow the TUI Airways’ checked baggage allowance accordingly to avoid long security check in and hefty fees for your baggage.

      FAQs about TUI Airways Baggage Allowance

      According to TUI Airways’ policy, these following items are completely banned in your carry-on luggage:

      - Scissors, blades, knives or any sharp objects

      - Smaller vehicles with lithium batteries

      - Fireworks

      - Liquid bleach

      - Tools (especially the battery-powered ones)

      - Firearms, ammunition, axes, baseball bats or any items could be used as weapons

      Yes , but you will have to notify the airline at least 2 months in advance before the trip so that the airline can determine whether you can bring it and whether there’s any further requirement. Once the booking for your sports equipment is confirmed, you may be allowed to carry it onto the flight.

      Yes, you are allowed to bring one small musical instrument as long as it fits the standard carry-on luggage allowance. If you have a larger instrument that exceeds the maximum restrictions for hand luggage, you’ll need to purchase an extra seat for it in advance or else you won’t be able to get through the security check.  

      Note: Check out TUI Luggage Guidelines page for details on what you can and can’t take as luggage onto the flights.