Backpacks for Work

Backpacks for Work

      The backpacks for business class commuters, coffee shop freelancers or digital nomads who are not into briefcase, CabinZero backpacks for work serve as a great everyday carrier that allows you to stay hands-free whilst transporting your gear back and forth between work and home.
      78 products

      78 products

      CabinZero Work Backpacks - Your Next Work And Travel Backpacks

      Having a work backpack makes all the difference. Taking your laptop for a quick email check is no longer a chore. Pens, papers, documents, etc., are all in its place. Accidental spills or occasional drizzles are no longer a worry. Everything is organised and well-protected, all the while ensuring you maintain a professional look.

      Designated laptop sleeve

      Our work backpacks can hold 12”-17” laptops and any-sized tablets.


      Featuring a water-resistant coating and high-quality zips


      Never worry about your laptop getting banged up on your way around the globe – the CabinZero backpacks have a laptop sleeve to keep it safe and secure. The Classic Tech has an external padded laptop compartment on the back, which makes removing your laptop at the security a breeze.


      The CabinZero work backpacks are specifically designed to meet the carry-on size restrictions of most airlines. You can simply stow your backpack in the overhead compartment and be on your way. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to navigate through crowded airports and busy streets.

      Organisation For A Productive Day

      Conquer your workday with our organised work backpack. Zipped pockets keep essentials at your fingertips, while the spacious compartment swallows up your laptop, documents, and more.

      Commuting Made Easy

      With CabinZero backpacks, you can breeze through your daily commute with ease and style. They are incredibly lightweight, durable, and water-resistant to boot. 

      Zip, Clip, Lock, Explore

      Who says you can't have convenience and security? The CabinZero Pack features lockable zippers so you can carry your work essentials with peace of mind. The Okoban Tracking feature allows you to register your backpack online, so if it ever gets lost, everything is always just a track away.

      Expandable and Adaptable

      Compression straps on CabinZero work backpacks allow you to cinch it down to your preference (reasonably). The pack can easily adapt to your packing needs for anything from a weekend getaway to a month-long journey. You'll be amazed at how much stuff you can fit in there.

      For Work and Play

      CabinZero work backpacks are designed to be the ultimate work and play companion. Once the workday is over, CabinZero work rucksacks transform into your everyday partner. Pack away your work gear and fill it with your gym clothes, snacks, and a Bluetooth speaker. CabinZero is the ultimate multitasker, just like you.