The built-in lost and found protection on CABINZERO bags


Okoban is a system that allows individuals to register property which have been assigned unique Okoban identification codes. You can register your CabinZero bag online, so that in the event that it is lost and then found it can then be returned to you.

The Okoban system is integrated into WorldTracer which is the central lost and found system used by airlines. It is used by over 400 airlines, airport companies and baggage handlers. So if your bag is lost in transit and has an Okoban tracking ID then it should easily find its way back to you.

If the bag is lost outside of the airline system then somebody finding it can go to the Okoban site and register that they have found the bag. You are then contacted via email or SMS and then you can contact the finder to arrange recovery.


Here is a close up of an Okoban tag on a CabinZero bag. The tag may be covered by a "Please Activate" sticker that you will need to remove to reveal your Okoban ID number:

On most of our CabinZero bags the Okoban tag is located just above the side handle on your bag.

How do I register my CabinZero bag with Okoban?

To register your bag, open up your browser and go to Okoban.com.

You will then be asked to enter the OKOBAN code on your bag and other information as well, including your personal & contact details, the model and colour of your bag.