Top Solo Female Travel Destinations 2024: Budget-Friendly Adventures For For Solo Female Traveller

Travelling solo as a female is a life-changing experience for many women. Even though the benefits are obvious, leisure travel can be expensive. From transportation to accommodations, food and entertainment, travel costs are one of the biggest challenges for travellers. According to Bankrate, an average vacation day within the U.S. can cost around $225, ruling out flight costs. 

Solo female travel is an empowering experience. By discovering many cheap places to travel solo female, you can make the most out of your budget and visit more countries worldwide. When choosing new countries to visit, affordability and safety are top priorities for solo female travellers. 

As more and more women choose to explore the world on their own, solo travel is getting more popular, making friends with other female travellers is easier, and even off-the-beaten destinations are becoming more accessible. Whether you are a first-time solo female traveller or a seasoned one, this ultimate guide to cheap destinations will inspire you to start your adventure.

Best Cheap Places for Solo Female Travel In Asia

Asia has been a well-known region for budget-friendly destinations. Since the cost of living is cheap and the exchange rates of many Asian currencies are low compared to USD or EUR, Asia is an ideal destination for solo female travellers on a budget. You can explore many destinations in Asia with great value compared to more expensive destinations in Europe and North America.


Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female

Thailand is a well-known Asian destination with many affordable travel experiences. Photo by BullRun on

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • Vietnam offers travellers many interesting places to visit with diverse landscapes and budget-friendly activities. You can sample famous Vietnamese dishes in local markets and local eateries at an affordable price. Staying at a homestay is a great way to connect with the locals while saving money on hotels. 


  • FCDO Travel Advice: advises against all but essential travel to Xaisomboun Province
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • The country is often overlooked by travellers, yet there are plenty of interesting places to visit and fun things to do in Laos on a budget. Laos has many budget-friendly destinations that are less touristy, such as Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage town for biking, trekking, and wildlife viewing, and Plain of Jars, a scenic site with rice paddy fields. 


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Avoid Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Known for its stunning islands and beautiful beaches, the Philippines is a tropical paradise for many solo female travellers and digital nomads. You can try island hopping using public ferries instead of booking expensive boat tours or visiting the country's free natural attractions like White Beach in Boracay.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Don’t travel to Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Southern Songkhla, and Hat Yai-Padang Besar train line
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • Thailand is a popular tourist destination for various reasons. From aromatic Thai dishes to vibrant nightlife and must-visit destinations, there are many pocket-friendly options available in Thailand. It is best to avoid tourist traps and visit less touristy areas to save more while seeing a more authentic side of the country.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • Known as one of the most affordable destinations to visit in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a hidden gem for solo travellers. Consider exploring affordable local experiences in Cambodia like cycling in peaceful villages and trying out tropical fruits.

    Inexpensive Travel Ideas for Solo Female Explorers To Africa

    Africa is on the travel bucket list for many adventurous travellers. The good news is that Africa offers many affordable lodging and activities for budget-conscious travellers. You can avoid expensive flight rates by visiting the continent during the off-season. Signing up to volunteer with the UN Volunteers is a great way to visit Africa on a budget while contributing to a worthy cause.


    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female

    Remember to dress modestly (covering your shoulders and knees) to avoid unwanted attention. Photo by uengo_ua on

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Morocco attracts travellers around the world for its famous Mediterranean cuisine and plenty of exciting things to do such as visiting Chefchaouen - the Blue Pearl of Morocco or getting lost in the mediaeval city of Marrakech. Be sure to try out the inexpensive Moroccan street food and avoid drinking as alcohol is highly taxed.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Advice against travelling to the Kenya-Somalia border, Eastern Garissa County, etc.
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • The country is a well-known tourist spot for its wildlife preserves, safari destinations and scenic landscapes. Therefore, if you stay in luxury lodges or participate in a popular safari experience during its high season, Kenya is not a budget-friendly place to visit. For animal lovers with a budget, spending time with adorable giraffes at Giraffe Centre for about $10 per visit or supporting the orphaned elephants by visiting their nursery at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for about $20 per visit are great options.

    South Africa

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • The country has attracted travellers of all budgets for its impressive coastline, vibrant cultures, and budget-friendly travel costs. You can consider hiring a car to get around, using South Africa's budget airlines like Mango, and finding cheap accommodations on online booking platforms.

    Affordable Destinations for Solo Women In Europe

    Despite being a smaller continent compared to Asia and Africa, holidayingin Europe is the goal of many travellers. Thanks to its rich cultural heritage, impressive culinary diversity and artistic monuments, Europe is a highly sought-after destination, which can be expensive to travel to. It is best to avoid expensive holiday destinations like London, Paris, Switzerland or Amsterdam and visit the less touristy places to avoid high prices.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • This Southeast European country is known for its green landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and historic towns. Bosnians are hospitable and friendly. Locally made goods are relatively inexpensive, and a holiday in Sarajevo, the country's capital, is pocket-friendly. You can consider flying to Bosnia and Herzegovina in November, as it is during its low season, and flights are cheaper than in June, the high season.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Avoid the Ukraine-Poland border regions.
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • For solo female travellers with a limited budget, Poland is an ideal country to visit with affordable cities such as Lublin and Olsztyn. You can join a free walking tour to explore the city of Lublin, visiting museums that offer free days or joining free music festivals in Poland like Pol'and'Rock. To get around, the PKP railway system is used by many budget travellers as a primary mode of transportation.


    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female

    Popular destinations like Istanbul, Antalya, and Cappadocia have a strong tourist presence and are generally safer. Photo by Michal -

  • FCDO Travel Advice: Don’t travel to Turkey-Syria border, Sirnak city, and Hakkari Province.
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Turkey is a country of cultural diversity and rich traditions. From the popular natural wonder of Cappadocia to iconic Turkish mosques and hearty Turkish national dishes like Köfte (also known as meatballs), travellers around the world come to Turkey for various reasons. Take advantage of the overnight buses in Turkey to save money on accommodation and flights when travelling long distances.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • Romania is known for many things, including its exceptional hospitality, the historic region of Transylvania and the majestic Carpathian Mountains. Budget travellers can easily find affordable accommodations in major cities as well as food options and activities that suit every budget.

    Safe and Cheap Places For Solo Women In North America

    North America is known for its diversity, from stunning landscapes to rich cultures and distinct wildlife. There are many worthwhile destinations on the continent, but not all are equally affordable to budget travellers. As flight tickets, accommodations, and meals can add up quickly, it is important to choose places that can offer more value on a limited budget. Here are a few budget-friendly destinations in North America.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions.
  • Canada boasts a reputation as a safe and welcoming country, consistently ranking high in global peace indexes.  With friendly locals and a well-established infrastructure, you can explore with confidence. Hike through Banff National Park's majestic peaks, kayak amongst the glaciers of Nova Scotia, or whale watch on the Pacific coast. Free camping opportunities and affordable hostels decrease costs and allow you to stretch your travel dollars further.

    Costa Rica

    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female - Cabinzero

    This view can be all yours. Photo by Lozzy -

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • The country is affordable compared to many Western countries and European destinations. However, Costa Rica is not a super cheap destination to visit in North America. That does not mean that you can not travel to Costa Rica on a budget. You can save money by staying at hostels and dorm rooms away from the coast. The northern coast of Costa Rica is more affordable than the touristic southern coast. Volunteering is a good way to save money while supporting eco-friendly projects and local-focused initiatives in the country. 

    Dominican Republic

  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Known as a tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is blessed with astonishing beaches, turquoise waters, lively culture, and rich history. To avoid tourist prices and find more authentic experiences, focus on the lesser-known towns.

    Top Destinations for Solo Female Travellers In South America

    South America is a heaven for budget-conscious travellers as the continent has many top-value destinations. Street food is delicious yet inexpensive. Hostels and guesthouses are widely affordable in many parts of the continent. And there is just so much to do and see. Here are our picks for the top cheap destinations in South America.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: No notable warnings or alerts
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Bolivia is a country full of dazzling surprises. Not only is Bolivia known for its indigenous cultures, picturesque landscapes, amazing traces of colonial days and ancient civilisations, but it is also loved by travellers for its affordability. You can save more by travelling on land rather than flying. Travel slowly and eat like a local.


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Avoid Amazonas State
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Brazil is an incredible place to visit on a budget. With good exchange rates and great value offered, Brazil attracts travellers around the world for its well-known cuisine, world-class beaches, and hop neighbourhoods. Do visit Brazil during the low season, usually from May to September, as this time of year is less crowded, and you can save more on accommodations and flight tickets. 


    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female - Cabinzero

    Peru is a relatively safe country for women to travel alone. Photo by BullRun -

  • FCDO Travel Advice: Avoid Within 20km south of the Peru-Colombia border and VRAEM
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution
  • Popular tourist hotspots like Machu Picchu will surely break your budget. However, there is plenty to see in the country, including budget-friendly activities like visiting the hip neighbourhood of Barranco and the beach paradise of Miraflores. Less touristy areas such as Amazonas are generally less expensive, and the crowds are smaller. 


  • FCDO Travel Advice: Avoid Coastal Region and within 20km of the Ecuador-Colombia border 
  • US Travel Advisory: Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.
  • Stay away from the expensive imported liquor, and you will find that Ecuador offers many top-value-dollar experiences for solo travellers. Flights to Ecuador can be pricey, so it is important to fly cheap flights in advance if you are travelling on a tight budget. Consider flying to Ecuador in the low season months from September to November and February to April.

    Important Tips For Solo Female Travellers

    Unwanted situations and incidents can happen to anyone. Safety concerns are among the most discussed topics related to solo female travel. As solo travel offers wonderful life experiences, do not let troubled instances stop you from exploring the world. Follow these solid tips and wise advice from seasoned travellers to minimise your risks on the road. 

    Safety Rules For Every Situation

    As some destinations are more safe than others, it is always a good practice regardless of your destination to follow safety rules.

    • If you use rideshare services, be sure to follow safety tips such as riding in the backseat, confirming the licence plate and driver information, and not oversharing your personal information.
    • Ensure that someone knows your whereabouts at all times. Stay connected with friends and family back home while you're traveling solo. Share your itinerary with someone you trust and check in regularly. 
    • Meeting in public places is highly recommended. If you plan on drinking, it is for your safety to avoid excessive drinking and never leave your drink unattended. 
    • Aiming for moderation when considering what to wear. Leave your expensive jewellery, fancy watches and luxury handbags at home to avoid attracting the wrong type of attention.
    • Try to blend in with the locals. Avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself by dressing modestly and respectfully. This can help you avoid unwanted advances and stay safe while exploring new destinations.
    • Stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Avoid poorly lit areas and deserted streets.
    • Have a list of local emergency numbers, including the nearest embassy or consulate. Know how to contact local law enforcement.

    Here are some more resources to stay safe while being an adventurous solo female wanderlust:

    Research, Research, Research

    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female - Cabinzero

    Learn about where you are heading is a practical safety tip. Photo by BullRun on

    Before heading out to your chosen destinations, it is recommended that you spend time researching online about the culture and traditions of the new country. This is especially important when you are travelling to more conservative countries. 

    Learn about local customs, dress codes, and potential scams. Dressing appropriately shows that you respect the local culture. It also allows you to blend in and avoid attracting unwanted attention. Travel-friendly clothes such as multi-functioning scarves and multi-pocketed pants are always useful items in the list of travel essentials for women.

    Learn From Other Female Travellers

    Solo travel does not mean having to be completely on your own. Connecting with other like-minded solo female travellers can be a wonderful experience. Not only can you get helpful tips from others, you can make friends along the way and share new experiences together. Having a buddy, even if it's just for a day trip, can add an extra layer of safety and companionship to your journey.

    There are many online groups and digital communities for solo female travel. Join a few, spend some time on these groups and see how you feel before meeting members and joining group events.

    Use Common Sense And Trust Your Gut

    Use your common sense, even when you are travelling to a country with high safety index. No place is 100% safe. At best, there are risks of pickpocketing and tourist scamming.

    Pay attention to who is close to you and where you keep your valuables in crowded places such as on a bus or at a local market. When using your phone, be aware of cell phone theft in urban areas and protect yourself by using it mindfully. 

    As a solo female traveller, it's crucial to trust your instincts. If something feels off or unsafe, don't hesitate to remove yourself from the situation. Your gut feeling is often your best guide, so listen to it and prioritise your safety above all else.

    Pack Smart

    A versatile capsule wardrobe and a carry-on backpack will keep you mobile and adaptable. Pack for comfort and functionality, considering the climate and activities you'll be doing. Don't forget a first-aid kit and basic medications.

    Choosing the right bag is crucial to a safe and sound trip. It can keep your valuables, such as travel documents, money, and smartphone, safe. Not to mention, a cabin-sized one would save you hundreds of pounds of luggage fees. The CabinZero Backpacks are made with this in mind. Minimalist yet chic, they are the perfect pack for your adventure into the unknown.

    • Minimalist style to easily blend in with the crowds
    • Lockable sliders for further protection (locks not included)
    • Carry-on friendly, so you don’t have to worry about luggage fees
    • Spacious compartments and quick-access pockets
    • Laptop sleeve to protect your devices on the go
    • Made from durable materials, water-resistant coating, and YKK zippers that can stand the test of time.
    Cheap Places To Travel Solo Female - Cabinzero

    Budgeting Tips For Solo Travelling Female

    Financial stress during the planning phase of your vacation can be overwhelming. So does the unsetting credit card bills after your trip. Planning your travel budget well is the best way to manage your travel costs, stay within budget and maximise your available funds. 

    Prioritising Your Necessities Beforehand

    Transportation, accommodations and food are considered necessities for every traveller. For transportation, you can put flights, local transport, and visa application fees in this category. For accommodations, you can budget for hotels, hostels, and rentals with taxes and fees. Even though food has more flexible pricing options, you should set aside a separate budget that is based on the number of vacation days. 

    Book Your Accommodations Wisely

    Accommodation is usually one of the biggest expenses when travelling. Single supplements are on-going challenges for solo travellers as hotels often add a surcharge when a room is occupied by one person. So how to avoid paying for single supplements? 

    You can consider sharing a room with another like-minded female traveller and make new friends. Switch to other alternative accommodation types such as hostels. Or book your accommodations at places that do not apply a single supplement surcharge.

    Boutique hotels and female-only hostels are a safe option. Photo by Jo Panuwat D on

    Eating At Local Markets And Local Eateries

    Eating local is one of our favourite budgeting tips. Not only does this save you money, but you can also support local businesses. Small eateries and local restaurants often have authentic food options at lower prices than big restaurants and eateries in tourist areas. How do you find good local places to eat? You can ask locals for recommendations, look for recommendations online, and read reviews. 

    Flexibility Is The Key To Saving

    Flying is a convenient and time-saving way to travel. However, flight tickets can be costly. If you are given the option, you can try taking a train rather than flying. You can find the experience pleasant by spending quality me time and watching the landscape en route.  Encounter an expected situation on the road? Consider letting go of your originally planned activities and choosing other alternatives within budget.

    Have A Budget For Unplanned Expenses

    Common unexpected costs for most travellers are baggage fees, transaction fees or exchange rates and medical emergencies. Solo travel means you have to be prepared for unexpected situations on your own.

    Before travelling, set aside a separate budget to cover unplanned expenses. Be aware of the hidden costs and avoid paying unnecessary costs like overweight baggage fees.

    To avoid baggage fees, you can travel light and check for your airline's baggage policy beforehand. Mapping out costs in advance is a good way to be prepared and actively allocate funds to your unplanned expenses.

    Ready to Fly Solo?

    Female solo travel has become an emerging trend around the world. However, finance is still the biggest challenge. With these cheap places to travel solo female list, the tides are changing, and we can explore the world on a budget. You can see the world and create cherished memories on fun-filled solo journeys without breaking the bank. 

    Let's empower other female travellers by sharing this article as an inspiration to friends and family members. Happy travel, and have the trip of a lifetime by yourself! 

    Chau Dao

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