3 Tips From a Singaporean Traveller — How CabinZero Made Budget Backpacking a Breeze

When I embarked on my trip in July this year, I did not know how long I would be gone for. You see, I had bought a one-way ticket out of Singapore with no concrete plans on when, or how, I would return. So I needed a versatile travel backpack that offers functionality, durability, practicality, and tons of storage space!

As I was researching for what I thought was a mythical backpack, I came across CabinZero’s ADV Pro 42L. Its minimalistic exterior made me swoon but what won me over was the optimised design that included a tracking tag, laptop sleeve, and stowaway straps. Plus, the water resistant material and rip-stop fabric assured me that I would be adventure-ready!

The ADV Pro managed to fit all that I needed for the 3-month-long trip
The ADV Pro managed to fit all that I needed for the 3-month-long trip. Photo courtesy of Cedric Choo

Being a remote worker, a backpacker, and someone who’s perpetually paranoid about losing luggage during layovers, I feel like the CabinZero Adv Pro was made just for me. I ended up travelling around the world with it for three months!

Could this be the best travel backpack for you too? Read on to find out three of my travel tips and decide for yourself!

Travel Tip #1: Plan For A Peace of Mind

Travel Tip #1: Plan For A Peace of Mind
Travelling with my CabinZero from busy streets in Portugal to packed cities like Istanbul! Photo courtesy of Safiah F.R & Cedric Choo

Being a budget traveller, long layovers and multiple connecting flights are no stranger of mine. This can increase the risk of losing my luggage in transit — a thought that gives me extreme travel stress. So when I found out about the tracking tags on CabinZero backpacks, I was thrilled! Using the backpack’s unique tag, anyone who finds my backpack would be able to send a report through okoban.com. The Okoban system will then notify me via SMS.

Once when I was commuting from Venezia to Istanbul, I was passing time in departures during a long layover when I overheard a couple trying to locate their lost luggages. In a panic, I whipped my phone out to check if I received a notification from Okoban, which I gladly did not!

I also love the peace of mind that the rip-stop fabric and lockable zippers provide. It gave me much needed reassurance when strolling along busy cities like those in Spain and Portugal. 

Life hack: Always ask the check-in counter staff if the airline will transfer your checked baggage for you to the connecting flight! Every airline operates differently and it does not hurt to be sure.

Travel Tip #2: Pick a Travel Backpack that Doubles as a Luggage

Travel Tip #2: Pick a Travel Backpack that Doubles as a Luggage
CabinZero Adv Pro functions as a backpack when on the go and a luggage when it comes to check-in counters. Photo courtesy of Cedric Choo

As someone who has never used conventional luggage when travelling before, I have had more than my fair share of side-eyes from counter staff during check-in! Trust me, it is not a fun experience. They would often ask if I could neaten the straps of my bag. Once, I was even handed a huge plastic baggie and a cable tie to seal my bag in!

I feel so relieved now to be able to stow away my backpack straps thanks to ADV Pro’s ingenious design. It also ensures that the straps stay in mint condition during long-haul flights! Plus this multi-way luggage has a sleeve for trolley handles which makes running through airports a breeze.

Life hack: Keep a tote in your backpack. You can use it as a carry on after checking in your luggage! This means that you’re only always carrying one bag at a time, keeping your movements unrestricted.

Travel Tip #3: Get One Backpack that Does It All

Travel Tip #3: Get One Backpack that Does It All
With a laptop sleeve and lightweight design, I was able to use my ADV Pro as a day pack! Photo courtesy of Cedric Choo

From cafe runs to trekking in forests, I brought my CabinZero everywhere I went! Since I was travelling long-term and stayed in one city for at least two weeks at each time, I could easily unpack, leave what I did not need in my room, and only bring the essentials out for day trips. Personally, I love the water bottle pocket on the side! 

One time in Porto, after spending the day at a coworking space, I wanted to do a grocery run but realised that I had forgotten to grab my reusable bag. They say, when there’s a will, there’s a way — I managed to fit two weeks worth of groceries into my CabinZero with so much space to spare! It is hard to believe that this same bag doubles as my luggage. But now that I have gotten used to the convenience, I cannot see myself travelling any other way. 

Life hack: Bring a foldable grocery bag when you travel! More often than not, supermarkets do not provide single-use plastic bags — great news for the environment.

Bonus Tip: Pack Light

This is one travel tip I will always stand by! Travelling light will take the load off your shoulders (quite literally), especially when you are battling crowds, heat, and jet lag. Here is my non-exhaustive, essential packing list that you can use as a guide:

  • Essential IDs (passport, travel documents, booking confirmations)
  • Cash and Cards 
  • Essential electronics (laptop, handphone, cameras)
  • Clothing (if you foresee having access to a laundromat, pack half of what you think you need)
  • Medication
  • Personal care products (I limit myself to one ziplock bag!)
  • Shoes (bring a versatile pair that is suitable for long walks and wet activities)
  • Hiking boots.

Clothing and footwear will ultimately be determined by the destination, the weather and the type of activities you see yourself doing. Whenever I face a conundrum, I ask myself, “If I really need this item while abroad, can I find a simple solution or will it be a costly fix?”

Not packing a pair of hiking boots might be costly if I end up having to buy one! But forgoing a cute puffer jacket is fine — especially if I have already packed a windbreaker that can be used for both day trips and hikes.

Is CabinZero Adv Pro the Best Travel Backpack For You?

Is CabinZero Adv Pro the Best Travel Backpack For You?
Me at the last stop of my trip — Cappadocia. Looking forward to the next adventure with my CabinZero! Photo courtesy of Cedric Choo

As a budget traveller, it is important for me to cut costs at every corner. Minimising expenditure can be obvious for big ticket items like flights and accommodation but smaller expenses can add up too!

Learning how to pack light and bring only what will fit into a 42 litre backpack was tough but ultimately, it helped me save a lot on airline baggage fees.

It also meant that wherever I went within the city, I was carrying under 10kg and could pretty much get around on foot most of the time! Plus with the added safety features of the CabinZero Adv Pro, I knew that it was quite unlikely for me to lose my belongings.

Having experimented with several types of travel bags, I can safely say I have found the one. Or at least, for me, the CabinZero Adv Pro has yet to be overthrown!

If you are an adventurous traveller, love being hands-free, and never fly without your laptop, I would recommend you to give this backpack a try and experience all these thoughtfully designed features for yourself! The CabinZero ADV Pro comes in four colours and is available in two sizes — 32L and 42L!


Born on a 734.3 km² island-city but a nomad at heart, Safiah quit her 9-5 for the freedom to travel. Now, she is a writer, teacher, and occasional pet-sitter, who lives, and breathes, work-life balance. 

She often scours the globe with Singaporean underwater videographer, Cedric Choo. With a shared passion for travel and wildlife, the creative duo combine their skills to seek out and capture the beauty of hidden gems around the world.

Peek into their separate lives on Instagram, @safpotter, and @choocedric where they share real travel experiences, drop tips, and give insights on the remote working lifestyle.

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