Top 10 Things to Do in Barcelona

1. See La Sagrada Familia Church

La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Church

It's one of the most spectacular churches in the world and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Spain with 3.2M visitors in 2014.  And yes it is a church or more accurately a basilica and not a cathedral, a cathedral must be the seat of a bishop.

Construction of the church started in 1882 and the famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi joined the project in 1883.  He transformed the building with his architectural style.  Unfortunately Gaudi did not live to see it's completion.  Mainly because it's still being built!  Completion is due in 2032 over a 100 years after Gaudi died.

It will cost you 15-30 Euros to get in depending on what you want to see and it's open at 9am every day and closing time varies throughout the year but is anywhere from 6pm in the winter and 8pm in the summer.

Ticket Information Here

2. Stroll La Rambla

Las Ramblas Tourist Shopping Barcelona

La Rambla is a street that cuts through the center of Barcelona.  It's 1.2km long so it's easy to walk and soak in the atmosphere.  There are plenty of places to shop and eat and there will be no shortage of street performances and artists willing to draw your caricature.

At night thought the southern part of La Rambla has a seedier side with strip clubs and prostitutes a common sight.  Also beware of pickpockets, conmen and bag snatchers as they are attracted to the big crowds and the unsuspecting tourists.

Map and Information Here

3. Watch The Magic Fountain

The Magic Fountain Tourism Show Barcelona

The Magic Fountain of Montjuic is a spectacular water, light and music show and is considered a must see in Barcelona.  It was built for the 1929 International Exhibition and was only started a year before the exhibition.  Everyone thought it was too ambitious to build it in that time but 3000 workers managed the feat and it was ready to go.  You can't help thinking they should have been asked to help with the church. 

It's an evening event and the times vary throughout the year.  It does not run on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday so plan your visit accordingly with the latest information.

Hours and Location Here

4. Tour The Camp Nou

Camp Nou Barcelona Messi Neymar Suarez Spain Tour

The Camp Nou is home to a small club in Spain called Barcelona.  If you can't get a ticket for a match then the tour is the next best thing.  We can attest to it as we've been on it.  It'll set you back 23 Euros but it's worth it to tour the facilities and get some great pictures to make your friends jealous.  It's a must for all football fans.

It's open every day except New Year's Day and Christmas Day and the hours vary but in general you can visit from around 9:30am until 7:30pm.  If it is a match day you can only visit the museum and the hours will be restricted so check your dates.

Nou Camp Tour Website


5. Visit the Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter Barcelona

Want to be transported back in time? Then you should wander around the maze of narrow streets in the Gothic Quarter.  You can take in buildings from the Roman and Medieval era which still forms the core of modern Barcelona.  You'll find a cathedral, churches, the city hall, the old Jewish quarter and the remains of the Roman temple of Augustus.

Map and information


6. Eat Tapas

Tapas Barcelona Bar Restaurant Where to Eat

When in Rome...well actually when in Barcelona you should be eating tapas.  Tapas are a wide variety of appetizers and snacks, hot or cold.  Don't want to pay for your tapas but still want to try it?  Well if you're going to have a drink then find a bar that gives you a free tapa when you buy an alcoholic beverage.  Check out Timeout's guide below.

Timeout Guide to Free Tapas in Barcelona


7. See Some Art

Picasso Museum Barcelona


The art scene is vibrant in Barcelona and you have your pick of places.  The most famous is the Picasso museum which holds the largest collection of his pieces and was actually opened whilst he was alive.

There are other great choices but our favourite is the Prostíbulo Poético or Poetry Brothel?  Once a month in different bars around the city a "madame" will introduce her "putas" who will read original work to the masses and then you can hire a girl to take you into a dark corner and read you poetry.  What more could you want?

Picasso Museum Hours

Poetry Brothel Website


8. Climb a Mountain

Montjuic Climb cable car barcelona


Too many beers?  Too much tapas?  Well work some of it off by climbing Montjuic.  It's the perfect place to relax with a picnic, sit in the shade to escape the sun and enjoy the view it gives you of Barcelona.  If the climb is too much you can take the cable car but we know you can manage it.  On the way back go towards El Ravel along Carrer Mistral and grab a meal at a local restaurant rather than all the tourist places you've been to, you won't regret it.

How to get there


9. Play Football on the Beach

Beach Soccer Football Barcelona Mediterranean

It's the home of Lionel Messi and probably the greatest football team of its generation so why not show off your skills on the beach?  Alternatively you could play beach volleyball, dip a foot in the Mediterranean or just work on your tan.  Barcelona has 4.2km of sandy beaches just 10 minutes from the city center.  What are you waiting for?

10. Buy a CabinZero

 cabinzero classic camo lightweight carry on bag

CabinZero is on sale in various locations in Barcelona.  Purchase one and start saving money by not having to check your bag and pay those additional fees that airlines love to charge.  Check out CATBAG here.




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