Introducing CabinZero Classic Tomato Festival: Embrace The Fun And Quirkiness In Life

What is the most fun experience in your life? Close your eyes and recall it. Is it the time you and your pals have the biggest snowball fight on the day the school is called off? Or when you decide to try that exhilarating zipline over the rainforest? The CabinZero Classic Tomato Festival is all of those and more - an embodiment of all the fun on the journey ahead.

A Celebration Beyond the Ordinary Food Fight

It’s pure fun and a break from everyday routine. flydime, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret that we draw inspiration from La Tomatina. So what is La Tomatina? It's a food fight where everyone, young and old, laughs with their hearts, all the while drenching each other in tomato goodness. Laughter, shouts, and the joy of camaraderie filled the air of Buñol’s centre on this particular Wednesday in August. It's messy, it's chaotic, but everyone is having the time of their lives.

How did this event come to be? The details are unclear, as there’s no official record of how and why it started. However, there’s one version most would agree to be the origin of it all. There was a street brawl in 1945. During the course, a vegetable cart was knocked over. One thing leads to another, and people start throwing tomatoes in all directions. A street brawl turns into a playful food fight. And the rest is history.

When a Spanish leader once tried to halt this tomato craze citing “lack of religious significance”, the people's love and a symbolic “tomato coffin” parade in 1957 reignited the festival. The local authorities allowed the mass tomato-fuelled food fight to continue and even recognised it as an official event.

And that’s proved to be one of their best decision. The event is now one of the biggest ones in Spain, welcoming up to 20,000 spirited participants per year, many times the small size of Buñol can handle. They even have to start selling tickets to limit the number of people. Even though it has its ups and downs, the world’s biggest food fight is still going strong for nearly 80 years and won’t be going away soon. 

From Buñol’s Streets to Your Everyday Adventures

We at CabinZero believe in embracing the fun and adventurous side of life.

As a traveller, you will encounter all sorts of experiences and people. Be it something foreign or even borderline strange, they are all a part of something greater that will broaden your horizon. What if you have a backpack ready for such eventful moments to enjoy them to the fullest? Durable, water-resistant, and of course, stylish?

The vibrant burst of reddish represents not only the tomatoes but also the resilient spirit of La Tomatina participants. You can trust The CabinZero Classic Tomato Festival backpack, made from long-lasting material, to withstand the ferocity of everyday travel and adventures. A backpack is as good as it can hold on its own, right? And if the inevitable wear and tear comes, we’ve got you covered with a limited 25-year warranty.

Post-La Tomatina, the streets of Buñol are washed to a pristine state, often leaving them cleaner than before (the tomatoes are also good for cleaning your skin). Similarly, the festival offers participants a unique opportunity to cleanse and start afresh. Our backpack, inspired by this very ethos, ensures you're always ready for a fresh start, no matter where you are.

Beyond La Tomatina

Every pocket, zipper, and strap crafted for the modern adventurer.

While the spirit of La Tomatina inspired us, our vision traverses beyond the tomato-drenched streets of Buñol. We've designed not just a backpack but a lifelong companion ready to embrace all corners of the globe with you. Weighing in at a mere 600g, this backpack promises effortless portability without compromising durability.

After durability and weight, the next thing you need to know about a pack is the organisation. Outside, you will find an accessible front pocket, conveniently placed to hold your passport, ID, or anything you need quick access to. Whether you want to engage in tomato tossing, release the lanterns to the Taiwan sky, or catch a magic moment with your camera, your essentials are always within arm’s reach.

True to our minimalist approach, we took the liberty to include a clamshell design with one large compartment. It zips open and close in a suitcase fashion so you can effortlessly pack and unpack; no more rummaging through everything to find what you need. And if you want to up your packing game, we have just what you need: the wonderful Packing Cubes.

Secure Your Slice of La Tomatina with CabinZero!

Whenever the journey had more in store than you could've ever predicted, the CabinZero Classic La Tomatina get your back. It’s a celebration of the journey past, the ways ahead, and anything in between.

This new colourway is the Classic backpack forged anew with a new sense of purpose: to bring people closer and to inspire you to embark on new and foreign experiences wherever you go, just like the spirits of La Tomatina

If you plan to be among the 20,000 participating in Spain’s messiest (and arguably most fun) event, grab our backpack now:


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