Most Beautiful Greek Islands - The Best Greece Islands To Visit

Many travellers are drawn to Greece because of its many historic sites, picturesque communities, and warm beaches. Here are the top 22 most beautiful Greek islands.

Greece is a nation made up of hundreds of islands, each of which is beautiful in its way, and a hilly continent. Nature has given everyone breathtaking scenery. Over the years, history has developed one-of-a-kind monuments that witness humanity's old civilisation.

When it comes to Greece tourism, everyone imagines a place with thousands of years of Western civilisation and infinite epic legends. That is why, now, everyone knows about the gods, and the historical accounts are both sorrowful and beautiful. Greece tourism is also a fascinating and worthwhile adventure! Greece is the birthplace of Western culture, and it is one of the countries with the most impressive civilizations in ancient times, ranging from historical and cultural accomplishments to exceptional architectural, scientific, and technological contributions to mankind. This location is more prominent than ever after dedicating itself to 18 UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites.


Athens is Greece's biggest ancient city, dating back around 3000 years. This city has been continuously inhabited for over 3,000 years. The city is named after the Greek deity Athens, who is the god of war and justice. Because of its long history of formation and growth, Athens is considered the cradle of Western civilisation. It is also the birthplace of democracy. Athens, the capital, provides a unique combination of history and contemporary, making it the most popular Greek tourist destination.

Photo on Unsplash. The Acropolis Amphitheatre in Athens, Greece

Visitors to Athens can not only admire the ancient, magnificent, and massive beauty of the famous ancient Roman architecture, but also learn about the archaeological remains and history of the Parthenon, the Temple of Erechtheion, the temple of Athena Nike, the Acropolis system (the temple of the gods on Olympia), the ancient Agora and the Theatre of Dionysus, the temple of Zeus, and the Propylaea gate.

It can be claimed that the capital Athens is a haven for travellers interested in learning about Greek culture and history through museums, as it also houses the New Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum (displaying works of art. unique and distinctive art of contemporary artists, stone age tools, precious antiques). Furthermore, Greek tourists have the option to enjoy this country's stunning natural beauty.


Santorini, commonly known as Thira, is an island in the Cyclades archipelago. Santorini, Greece, is one of the world's most beautiful islands. This is without a doubt one of the most appealing Greek tourist attractions that every visitor would like to visit. Santorini is a Greek island in the southeast.

Santorini is a stunning Greek island known for its romantic beauty and gorgeous backdrop of whitewashed towns and blue domes. For those who enjoy delectable cuisine, distinctive hotel experiences, ambling through cobblestone streets or shopping, it is the ideal vacation spot. There is also much more to discover on this beautiful island.

Photo on Unsplash - The blue-domed church along the edge of the crater.

The two settlements of Fira and Oia, with their rugged posture clinging to the edge of the cliff viewing the turquoise waters ahead, are the most famous in Greece. If you have the opportunity to travel to Europe and visit Santorini, do not miss the local church, which has two major hues, white and blue, that alternate. 

Furthermore, Thera Museum in Fira is a worthwhile addition to your itinerary, as tourists will discover world-renowned frescoes such as Spring, The Monkeys, and The African. When visiting Santorini, you can not only admire the gorgeous scenery and delicate and brilliant paintings, but you can also sample the traditional specialities of Greek food.


Mykonos is one of Greece's top tourist destinations, enclosed in the Aegean Sea. It's a charming village with winding alleyways, whitewashed lanes, and distinctive windmills. Mykonos, often known as the party island, attracts large people throughout the summer due to its dance clubs and beach music. Mykonos' gorgeous city centre and windmills are among the island's most prominent attractions. This island's nightlife is as varied and colourful as a reunion of fun heaven with bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Photo on Unsplash - Panoramic view of the old port in the city centre with turquoise sea and beach.

Travelling to Greece in Mykonos will undoubtedly provide you with more lovely sensations than you have ever experienced. The whitewashed Paraportiani church in Mykonos town and the abundant sandy beaches on the island's southern coast are popular attractions. Not only that but it is also recognised as a shopping paradise with a wide range of unusual and luxury clothing.

Thermaic Bay - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is Greece's second biggest city, located on the Thermaic Bay. It is Greece's commercial, business, transportation, and tourism hub. This city has a long history and a rich culture from the Early Christian period, and it was also Alexander the Great's hometown.

If you include Thessaloniki in your Greece vacation itinerary, you can visit Thessaloniki Beach Promenade to enjoy the sea and sunset, or Aristotle Square. Alternatively, you might go to the Byzantine monastery, Aristotelous plaza, and the ancient market.


Photo on Unsplash - Ancient Agora Square and Roman Forum Thessaloniki

Museums commemorate the city's history, such as the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and Cultural Museum, and the Museum of Cinema, where visitors can explore sculptures, paintings, and walls going back thousands of years and learn more about the origin and growth of this lovely Greek city.


Crete is Greece's biggest island and is well-known among visitors for the stories of the Minotaur monster from Greek mythology. Crete, along with Santorini, is increasingly renowned as the country's tourism paradise. If you enjoy the water, head south where you will find innumerable magnificent beaches such as Preveli, Plakia, Ligres, Triopetra, and Agios Pavlos. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing and swimming before visiting calm fishing villages with rustic life or admiring old castles like Kastelli in Chania, Fortezza in Rethymno, Heraklion, and Kazarma castle in Sitia, and Monte Forte in Lassithi.

Photo on Unsplash - Landscape with Kalypso Cretan Village, Crete

Crete has almost 1000 kilometres of shoreline, therefore, gorgeous beaches are constantly appealing to visitors to Crete. Bali Beach is one of Crete's most beautiful and well-known beaches. This beach is located in Crete's northern area and the natural backdrop of Bali beach is wild, quiet, and romantic. A little calm community with a picture-perfect landscape is located right close to the beach. You will be submerged in the refreshing sea water here, learning about the life and culture of the people who live here.

Chania is a bustling and developed metropolis that is also the island's second biggest. This city has a busy waterfront and old alleys full of intriguing things for us to discover. In addition, there are several long-standing historical structures in Chania, including the Faros lighthouse and the Turkish mosque.


Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago, which is located in the Aegean Sea near Turkey's shore. The Greek island of Rhodes has long been a popular tourist destination, sitting on the warm sea, bright and breezy, surrounded by lush green trees, studded with millions of blossoming flowers everywhere, creating a romantic landscape.

Photo on Unsplash - Saint Paul and Paralia Agios Pavlos, Rhodes .'s most famous beach

Not only that but this unique island is supported by a vast history and culture. Rhodes is regarded as one of Greece's most beautiful islands, with thick pine woods adjacent to flower fields of dazzling hues such as bougainvillaea, hibiscus, and others, intermingled with amazing beaches and antiquities dating back centuries. A large brick wall surrounds the front half of the island, isolating it from the neighbouring coast. The island has numerous bustling locations that draw a lot of people, but the most appealing attraction on Rhodes Island is the ancient town, which is perched on a high hill.

The Greek island of Rhodes is constantly at the top of the list for the most beautiful landscape in the country, with a natural blend of high mountains, vast sea, immaculate white towns with long cobblestone roads, and seaside eateries that have made the famed land poetry. There are innumerable fresh things for visitors to discover in every lane and on every street corner on the Greek island of Rhodes. From fortifications with sturdy gates, towers, or fountains, to churches and always-crowded squares. The iconic cobblestoned Knight Street, in particular, is located in one of Europe's finest preserved areas.


Milos has to be at the top of any ranking of Greece's most beautiful islands. The island has increased in popularity in recent years due to its distinctive beaches, small villages, delectable local cuisine, and laid-back environment.

Photo on Unsplash - Sailboats moored in the bay at Milos island

Milos is an island with one-of-a-kind beaches, restaurants, boutique hotels, and little towns with a lot to offer as you stroll about. However, this area is quiet at night, with only a few modest pubs and clubs.

Milos, the paradise island, has several hotels from which to select and unwind. You should select an Airbnb in a local style, with numerous villas offering romantic and relaxing sea views. Furthermore, the Tania Milos estate, located in the old village of Pollonia, has accommodations with views of the sunrise and sunset on the island's gorgeous beaches.

Wandering around the cities and small villages of Milos, which are packed with the traditional blue and white painted buildings, is an equally intriguing experience for visitors. Visitors should meander around Plaka, the island's capital, and enjoy the historic and charming environment of narrow lanes, lovely souvenir stores, or cafés and pubs with a view of the gorgeous sea.


Corfu, the northernmost of the Ionian Islands in the Adriatic Sea, is a popular stop on Greek cruises. Corfu Greece is one of the most beautiful and romantic Ionian island groups. Corfu's beautiful green hills, regal castles, and picturesque Sala beaches all leave an impression. Corfu's rich past is connected with intriguing legends in Greek mythology, but it also represents the many cultural and architectural influences of the numerous foreign empires that dominated the city over many centuries, including Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, English, and French.

Photo on Unsplash - View of Porto Timoni beach in Corfu

Explore the island's capital, Corfu, and you'll discover Sala's great history mirrored in towering castles, noble castles, breathtaking museums, and attractive squares. As you travel out from Corfu, you will come across lovely beach villages, green islands, luxury resorts in Sala, and untamed natural scenery. Corfu's beaches are hidden in the dunes, surrounded by woods and lush mountains, and are among the greatest beaches in Greece!


The Peloponnese is also known as Morea, which means "mulberry leaf" in Greek. The Peloponnese is a lovely peninsula fashioned like a huge leaf, located at the southernmost portion of both Europe in general and Greece in particular. This is a well-known location involved in several violent wars in Greek history. The Peloponnese and its entire network of fabled cities including Olympia, Sparta, Corinth, and Gytheio will provide you with a beautiful perspective, with numerous historical monuments designated as Unesco World Heritage sites.

Photo on Unsplash - The beautiful village of Limeni on the south coast of Mani, Peloponnese

The Rio-Antirrio bridge connects this renowned Greek vacation spot to the mainland. Peloponnese has long been a tourist draw on par with other Greek towns due to its ancient Greek temples, Venetian fortifications, Byzantine churches, and Mycenaean palaces.

The Corinth Canal, with its long, narrow, blue water that passes over the strait and divides the Peloponnesian peninsula from Greece, is the next attraction.

Visitors will be delighted by quaint tiny alleys, exquisite Venetian houses, and breathtakingly stunning ports.


Ios Island is seen to be a wonderful blend of the historic and tranquil space of Milos and the bustling life of Santorini. You can struggle in the cold seawater of the incredibly gorgeous beaches during the day, and in the evening, you are utterly overwhelmed by the busy nightlife scene. Ios has several beautiful beaches, as well as traditional Greek towns and a vibrant nightlife scene. Ios is a hilly island between Naxos and Santorini with cliffs facing the sea.

Photo on Unsplash - Odysseas Elytis Theatre on the island of Ios

The island of Ios will be ideal for travellers who enjoy going out with friends and who enjoy an exciting and noisy atmosphere. Ios is another great island for young visitors who enjoy the hustle and bustle of life. It's a favourite destination for Australians and North Americans visiting Europe, and it's generally less expensive than the other islands.


Paros is an island noted for its fantastic cuisine and beaches, with long sandy beaches and a broad variety of eateries. Its proximity to neighbouring Antiparos provides for a variety of activities and local communities no matter where you choose to stay. Although the island is just around 200 square kilometres in size, the terrain is varied, with magnificent white sand beaches, stunning canyons, traditional towns, and old architecture. The white-covered homes on the island are also a characteristic architectural element of Greece.

Photo on Unsplash - Beautiful Naoussa Village, Paros Island

The church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani, erected in the fourth century, is one of the region's most prominent attractions. The Greeks referred to it as the "Church of a Hundred Doors," as well as one of the most well-preserved early Christian structures in the nation. There is no better spot to rest and enjoy the tranquil life than Paros, with its Cycladic architecture and the harbour of Naoussa, as well as the shops and Byzantine churches in the old town of Parikia.

For those who enjoy surfing, Paros in particular is an attractive vacation location in Greece. Every summer, the island has hosted professional windsurfing tournaments for many years.


Zante, also known as Zakynthos, is the third biggest island in the Ionian archipelago. This is one of Greece's most well-known and popular tourist destinations. The island has craggy cliffs, charming settlements, and gorgeous beaches. Zakynthos is also well-known for the endangered Caretta sea turtles that visit and dwell there. Zakynthos Island is one of the most beautiful and little-known Greek islands, with some of the greatest beach vistas. From above, you should stare down at a famous ancient shipwreck in Navagio Bay.

Zakynthos is known for its gorgeous beaches, cliff vistas, native food, and a variety of exciting activities. Zakynthos is known for its golden sandy beaches, cliffs, and lush woods.


Photo on Unsplash - Ships in the famous Navagio Bay, Zakynthos island

When visiting Zakynthos, you should take in the beauty of sites such as Navagio Beach with clean water; Zakynthos Marine Park; Gerakas Beach; Paralia Porto Vromi, Laganas, etc.


Folegandros is a very beautiful island located between Paros and Santorini. Despite its proximity to two of Greece's most cosmopolitan islands, Folegandros maintains its distinct flair. The island of Folegandros keeps its untouched appeal while being relatively unspoiled for foreign tourists. 

Photo on Unsplash - Katergo Beach, Folegandros

Folegandros is a tiny, lovely, calm, but romantic island. It's mostly untouched, with local bakeries and taverns, stunning coastline vistas, and lovely beaches ideal for resting and soaking up the sun on the Aegean. This is the ideal location for pristine beaches, relaxation, and learning about the local culture.


Naxos, one of Greece's most beautiful islands, has various bathing areas all across the island where you can take a soothing dip in the crystal sea while gazing at the blue sky. Swimming or diving is the finest experience in late spring, but you should also explore the bays by boat or sail. This breathtaking location draws travellers with its rich valleys, green canyons, lovely beaches, and quaint settlements perched on high mountain summits. 

Photo on Unsplash - Idyllic beach in Naxos

People here still dress in traditional clothing and live a modest life with gardens on rich land. Naxos also has antique churches, monasteries, and Venetian castles that cohabit peacefully.

The diversity of natural geography on this island also amazes visitors. Visitors can bike around the island and continue the footpath to Moutsouna beach. Visit the Zas stalactite caverns on your approach to the top, which is the highest point in the Cyclades.


Ikaria is a Greek and Turkish island in the Aegean Sea, north of the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors to Ikaria will be immersed in nature, with everything from lush woods and exquisite beaches to soaring cliffs. This lyrical area in Greece not only has tranquil beauty with blue water and a poetic natural environment that draws tourists but it is also known for its residents who have a very long life expectancy.

Photo on Unsplash - Seychelles Beach on the island of Ikaria

Climbing, walking, and cycling are popular activities in this area because the system of mountain paths takes tourists through the mountains, enormous fields, vast lakes, and vast woods.


This pine-fringed small island is practically concealed from view, situated in the centre of the Saronic Gulf, covered by the Aegina, yet only a half-hour boat trip from the bustling port of Piraeus. Although Agistri is renowned among Athenians, most visitors miss it as their ships travel to other famous destinations. 

Photo on Unsplash - Port of Skala in Agistri, Greece

The island, however, is a microcosm of Greek beauty and environment. There are just a few populated localities, such as Magalochori and Skala, as well as several beautiful but easily accessible sandy beaches, such as Chalikiada. If you get the chance to visit Greece for a long period, you should not miss this quiet spot.


If you're seeking a gloomy island in Greece, go no farther than Astypalaia, also known as Astropalia to the Greeks. It is the westernmost island in the Dodecanese archipelago, the biggest of which is Rhodes, and the island closest to the Cycladic archipelago. 

Photo on Unsplash - The beautiful island of Astypalaia

Astypalaia is shaped like a butterfly, with two distinct portions of the island joined by a small strip of land. Chora, the island's little capital, is a maze of two-story white buildings heaped on top of each other at the foot of the magnificent old Kastro castle bastion. Archaeologists discovered penises and a bold romantic manifesto etched into limestone in the fifth or sixth century BC, earning Asypalaia the title of the home to the world's earliest known graffiti.


People will remember Patmos as the location where John the Apostle, one of Jesus' twelve apostles, penned the magnificent Revelation. If you take a ferry from Athens to Patmos, you will arrive at night on this gorgeous island. Expect to see a circle of light hovering in the sky a few dozen metres above the water as your initial image. That is Chora, the tiny island's capital. Chora is managed by the Monastery of Saint John, the invention of Ioannis Christodoulos, who was essential in constructing the entire monastic city that it is today.

Photo on Unsplash - Patmos Island, Greece with a view at Skala Village

If you head north first, you'll come upon Kambos, a civilised beach similar to Lambi in the south. If you have time, though, do not miss the beautiful Lambi beach in the north, which is noted for its multicoloured pebbles of different shapes and sizes.


Ithaca is a Greek island located west of mainland Greece. It is the home of the hero Odyssey in Homer's epic. Ithaca is now known for its magnificent beaches and azure blue seas. Furthermore, travellers to Ithaca can visit the city of Vathi, browse the little stores on the street, and then dine at an excellent restaurant.

Photo on Unsplash - The beautiful beaches and coastline of the island of Ithaca


Samothrace is a destination for individuals who enjoy adventures or trekking. It contains waterfalls, natural ponds, and numerous beautiful beaches, including Paxia Ammos, Kipos, and Valtos. Alternatively, travellers should not miss a trip to Chora, a historic settlement situated at 300 metres on Mount Fengari.

Photo on Unsplash - Naxos cityscape, Aegean Sea, Cyclades

The old religious rites performed here are quite strange, and it is also the location of a secret religion. Samothrace provides a distinct and fascinating perspective on Greek civilisation. Temples appear to have existed here fairly early, and the island is referenced by the Greek poet Homer, who lived between the 12th and 8th century BC.


Lichadonisia, around 200 kilometres from Athens, has been described as Greece's Bahamas, Seychelles, and the Maldives. Lichadonisia is a group of tiny islands formed by volcanic activity located close outside of Evia. Small islands are often deserted, making this location even more unusual and unique. Visitors can arrive by boat from the port of Kamena Vourla.

Photo on Unsplash - Beautiful Lichadonisia Islands

Hopefully, after reviewing CabinZero's post 22 Best Islands in Greece to visit, you will have more information about the most beautiful islands in Greece and fantastic options for your European vacation.

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