Road Trip Packing List: The Essentials to Bring Along on Your Road Trip

On your trip, you will need to prepare the necessary luggage to be able to comfortably enjoy it, as well as prepare for possible contingencies. Careful preparation will give you more peace of mind, but we will need to filter out the necessary items by categories such as a vehicle-specific kit, personal belongings, and a combo set for travel first aid.

Here are some items that we think you might need to bring along with you in case you haven’t got them on the list already! 

Road Trip Packing List The Essentials to Bring Along on Your Road Trip

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Driver's License - Always Accompanies You 

A driver's license is a type of license issued to citizens by a competent authority to enable them to operate, circulate and participate in road traffic. You will need to carry this permit with you at all times to prove you are fully capable of driving and ensure safety on the road. When passing through some checkpoints, the police may ask for a driver's license, so be prepared!

Vehicle Registration - An Essential Document to Bring Along

You will also need to bring your vehicle registration permit. If you are driving yourself, you will need this document to prove that you have registered your vehicle on the national vehicle system and to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle. Carrying this document will make it easy for you to prove the origin of the vehicle, as well as to avoid getting into unnecessary trouble when being asked about the related documents.

Car Repair Kit 

Of course, you will need to prepare an extra car repair kit for this long trip, as you will not always encounter a car repair shop, so bring it along just in case it is necessary. You can buy this compact kit at all auto parts stores and it takes up only a very small amount of space on your vehicle.

Car Manual - An Emergency Vehicle Repair Manual

Each car has its unique characteristics and construction for each model. Therefore, the car manual was designed so that you can know the features and problems you will encounter so that you can be flexible and proactive in fixing your car. Bear in mind that not every technical question can be answered by Google. And it is not guaranteed that Google will have the right answer about the problems that your car is experiencing while on the road at the time. Therefore, you will need to carry this manual with you in case your car can get into trouble midway.

Travel Insurance - The Necessary Piece of Shield

A travel insurance package will cover the problem related to health issues during the trip. If in case of unfortunate events such as a health problem or an external situation such as the COVID-19 epidemic and you cannot leave the country, you will be compensated for the cost. When you are on a trip but need medical insurance in a foreign country, this insurance also helps you cover part of the total cost. 

First Aid Kit - A Portable Medicine and Bandage Kit

First Aid Kit - A Portable Medicine and Bandage Kit
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When you go on a long trip, you will need to prepare medical equipment that can give you first aid in case of an emergency, because we might get injured even when we are very careful. If you often go camping or climbing, you will need to bring this mobile assistant to be ready for emergencies. Along with that, if you are taking prescription drugs, you will need to be prepared to bring these doses to ensure your health is always at the most stable level.

Spare Tire 

Along the way, we may run into sharp objects that will cause the wheels to deflate and soften, or have been going for many days and the wheels begin to show signs of softening, leading to the tire's cover having to increase the contact area with the road surface, which will easily damage the wheel structure. Therefore, storing spare tires is always an important thing for long trips. On the other hand, you should also check the condition of the wheels before setting off to ensure safety.

Emergency Car Repair Kit

When travelling long distances, it will be difficult for us to avoid unexpected breakdowns. If you are on the top of a mountain or an empty pass, it will be difficult for you to call a car repair shop or ask for help from the car company you are using. Therefore, you will need to carry this kit with you to prevent the above unfortunate situation from happening, as well as to proactively repair your car quickly, avoid trip interruptions - as well as traffic jams.


In this day and age, you are comfortable paying online and swiping cards because the payment technology has been upgraded, but of course, cash still plays a vital role in our daily life. On the way, you will likely meet many small shops or homemade shops, so it will be difficult to pay through banking or swiping your credit cards like in big restaurants. Therefore, you will need to have some spare cash on hand so that you can buy groceries or pay for meals when you stop at a small restaurant along the way.

Spare Car Key - Lifesaver when Forgetting the Master Key

You will need to carry a spare car key with you. Many times you get out of the car too much, in case you temporarily park to buy things quickly, if the door is locked, what will you do in the meantime? Therefore, having a spare key ready will help you get out of an awkward situation, as well as reduce the time you spend waiting for the car company to bring the tool down to assist you.

Wheel Pump - Preventing Your Car Tires from Flatten

You will need to take this assistant with you on long trips. You can buy a portable pump, which is quite small so it won't take up too much space. On the way, not every place has car repair shops. Therefore, you will need to prevent the car from becoming soft and making it difficult to move, which will disrupt the trip. Checking the tire tension before going is a good thing to do to estimate the current condition of the wheels to help you feel more secure on the move.

Portable Trash Can

You should bring a small trash can to store used bottles, tissues or wrapping paper for fast food. Putting garbage in a separate bin will help keep your car organized and neat. Moreover, you can also easily empty the bin when you encounter a larger trash can on the road.

Portable Toilet Pot 

If you’re on a road trip with children, a portable toilet is something you should consider to bring along. You will not always find a public restroom when you arrive at a stop. The children themselves are too young, so they will hardly be able to endure going to the toilet like adults. So equipping a portable toilet will help you worry less about your child getting sick, as well as… avoid having to go to the toilet on the side of the road!

Car Carpet Pads - Anti-dirt Essential for Car Floors

Think of all the times you get in and out of the car from the dirt or a muddy surface, your shoes will get stuck in a lot of mushy soil, which will make the floor of the car dirty and difficult to clean. Therefore, you will need to buy plastic car mats, to avoid these stains on the floor of the car after the end of the trip. This rug is very easy to clean, so it will not take much of your time. 

Portable Umbrella - Rainy Days? No Worries. 

Summer weather is very hot and sometimes it rains suddenly. Therefore, you will need to have a folding umbrella handy in your luggage to avoid it when it rains suddenly. There are many types of umbrellas with different sizes, you can choose from the options based on your needs and compatibility with the types of bags you often carry around.

Reusable Water Bottle - Always Stay Hydrated!

You should also prepare reusable water bottles to store water on the go. In case you are going through passes or hilly areas, there are very few convenience stores nearby where you can get a bottle of water. Therefore, you can actively prepare water bottles that can be used many times with a large volume to ensure that you always provide enough water for yourself, as to avoid falling into dehydration.

Navigation Apps - Online Road Instruction 

You will need to install the navigation apps on your phone before setting them off. These apps can help you find your way easily or can indicate how long the distance is. You can also easily search for places to eat through these apps. The most popular is Google Maps, you can use this app and turn on GPS positioning. It will give directions and guide you on which road to turn to get where you want to go.


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Phone Holder

You will need a car phone holder. Some countries require hands-free configuration, so you will need to turn on the loudspeaker and turn the brightness to the highest level. Plus, you can't always look down at your phone when driving, so a phone holder with an elastic cord will help improve the view of your phone in line with your gaze and sitting posture.

USB Conversion Adapter Plug - A Helpful Tool for Flexible Charging Around Your Car

Newer cars will always be equipped with a convertible USB port so that you can charge your phone and electronic devices for peace of mind during the trip. If your car does not have a charging port, you can consider buying an adapter charging port so that you can plug your phone in.

Power Bank - Backup Power for Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

If you are afraid that your phone, tablet and laptop will quickly run out of battery on the go, you can buy a power bank with a large capacity to be able to comfortably use it without worrying too much about the device's battery power problem. You can choose large power banks with more capacity and can meet the needs of recharging the batteries for electronic devices that you are carrying with you.

Portable Flashlight - Light Source at Your Fingertips

When you decide to go camping or have a lot of outdoor activities, you will need to bring a flashlight to make sure you have a backup light source. Flashlights are very handy for you to light up nooks and crannies, check the door before going to bed, or clear the way to know the obstacles in front of you in the dark. Also, you can use the flashlight to play a light prank with your tent mates!

Breathable Clothes for an Active and Untangled Day

You will need to prioritize breathable clothing if you are active outdoors a lot. In addition, these clothes can be loose so you can move easily and feel less uncomfortable when they get sweaty and stick to your skin.

Flip flops

You should bring a pair of flip-flops, if you go to the beach this will be a great choice for you! Flip-flops are easy to wear and convenient for all the time, especially in wet places. You can go comfortably without fear of difficult to clean stains. This is also a saviour for when you are too lazy to put your feet in sneakers!

Sun Cap to Protect Your Head on Sunny Days

A hat is always a good companion when you are active outdoors. You can use a cap to protect your head from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as prevent headaches. The brim of the hat will help you reduce the glare of sunlight. 

A Pair of Comfortable Walking Shoes 

If you are a person who likes to run, walk, jog or climb mountains, a pair of walking shoes is a must in your luggage. The shoes are designed with soft leather and air vents to keep you comfortable during exercise. Some types of walking shoes are also designed with a youthful and dynamic style, with a lightweight shape that will create an aesthetic that suits your demand on your hiking journey. You can refer to brands such as Adidas, Jordan, or Nike.

Sunscreen - Don’t Forget to Protect Your Skin!

On the way exploring, you will not want your skin to be red or burned by the harsh rays of the sun. Therefore, we should carry a tube of sunscreen to protect our skin. If you go to the beach or climb the mountain, this is an essential skincare step. Sunscreen now comes in a convenient spray form for your convenience.

Swimwear - Ready to Dive into the Sea!

You can bring a swimsuit in your luggage. If you suddenly change your mind towards a beach day trip, your swimsuit is already there. Swimwear will help you comfortably swim in the water, reduce the resistance of the water, support you to swim faster, enjoy your moment while diving into the cool water.


As soon as you come up from the water, you will feel very cold. Therefore, you will need a large beach towel to wrap around to keep your body warm and wipe it off to reduce the seawater.

Hand Sanitiser - Protect You from COVID-19

The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic is prolonged and has complicated and unpredictable developments. Therefore, you will need to bring a bottle of hand sanitiser to protect yourself and those who are travelling with you. Frequent hand washing will help you minimise direct contact with bacteria. 

Snacks - Fill Up Your Hungry Tummy

Some snacks will be the right saviour for you after activities. You can buy a snack pack to replenish energy, avoid low blood sugar or dizziness, as preventing you from enjoying your fun trip. Sometimes, just sipping snacks by the campfire under a starry sky is also very romantic!


Through this list of essential items on the road, our CabinZero team hopes it will help you prepare well for the upcoming long trip. Would you like to add any other items? If yes, please do not hesitate to comment below and share your thoughts with us. 

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