A Night in Jail

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Spending the night in jail is not on the top of everyone's bucket list.  We'd wager that it's actually pretty low on everybody's list but this hostel in Ottawa may change your mind.

Ottawa is of course Canada's capital.  If you're trekking across the great white north (summer is pretty warm so you can dodge the white stuff) then what better place to stay than this 150 year old jail which is now part of Hosteling International.

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There are plenty of room options in the hostel.  You can get a normal room but what fun is that?  If you're going to stay there then you might as well go for the full incarceration option.

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If that's a little claustrophobic for you then you can get a cozier double to hide your contraband.

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The hostel comes with the usual breakfast, wifi and communal areas.  You can also take a tour and get your mugshot taken but what old jail would be complete without a good old haunting?

Patrick J Whelan was hung on February 11, 1869, for the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee. Staff and guests have reported that Whelan's spirit is one of many that haunts the hostel and will appear at the end of guests' beds or in his death-row cell.  That's not something your local Howard Johnson can boast.

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To take the edge off your imminent spectral visitation the hostel has an indoor-outdoor pub where you can meet the locals, listen to music and party like it's your last day of freedom.

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So next time you find yourself in Ottawa take the plunge and you'll get the chance to call your parents and tell them you're spending the night in jail.

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